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Chronic back pain and sciatica

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Hi I've been suffering with my back for 15yrs or more ,had 2 children which has contributed I think, been on so many painkillers but nothing helps I work 3 days a wk have a toddler ,and at the end of my tether had a nerve route blocker 5 months ago an didn't do anything but made pain in leg worse, I'm finally having a MRI scan on we'd, so see wot that shows,

Thanks for listening x

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Well hopefully the MRI Scan will show what's going on then at least you know what your working with. Do you do stretching to help with the sciatic nerve pain and have you had physio? If they find something on the scan ask to be referred to a pain specialist so that they can advice on pain medication etc. Would be good to let us know the results as most of us on here suffer with back problems of some sort and may be able to advise you more about coping strategies. X

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Hiya yes I've had physio been on a tension machine an hasn't worked, I am under a pain specialist who wanted me to attend pain clinic teaching excerise an stuff like that but due to work zero contact hrs I cudnt attend once a wk for 4 wks, so he finally refered me to get an MRI so will keep u updated on wot it says. X

Not fun at all! I feel your pain. I was in a car crash 18 years ago that started my issues. Having 2 kids myself added to my issues too. I knew I had sciatica starting with my first. Then we added SI joint issues with #2.

When my toddler was only 1, my back went out again. This time it didn't end. Now, I'm in Canada, so I know things are different here. I had a couple of MRI's, a CT scan & every X-ray you can imagine. It was determined that my S1 was actually broken - likely as a child!! I also have Spina Bifida Occulta (minor & no issues due to it), stenosis of the spine & my S1 had slipped, basically crushing the disc below it causing all of the surrounding nerves to be pinched constantly. Thankfully these issues were discovered by the back specialist & surgeons. They determined it would be in my best interest to have surgery. I'd done 3 rounds of 3 nerve blockers with no benefits to speak of.

I went ahead with the surgery. I had an L5-S1 fusion with disc replacement & caged for support. That was 5 weeks ago. I already have found such relief!

Surgery of course was the last resort. I mean who actually wants back surgery?! Lol! However, if it comes down to it, know it can be a good thing 😊.

Best of luck & keep us posted.

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That's really good u have found relief from the surgery, wots the recovery time for wot u av ad done?, just worries me if they do suggest surgery, I'm on zero contract an worry on how I'm to manage, had the MRI scan today so will take 2/3wks they said so see wot they say, it's like getting blood out of a stone here getting anything done, had to push for the scan for a long time x

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KeepingFaith in reply to kagz

Full recovery will take a year. That being said, I am now able to play with my son. I'm nearly 6 weeks out & am starting to feel almost normal. Not pre-surgery normal, real normal. I can stand up straight, I can sit for 30 minutes at a time (it's been well over 2 years since this has been true)

I can't believe it takes 2-3 weeks for results! Yikes! Longest I had to wait was one week. (I thought we were long here in comparison to the USA, since we don't pay out of pocket for any of this & they do. Do you have to pay?)

Surgeon put me off work for 3-6 months & I assume I'll go back around the 3.5 month mark as long as she gives me the go-ahead. I assume I'll be more than fine since I feel so great already & haven't even started physio yet!

Does your government have any sort of benefits for sickness/injury? I am entitled to receive 55% of my wages (average of weekly earnings over last 52 weeks, using up to 19 highest weeks pay). I can get this for 15 weeks. Thankfully this will allow us to be okay as hubby's job is stable & brings in enough for us to be okay. Hoping there is something like this for you.

I have two young kids too, had bad back for 5 years, recently turned to sciatica. I've had a couple of months of physio as they said it was just over-tense muscles in my lower back, but stretches seem to have made it worse. I had the mri scan yesterday, but I'm finding it really hard just waiting... Are you taking any meds to help in the meantime? I'm not sure whether I should still be on the full cocktail of drugs they first prescribed me! Anyway, I hope your scan sheds light on your issue - let us know how it goes.

Dont forget to come back here with the results of that MRI.

Soon as I get results from MRI I will post x

No I haven't and I have never heard of it, what is it?

Well 3 wks later still waiting to get MRI scan results rung doc but they said I have to wait for appointment of consultant, hate waiting

Well had results back from Mir sorry I'm late posting, but they said it was normal and nothing else pain clinic can do consultant said lol, so he has referred me back to Gp had bloods done for arthritis there normal,so he has mentioned fibromyalgia.

That’s their standard answer. So sick of hearing it. I don’t even bother going to the GP or Consultants anymore. I know there is must be something wrong that causes the pain and it’s up to me to try and make life as bearable and comfortable as I can. I know no amount of excercise, physio, pain killers or GP visits have helped or will help. I find being kind to my back is the best I can do. I rest often, avoid heavy lifting and above all, I try and avoid sugar in any form. I found that sugar inflammed my joints and muscles even more and aggrevates the pain. When I am on a sugar free diet, I experience less pain. I do hope you find an answer to your pain.

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