back pain for 6. Years


After a decade of gynaecology problems I finally had a hysterectomy 13 months ago. Was hoping adenomyosis was causing the back trouble but it's worse now. Had physio saw a physio specialist had a back x ray and fobbed off with mechanical back pain. X ray showed wear and tear physio said back was in spasm but specialist physio said I'm ok. I have flare ups every few weeks, I don't sleep well and am fed up can't carry on like this. Movement helps but the fatigue stops me in my tracks. 😩

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  • I have had back pain for over 25 years. It was intermittent for a decade. X-rays showed nothing. I got used to resting my back and doing anything I could to ease the muscle spasms, and to avoid them. Then one day at work a simple movement caused excruciating pain that just would not go away. Dr. ordered an MRI and it showed a disc rupture and a few bulging discs, all impinging on spine, plus sciatic nerve. These things don't show up on x-rays. After consulting with several surgeons, it was clear I was not a good candidate for surgery. I too have had several abdominal surgeries. what became clear to me is the surgeries shut down my core abdominal muscles and I never knew they would need to be restrengthened. Those back spasms resulted from back muscles trying to do all the work of stabilizing my back. Now I'm doing exercises to help rebuild my core and the pain is gradually becoming less a debilitating condition and more a reminder to be gentle with my back. Perhaps your surgery worsened your back pain for the same reason. I also recently weaned myself off string painkillers and found that the pain lessened - huge surprise! Dependency on the painkillers actually made more pain in my head!

    Good luck finding ways to lesson your pain. I hope my similar experience is of some help. You certainly are not alone!

  • Thank you so much for replying, really appreciated. So sorry to hear of your troubles. Yes probably right had umpteen procedures and it must be a factor. Strong pain mess are the pits. I don't take them unless I'm really not handling the pain. They just don't help that much anyway :( I find diazepam the best but only because I can sleep! 25 years is a heck of a long time, I'm wondering if the menopause is making me worse now, but I think I always look for reasons rather than just think it's the back. So debilitating during a flare up but during the good times it doesn't stop me doing daily activities. Thanks again and hope you continue to improve. :)

  • I take diazepam so I can sleep too. It's the only med that helps me with perpetual muscle spasms. I call it my reset button ;-)

  • There has been a lot of research now pointing to exercise rather than rest for backs. As Jonimo said, strengthening the core muscles help support the back, so they are now realising that exercise after surgery is really important. When you hear about what they do to get patients up and going after a stay in ICU or hip surgery, you realise how different it is now than it used to be.

    Have you tried something like pilates? We have several classes around here that are run by physios and they really do keep a lot of people's pain under control once the core muscles are strengthened again.

    It sounds like a few gentle exercises to start might help the fatigue too.

  • No I havnt tried that, I do lots of stretches and walking but have been meaning to try Pilates. Anything is better than rest but there is always a cut off point,. Usually after standing in a queue or something. I seem to be having a lot more flare ups now . Will check out Pilates classes. Thanks ever so much for your reply :)

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