Hip and lower back pain.....help

I am 45, had scoliosis surgery at 13, haven't had real back/hip issues til about 10 yrs ago......these past 2 year shave gotten worse. As we speak, I am in constant pain. It generates from my lower right back and hip area and when I walk or sit, the pain shoots through my lower back and it almost feels like my upper and lower torso is a shock absorber...I feel the pain instantly. It is sometimes paralyzing when I walk...I don't know when it is gonna happen, but if I move a certain way (different everytime), I stop dead in my tracks because it literally paralizes you. It's hard to drive in a car, sit, stand, and lay down. I have been to many doctors and been through many tests (MRI, xrays, neuro) and through many types of treatments (pt, caudil epidural, drugs, TENS unit)......nothing helps. I really am sick of doctors using me as a guinea pig. I am trying to take matters into my own hands and regulate the pain by simple drugs (aleve and ibeprophen-because I drive a lot for work and I don't want to get hooked on narcotics) and by keeping physical. I have come to the conclusion that a miracle is not going to happen and my back won't get any better, so I have to learn to tolerate the pain. I'm not happy by any means with this.....I haven't heard any other way of fixing this. I've read a million stories like the ones above and I have heard of no cures for any of them. I just don't understand why. I know everyone has different pain, but it all seems to be the same area......I just don't understand.

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  • Your right in what your saying. Spine problems and chronic pain is one of the most hardest things to treat. It's not just the injury site to have to contend with but also the refered pain that's also hard to deal with. Chronic pain is exhausting and when you feel like this if your not careful you can go into a deep depression. I've been through all of this myself as well as being drugged up to the eyeballs but the pain is still there. Like you ive come off most of my pain meds and try to manage by keeping active and resting at the right time but this plan isn't always possible. If only there was a cure for pain so that we could all get our lives back. It sounds as though you have a trapped nerve causing those sharp pains when you walk or turn awkwardly. I was thinking maybe try a lumber belt. You never know it might take some pressure away from that area ????

  • Lol....i just started wearing one today!!!!! Thanx for all the support.

  • because they don't actually read what we write.. They rely upon 'peer review'. This early in the morning admin probably haven't finished boiling the kettle so won't have got round to seeing who's reported what - assuming anyone has reported it (which I have)

  • I'm impressed by your post. No sense of self pity or ' why me ?'. I wish I could emulate you as I'm not good at either of those attitudes.

    What are you trying to help with managing your own pain ? I've had a small success with meditation particularly the ' Mindfulness' type but find that some days my mental strength just vanishes out the window.

    Its difficult to keep up the strength and sense of purpose isn't it.

    I wish you well with it superman.


  • I've started wearing the lumbar support belt all day (7am-7pm), eat healthier (I'm pretty much a vegetarian (but that chocolate always kills me), I take strictly 2 Aleve every morning, and I am trying to do small exercises every night before I go to bed (leg and core-it also keeps the back loose). I'm really hoping this is good....I know I will still have pain, but mentally I have to just live with it! It really sucks!!!!!!!!! But if this is what it takes, then this is what I have to do.

  • have you looked at natural therapies at all? Curcumin, or turmeric for that matter, is a very powerful alternative opiateaddictionsupport.com/... I don't know if hyperbaric oxygen therapy might help in your case - it is certainly effective with chronic pain. hyperbaricoxygentherapy.org...

    Do you know why it has become an issue over the last 10 years? Have you developed any additional conditions such as arthritis?

  • I saw something recently about turmeric causing problems if taken with some medications

  • it, potentially, has a similar effect to grapefruit, black mulberry, star fruit or pomegranate juices.

  • My exrays as of the past few months have shown some arthritis in my back, but nothing huge. I'd assumed with age that it would happen. But nothing major has happened to set this in motion. I lived through a lot, even having 2 kids. I thought that was pain enough, but I guess I was wrong. I just was trying to get a diagnosis from the many docs, so I wasn't a burden on my husband and kids in the future. Maybe hoping there was a miracle cure was too pretentious.......hoping for a special pill to take it all away......oh well, no such luck. I told my hubby that it is what it is and we'll get through it. He agreed!

