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8+ years of back pain

I've been having consistent back pain everyday for the past eight years since I was 13/14 after falling badly in gymnastics class, getting worse as I get older. I now have pain in my hips and stiffness in other joins. I've been for x rays and checks but nothing has resulted apart from being told to take over the counter painkillers when it hurts, which is 24 hours!!

I'm talking to a doctor again next week to hopefully sort this out finally but i'm really loosing hope. I'm 22 but feel about 80!

Anyone have any ideas?

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They have, it's mildly more stiff in the morning but they said that was nothing abnormal.

I have mentioned that but it's apparently unnecessary. Maybe I should press for it? After the X-ray coming back clear they really don't want much to do with me anymore


Hi F,

Sorry to hear of your frustration and pain But... You have lots of options to explore.. So take heart... 😜👍🏼

Firstly, check out whether you are deficient in any vitamins espesh b12 and D as these can have crucial impact on your body. You can go to GP and ask for these tests or buy privately. Google private blood tests. Are your periods ok? Hormones can exacerbate back pain..

Secondly, if you have been reassured that scans do not show any specific problems then it's time to take part in a specific back care programme like yoga for healthy backs - there might be a class near you. Don't go nuts! Approach exercise with caution .. You need awareness not body pump! A Pilates studio not mat work class is also an option but again be cautious - nowadays these places can be business first. It used to be the case that Pilates studios were remedial places now they're as bad as a gym...

Walk as much as you can. Swim. You might need a lesson to ensure your strokes are good... Learn to belly breathe and be kind to yourself...

Support your low back when you sit. Rolled up cushion in your curve or you can get a mesh support at pound land for... £1! 😀 I think they're great.

Read a Sarah key book. Free at the library ...

It's time to try out stuff to find out what makes the pain better and worse... As you've had this problem for some time it will take time and patience to unpick and tease out what will heal you. You are young and you can do this...

Best wishes 👍🏼😜🍀🍀🍀


Thanks for the reply!

I've had all the blood tests and i'm totally healthy in that area.

I've been told not to touch yoga or anything like that after going once and having pain spams from bending over slightly. Basically if my back isn't straight it hurts! I might try it again but it'll be the last resort kind of thing.

I try to walk an hour everyday with my dog because swimming is not an option for me (i'm terrified of swimming after drowning a few years ago!).

I'll look into the back support because I sit a lot at work (news writer!). When I worked in retail I had to take brakes a lot because standing for hours really killed my back.

It's just a bit disheartening when the doctors don't even know what to do!


Doctors don't know what to do. Fact. But take heart like I say. I'm sure you're as stiff as a board and if you don't get your spine properly moving again (segmental movement) you'll stay that way.

You sound in a panic which I understand very well and when you're stiff everything is going to hurt. Think broken arm out of cast.... I am NOT suggesting yoga or any ole Pilates .. Yoga for healthy backs - Google it. It's ok for someone like you until you get your spinal confidence back. And it's a start. You sound totally scared of moving your back - I was there sister! Got the t-shirt.. 😟

When walking you must wear good foot support and if you're sitting for a living the support is VITAL! Do not sit in one of these stupid core stability chairs or balls or sit straight like a broom handle - terrible advice and it's still everywhere - gah! Supportive sitting - soft cushion tucked in behind your back and get up every half hour ...

I know all this is disheartening and I think you will need some help to get your spine loosened up again but it can be done... At your age.

Have you had your b12 and vit D checked? These are not normally checked by GP so have a look and let us know the level in your blood.

Pm me where you are to see if I might be able to recommend a decent physio in your area If you like.. You may need muscle relaxants and pain killers for a while on this journey but the goal should be moving your spine segmentally and freely again...



Hi. Sorry to here you are so much pain. When I worked I put a lumber cusion on my chair, that helped at bit. Eventually my employer bought me a special chair. I don't know if that's an option for you or not. The lumber cusion is good though. You don't necessarily need to buy an expensive lumber cushion, I just took a pillow of my bed rolled it up and put elastic bands at each end to keep in place. Hope that helps


Boozybird, your advice is excellent.

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I am sure hoping they can find a way to help you. I was 21 when I fell down stairs and at 30 developed psoriatic arthritis. My arms and hands went first, and then back, knees etc. Have you tried a rheumatologist?


Hi Frithiona,

Don't despair. The original cause of the pain was the fall - pain is a sign of something being wrong. I would suggest that you have further tests - more in depth blood /tests to rule out arthritis and rheumatism. If you can have a CT scan and anything else. In the meantime have you tried physiotherapy and massage. When you have an injury the muscles tendons etc can tighten up through lack of use/manoeverability and the pain comes because the joints/muscles have become "stiff". Also having a sedentary job can actually cause and increase back pain. Walking wont loosen up your muscles and joints - its good exercise though. The physio may hurt at first but you may find that the pain begins to diminish and that you are comfortable in other positions that are not just straight. Also invest in an orthopedic bed/mattress perhaps. But I do think that physio is a good starting point especially if no underlying medical causes have been found. I had a foot injury which got worse until I had physio and was told that most of my body was stiff and it was down to the foot injury and with simple physio loosening the rest of my joints the pain in my foot also went away. Also cod liver oil is good for pain and loosening joints. Hope this is helpful


Hi Frithiona, sorry to hear about your condition. Eight years is a long period and I wonder how did you manage to live with this pain all these years. I agree with jazzsinger’s opinion of trying a massage therapy. Massage therapy can reduce pain, eliminate adhesion and increase the motion of joints. I was having severe back pain when I was 26 (which was caused by falling down from the stairs in my office) and I had massage therapy from Oakville Chiropractic Centre ( ). It worked really well, the pain has gone and I was able to make my movements freely. I hope so massage therapy can help you. You can show the CT scan report to a therapist and they will do it accordingly. God bless you.


You need to find sports massage therapist. Medical have found nothing. This suggests you may have posture and muscle shortening problems. A sports massage therapist should be able to confirm or deny this as well helping to sort out some muscle micro-cramp issues that you are likely to have.

Talking to a doctor is just talk. Is the doctor able to check your posture and muscle control behaviour? Fine Muscle control is a skill that can be easily lost after an accident. If you have lost fine muscle control then you need to do the things required to get it back. Look at your sleep regime. Losing sleep though pain will cause loss of fine muscle control. Are you trying to get more sleep to compensate for the sleep loss?

AN Alexander Teacher can help will posture problems that cause pain. Yoga can help with learning to get yourself moving again. This must be done under the supervision of a teacher who can see the errors in your movement skills.

Hope this helps.


Have your dr check your Vit b 12 & d ,folate,ferritin,iron,MMA levels.The back & joint pain can be nerve damage going on.It took me 15drs including 7 specialists before a holistic GP nailed it 2 visits sadly folks complain of joint ,neck,back pain & they have antiinflammatories which don't help than surgery & the pain continues as symptons are only treated not the cause.Check for facts.Serum b12 level below 450 needs prompt supplements.


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