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Shingles vaccination


Has anyone had problems after receiving this vaccination, a member of my family was offered this two months ago, since then she has had pain and swelling in that arm, which has only recently got a lot better but still not quite right.A trip to the walk in centre three days later was not helpful as they said it wasnt the injection causing the problem, but a visit to the doctor two weeks ago , he said it was the injection and prescribed pain killers. I believe this is a new vaccination, introduced about five years ago, so there may be not much feedback on it.

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Thanks for the information I was asked by my PT if I got my shot and I said no I have enough problems I don’t need to have issues with getting a shot to prevent something and then get it I had to get my son 20 years ago the chicken pox shot and then he got a mild form of chicken pox. What to do?

The original vaccine contains live herpes virus and can result in severe and untreatable infection. The new vaccine supposedly contains deactivated virus and is theoretically safer. I have read of severe cases of disseminated herpes that resulted in blindness, chronic pain and neurological complications. I am an ER doc and decided not to get this vaccine.

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Good to hear this from an ER Doctor. Thank you, much apriciated.

There are two things that can happen, one is that someone could have a reaction to the contents of the injection, and the second is that they could have a reaction to the physical injection itself. And this could be the later. Vaccines that are five years old will have had plenty of feedback on them, they will be safe over all, but that doesn't mean that individuals won't react differently to them.

I had shingles last year, and now have post-herpetic chronic pain (not too bad compared to my back, luckily). Apparently this is something that happens sometimes with shingles. Maybe the vaccine can cause the same thing?

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I have read that the shingles vaccine was actually causing shingles, but please check this yourself as I might be wrong waylay.

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