    As for the alternative/natural meds.....no I have not tried them. Have you? Do they work? I'll have to google today to read about them. Thanx!

  • Unfortunately many modern medications cause more problems than they resolve. It is very rare I take anything I haven't thoroughly researched first. So, yes, I do use natural alternatives. You still have to do the research but if you find the right one it will work as well, if not better, than anything Big Pharma try to fob you off with and without the side effects.

    85% dark chocolate is also a pain killer (well an anti inflammatory) - did you know that? Don't need an excuse to eat the next bar now ;)That aside, take a look at your diet. 45 is not an excuse for being old and decrepit!! but diet is the root cause of many modern ailments. As a vegetarian you kinda have a reasonable amount of protection against arthritis so maybe a few bad eating habits have crept in. Have you managed to keep yourself beanpole shaped or are you more sweet apple? Meat (if that comes under 'pretty much') is certainly inflammatory, as are alcohol, dairy, trans-fats and gluten - and, of course, that modern day curse fructose (sugar is 50% fructose, HFCS 55%, Honey 40%, Agave 95%). Omega 6 is inflammatory and will block your omega 3s if you have too high a proportion - shouldn't be any higher than 4:1. Try adding some ground flaxseed to your diet and throw out any vegetable oils and replace them with coconut oil and (grass fed) ghee. The latter has omega 3 the former doesn't but it does have lauric acid. Check out home made kefir for its many benefits too. And have a look at your selenium levels.

    Cranial osteopathy or acupuncture are both good alternative therapies if you find the right practitioner. The osteopath might also be able to identify if the issue is structural. You're not likely to get much from your GP, anything that is intermittent is likely not to be obvious enough. Something you could try adding to your night time routine is giving your feet a jolly good massage (I don't mean a quick rub) articles.chicagotribune.com... That can resolve all sorts of ills. You could check to see if your 45 years have caused your arches to drop. Flat feet can add to back problems.

    If you want any more ideas let me know :)

  • Hi superman,

    Your name says it all! I thought I was superwoman doing it all until my back broke down and now I look back and i wish I'd been less super!

    Your scoliosis was obviously bad enough to warrant surgery when you were young but you can still get problems later in life. Who knows what has happened as you've had the whole work up! Did the docs give you any useful information such as which levels are generating the pain? Ther is a method called : schrothmethod.com/scoliosis...

    Which aims to help correct scoliotic malalignments - have you heard of them? This isn't exercise per se but a way of 'untangling' yourself in the hope of alleviating some of the pain.... Worth a look?

    It sounds like you are getting muscle spasms which are just the pits! Thought about taking an antispasmodic for when you are having to drive and geting on with life?

    I've recently discovered rhysolisis where they target the pain carrying nerve signals with heat to burn them. Apparently those lil suckers regenerate themselves but I have actually been amazed at the effectiveness... Despair is the pits and I am hauling coal when I am cut down from time to time... Not to mention the amount of time I tell my husband I'm off to Zurich but still there come the smallest green shoots of hope....

    Best wishes to you πŸ˜œπŸ€

  • SO sorry for your pain as well. LOL...superman is my name, but I am actually a female! Superman has always been my hero since I was young!

    The whole doctor thing is a sensitive area with me....my luck with docs that just want to drug you or bad communication....rally made me mad and that's why I gave up on them. I don't have time to take off work to find a doctor that will really care. I have missed enough work this year and last already with poor treatments. I'm just frustrated and irritated and hurt that my luck is horrible with them.

    I have heard of the Scroth method and looked into it, but with the surgery I had, chiropractic stuff will not be helpful to me. It's also unfortunate that there are very little docs in the US where I live that specialize in that. I would have to drive or fly, which is costly.

    As for the antispasmodic meds, are those an over the counter drug or prescribed? Also, I have not heard of rhysolisis....I'll have to check that out as well.

