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Nerve pain following Shingles

I've been left with really bad nerve pain following Shingles. I've got a high pain threshold but this is something else. I've been using ice packs, cocodomol, amitriptyline, but they aren't making any difference. My GP gave me capsaicin cream two weeks ago, but that's not helping much either, I'm shattered from lack of a decent night's sleep. Does anyone have any advice?

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Dear Paganmoon,

I'm sorry, to hear, that you are in, so much pain. My Father had Shingles, last year, and is Still suffering a little. I have no Magic Panacea, I'm afraid, though maybe Calamine Lotion MAY ease the pain- perhaps worth a try. Other than that, go back to your GP, and 'Leave Him/ Her, in absolutely No Doubt regarding your PAIN level! Beyond this, apart from Sympathy- that doesn't actually HELP though, does it- I can only offer you my Prayers. I WILL pray, for you, I promise you that. I'm a regular Church Goer and was Confirmed, on 19 June 2013. Sorry that I can't be of any more help Paganmoon, interesting 'Name' though.

Kindest wishes



Thank you Andrew, my "interesting" name is because I am a Pagan, but I still appreciate your prayers.


Sorry you've got PHN. It really is someting else. I too live with nerve pain following Shingles (I won't tell you how long for, I don't want to scare you as I'm a bit unusual). Anyway, other options you could try are gabapentin, pregabalin and duloxetine. Nothing removes all the pain and they all have side effects, but it's about finding a balance. Good luck.


Thank you for replying.

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Have had PHN around eye and forehead after a bout with shingles 2 years ago. I have flare ups when it is worse ...other times notvso bad. Cold gel ice packs from the freezer give me some short term relief. Can not try much else near eye. Never thought it would still be a problem. Didnt want to takecgabapentin or other drugs due to side effects. I was also offered amitryptiline. Sorry to say it is more common than people think to be left with phn....wish we all had some good answers.


Thank you, yes I have been using ice packs, I already take medication for a heart problem so don't really want to take any more drugs. Looks as if it's a case of grin and bear it.


Try warm compresses instead of ice.

You will be able to increase your blood supplies to inflicted areas

Try exercise in the swimming pool or even in the bath that may help. I use a multi headed shower and control the shower head over the bad areas, that also will help with the pain.



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