Chronic shoulder pain

Hi, I'm new to forums, or indeed social media of any type! I have. 10 year history of chronic shoulder pain and since Christmas have been in the worst exacerbation ever. I am now losing my will to keep going with it. I have been to a new pain clinic and had Botox which has partially worked, and have been prescribed Tapentadol which I can't get on with. It's making me lethargic, and feeling ill although it does provide better pain relief than Tramadol. I've had to abandon it though. Has anyone any experience of Tapentadol?

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  • Hello Stephen2,

    I am really sorry to hear of your 10 year battle with shoulder pain. I understand as I've got 2 shoulder impingement and am in pain day and night. I too feel like giving up. I too am on Tramadol but it seems to not touch this awful pain. I've not heard of Tapentadol, I will have to look it up on Google.

  • Thank you for your response, sorry to hear you're in the same situation. I've stopped the Tapentadol and gone back to Tramadol, although like you its not great. I'm going to the pain clinic soon so I'll discuss it with them. I had a good cry this afternoon and feel a bit better, although all I wNt is the night to come to blot out the day. It is miserable being in constant pain, there is NO let up. I'm not sure how I'll continue like this. Good luck with your shoulder.

  • Yes it does make you cry, I do frequently. I also have dark thoughts when I feel I can't go on day after day with this unrelenting pain. Tapentadol is an opioid medication like Tramadol, I've found Tramadol and Paracetamol work ok together. I have Tramadol through the night when pain keeps me awake, it helps a bit.

  • I have, and depending on if you have it with something else (depending on what is causing the pain) I take it with pregabalin which allows me to function better, but we all have different conditions, but Tapentadol is a low dose opiate which for me works to a degree because there is other factors of relaxation, exercise and movement of muscles are essential to stop it getting worse. If I were you, allow time on it before deciding... but no drug works in isolation. best Alex

  • I have suffered on for several years with a similar pain and continued to work in an office. I currently take slow release dihydrocodeine plus pregabalin and paracetamols. I find using a heat pad, plus concentrating on problem solving in my office job helps, anything to take your mind off the pain with help.

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