    Thanx for your support and thoughts.

  • Check your vitamin B12 levels Superman131619, make sure they are at least over 500, spine problems can occur with B12 Deficiency and also your Vitamin D levels too as vitamin D deficiency is connected with lower back, hip, leg and buttock pain also walking and sitting and stiffness when getting up out of bed and chairs.

  • Thanx...I'll do this as well.

  • Did I read in a post that you were Vegetarian ?

    If so that is another B12 connection, many vegetarians are candidates for B12 Deficiency.

  • Hi Coastwalker, where did you get that B12 range from and have you got one for Vit D? :)

  • Japanese like to keep their peoples B12 blood levels above 500, the Pernicious Anemia Society on here Health Unlocked mention a higher figure of at least 1000, but do check it out yourself Boozybird.

    Vitamin B12 supplements are water soluble, so difficult to overdose on, any excess gets excreted in body waste fluids.

    vitamindcouncil.com is the best for any information on anything vitamin D related. So Many illnesses and medical problems are linked to vitamin D deficiency.

    Go to vitamindcouncil.com for up to date safe doses of vitamin D and up to date blood levels.

    Vitamin D3 is fat soluble so you have to go more careful and take with fatty foods. I take 5000iu of D3 + K2 100mcg together in one pill daily.

    K2 is good for making sure calcium ends up in the right places and takes out calcium build up that is in the wrong places of your body. They balance together well (apparently) :)

  • Thank you. My b12 was only 200 recently so I've just started on supplements.. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜œ

  • That is very low Bb, though probably still just scraping 'withinin range' ? Did your Doctor acknowledge you were low ?

    Vitamin B12 Sublinguals, taken under the tongue, which gets straight into the blood stream, have to some patients, (though not all,) been just as good as having vitamin B12 injections.

  • Thanks I've just started the spray under the tongue b12 but still feel totally whacked out. Haven't seen the GP yet - waiting for appointment to discuss but some of my other blood results are out of kilter too. High ferritin at 166 and mvc at 99... In fact they're all top of range so hopefully he won't just laugh in my face! This morning I didn't know if I could carry my head to the bathroom coz it felt so heavy! 😱

    Best wishes

  • Go to the PAS forum site on here Health Unlocked Bb, I have often read members talking about about their high ferritin and MCV. They will know more.

    (PAS forum is for both Pernicious Anemia and for B12 Deficiency)

    Did you have any Thyroid Bloods done ?

    B12 Deficiency and Low Thyroid often go hand in hand and along with vitamin D Deficiency, just a thought.

  • thanks coastwalker (good name!) :)

    i thought i might have low thyroid but seems ok - I'll have a look at those forums. best wishes ;)

  • Thank you Boozybird, like your name too :)

    Your sentence of 'I thought I might have low thyroid, but seems OK ? rings alarm bells, did you by any chance have thyroid bloods done and get told your thyroid bloods are 'normal' ? I read daily of so many told they are Normal/OK/nothing wrong, yet they have presenting Thyroid symptoms.

    In EU and America they have lowered their thyroid bloods, so less patients are slipping through the net.

    Vit B12 Deficiency symptoms mimics Low Thyroid (Hypothyroidism.) or you can have both.

  • I'm going to have to check but even worse I had my dna done at 23andme so I know I have one of the mutations for hemochromatosis and I have high ferritin so lol at me trying to get the best out of my GP! I know it will be too much.... Jeez you're judged if you're passive and judged for being a hypochondriac if you're proactive. ... It's exhausting ... Still figuring out my approach ... πŸ™„

    Thank you. 😜

  • Sorry to hear you have hemochromatosis Bb. I did google it as I knew nothing about it, very interesting, but not good for you of course, I see it mentions that it can cause joint pain symptoms.


    mentions Hypothyroidsim as a 'symptom.'

    A few more websites sites also mentions hemochromatosis -link to low thyroid or another website asks - can too much iron cause thyroid suppression. ?

