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i have been in pain for around 5years have been to pain clinic had injection in spine 3 times was told it Stenosis of the spine was discharged then went to a specialist at hospital have had numerous mri scans and tablets galore pain had been hurting in my lags and feet first they said gout then a trapped nerve now dr said sciatica i thought that only lasted a few weeks? now got to have a injection (cortisone in my left leg i have had this a long time i take oxycontin and dyhydrocodiene i have also had blood test but they all came back normal. has anybody had simular and not been given any answers. im 55 and im fed up 55 thanks for reading this

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Sorry you are in so much pain. Only thing I can suggest is that if its stenosis, then insist on being referred to a neurosurgeon to see if there is anything surgical that would help.


I am so sorry you are struggling with pain, I know personally how hard it is to constantly fight being in pain.

I can not help you with diagnosis but I can give you some understanding and tell you that you are not alone. My practical advice would be to ask to be referd to a pain clinic so that they can help you find an effective way of managing your pain ans hopefully a fresh set of eyes over your notes and problems.



I too cannot help with suggestions. But pain clinic is a good starting point. However it is about managing not what we all long for getting rid of the beast. I felt much worse when I was still searching for a definitive answer. Sometimes there isn't one unfortunately.

I have a list of cheer me uppers for distraction purposes. On the whole they don't cost anything except energy. It could be ringing a mate or a trip to the library. Chilling out to classic fm on the radio. The radio is my friend.

This time of year is always a drag for me. And I too fight slipping into a pit. Roll on spring.

Sending you a virtual bunch of flowers. A large bunch of yellow daffs.

Hang in there. One step at a time.

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Jen you sound like a prime candidate for a Pain Management Programme ( not the same thing as the Clinic). I have just come from a three week programme at Salford Royal and it was brilliant. As well as intensive Physio daily, there is a daily psychology component to help your mind deal with chronic pain/ teach you relaxation, self hypnosis and sleep techniques. There is input from a consultant pain medic who goes

through your medications with you and advises as to improvements or gradual withdrawal where possible. Your doc might not be aware of these programmes so ask or look online for the nearest to you and present him or her with the details.

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You're not on your own. So many of us are just going round in circles with very few answers and not much help.

I've been in pain for the last 8 or so years, tried various pills and treatments. It's just getting worse and they still keep saying it's all about self management. I could scream! !

Nothing ever shows up on blood tests, I'm classed as high functioning because I can still move my body freely but the pain I suffer with as a result is off the scale.

It's ridiculous. ....


Question: Has anyone investigated faulty muscular coordination? There has been work on certain types of stenosis where yogic type exercises have been shown to remove the stenosis.

Faulty muscular coordination is very common. Unfortunately many Medical practitioners do not know how to work with the condition to reduce the problems it causes.


Hi jenf

I. Have had all the same messing about as yourself eventually told I have cronic back pain and nothing else can be done this after injections,3 operations to release pressure on my sciatic nerve, tried numerous tablets, beware of using dehydrocodiene for too long I became addicted them and the withdrawl symptons are the worst.Ask your doctor about pregabalin I have been using them for about 3 months and they really help with leg and back pain that I suffer with,hope you find some respite from your are not alone though.l am 54 and have been suffering for about 15 years.


Hi Jenf,

I have a diagnosis of lumbar spinal stenosis (L2-L5, from trapped/damaged nerves due to disc herniations and lamina jutting out) and know exactly where you are coming from regarding pain.... the neuropathic pain and immobility in legs, hips, back and feet is incredibly sore and frustrating, as well as many areas with loss of sensation and also a longterm symptom of sciatica as you have.

I have also been through the mill on meds since 2010, had 2 sets of facet joint injections, that may have been water for all the good they did. Disc decompression surgery was performed as I lost feeling in my legs completely at one stage; I regained leg feeling but unfortunately they could not change my pain levels due to many damaged nerves and nerve roots.

Regarding therapy it has been a bit more positive, I had several bouts of physio, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, chronic pain psychologist sessions, multi-diciplinary pain management team, condition management therapy, tens and a private chiropractor..... from all of these I have always taken a few things away that help day to day, whether it is excercises, advice or tips for daily routine that makes daily life more bareable, albeit in a lot of pain nontheless. I have been now put forward for a trial of Spinal Cord Stimulation which I am waiting to hear about....

If anything I can empathise with your pain and know how physicaly and mentally debilitating it is to go through..... all I am concentrating on daily is my routine from the tips I have gained, my family and the hope that the next treatment ahead may help..... one thing I know is I will be in some amount of pain for the rest of my life.... coming to terms with that was one of the hardest things.

I am 35, and know I will not fully accept a life of this level pain/immobility unless I have tried every low risk treatment/therapy/procedure out there to see if anything can help reduce or help me manage this pain more.....(I say low risk as I have been offered spinal fusion which would limit movement of lumbar spine and may not help pain, which I dont want).

I really hope you find something to help you reduce or manage your pain Calceo suggested the pain management course provided me with a lot of helpful tips, exercises, pain gate knowledge and mental excercises (mindfulness meditation especially) that help a little and helped me to meet others in similar situations and ask many questions..... maybe this may help?

Please come on here whenever you need to talk (or scream), as it can help to speak with others in pain.


jenf Hi Chronic Pain is no joke I know as I have had years of it and like most of us various medications and like most then onto the next pill etc.

However on my last visit to the Pain Clinic the doctor said for me to try the Transdermal Buprenorphine Patch (BuTrans) Perhaps you too could request to this as it works .

After being in pain for so long this for me is amazing I hope you get lucky jenf . Sam.


Have you tried going to a chiropractor or cbd oil?


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