    Have you tried googling both hemochromatosis and low thyroid ?

    (together) though just an idea.

    I have just checked in the search bar at the top on the 'Thyroid UK' forum (here on Health Unlocked) and there are 82 results on Haemochromatosis, if it's any help Bb.

    *Apologies superman131619 for hijacking your post.

  • It has been a bit confusing tbh as most anaemias etc seem to go with low ferritin and as a younger woman I probably was low. There is also an interesting link with hemochromatosis and Alzheimer's so I've been distracted! Lol

    I couldn't find high iron and low b12 but I'll have a search for HH and low thyroid... Perhaps start a new thread so superman can continue her quest for help. πŸ˜€

    I've been too busy with my back pain assuming that the fatigue and all the other things were due to living in pain but less pain has made me look at things differently espesh when I saw a link between b12 deficiency and back pain!


  • Did you look on the PAS site for high iron and B12 ?

    Yes everything can take you off in many directions when looking for a cure.

    Good luck on your mission Bb.

    Keep us updated.

  • thank you very much for all your help. I've just bought Martyn Hooper's book! ;)

  • The symptoms you describe can be caused by muscle cramps pulling on vertebrate which in turn apply pressure to root nerves.

    You need the help of a chiropractor to reduce the pressure on the root nerves and the help of an Alexander teacher to learn how not to cause bad muscle behaviour in the first place.

    Muscle behaviour causing pain is not an area that medical consultants know much about if at all.

    Hope this helps.

  • hi superman, no how you feel,im new on here, two and ahalf years ago i had a pain in my hip, after a scan i was told i had an insufficiency fracture,anyway 2 weeks later i turned to come in and i fell, not backwards or sideways, but stright down on my bum, got up ok two hours later i fell on my bum again, as i got up ok didnt think much of it, as the weeks passed i found i had a job with walking, i noticed i could walk round tescos but as the weeks went on the isles became less, in the end i stayed in the car and let my partner go in, then i couldnt get up my doorstep very well, i visited my son for a break, to go up to the bedroom i had to go on all 4s, dr sent me 4 mri scan, now im being pushed in a wheelchair because i cant hardly walk, i was told wate for the results then we can see what can be done, because i told the sergen im independent, im use to up down ladders painting gardening ect cant bare sitting around, he reasured me when the results com back there would be something he could do,after 6months had the mri, laying on that hard serfic of the mri hurt so much,still all 4 a good cause,after 2 weeks i had a letter to c the sergen in 2 months, all this time was thinking not long i will b free of pain and walking about,quick op sorted, ithought 3or 4 months to wate for op, i can do that, afterall two years like this pain, wheelchair, hospital bed in my house soon will b gone,when i went in by wheelchair to the sergen, he said hi, i bet you thought i was going to say operation, there i was, big grin on my face , yes, NO THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO. as he spoke i went blind and deaf, the shock was so bad,later the nurse explained the sergen said i have bilateral sacroiliitis, never heard of it, also got disc putrusion ect, im in abit of a state, im put down to c the pain clinic, im in pain to sit , can only stand less than a min, i found that out cos i bought a blender, it said after 1 min stop the blender, to let the moter rest, before the min was up i had to sit down, i now are changing my back door,4 a low thresshold one ready for a ramp and an electric wheelchair, at the moment imstill in shock , that was march i was told, now comming to june,ive asked my gp to make me an appointment to c a counciler, im not ok with this,and when someone told me i could be worse off, i wanted to kill them cos in my shoes they r not sitting, this is the first time ive spoke to anyone like this, its given me some relese, i was offered an injection in the sacrum, you have to be put to sleep, to have it, but i looked it up on google and a lot of people were saying its a risk, and there is a lot of nerves about that area, and 1 man had been left worse off, so im not chancing that, sorry for going on superman,hope you get help. ps theres no spell checker on here, sorry for hijacking your post but its my first time on here not sure how to post, im just so isolated fed up just need to talk,ty

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