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Hip and knee pain/tingling and numbness


For quite a while now I have been really bad hip and knee pain on both sides. The pain in my hips prevents me from walking more than about 50ft when I totally seize up. I have to use a stick all the time when out now. Its also affecting the length of journey I can drive. My back has also been excruciating and I am now getting a sort of tingling numbness with a little sciatica from my waist all the way down my legs. I have just had x-rays on hips and knees which apparently are of 'normal bony appearance', but I can't get an appointment with my GP for another 4 weeks so I'm wondering if anyone else knows what the problem could be with my hips. I have diastematamyelia, scoliosis, kyphosis, spina bifida occulta and extended, tethered spinal cord. I also have arthritis (osteo) and have had all toes amputated on right foot - both feet are neuropathic. I already take Gabapentin 2400mg/Tramadol 400mg/Mobic 15mg and Amitriptaline 40mg.

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Read up on bursitis x

Thank you Flossy121 I'll look into it x

Hi jogreenfingers.

You might be low or vitamin D Deficient, my hip pain, lower back pain, sciatic leg pains and many more along with stiffness getting up out of bed and chairs all went overnight once I was on 5000iu of vitamin D3 vitamindcouncil - for safe up to date doses.

Idea to check your vitamin B12 and vitamin D bloods together, Vitamin B12 can be connected to spine issues right down to toes.

I'll ask my doctor for a blood test if possible when I go next month - It would be great if I only need supplements and improved diet to ease the problem.

Good to hear joggreenfingers, remember to get a printout of any bloods done and their ranges. Do let me know your blood results as NHS blood charts are different to vitamindcouncil.com blood chart. Also Doctors are well known to say there is nothing wrong because your bloods are 'within range', yet being 'low' in range with symptoms in some bloods can still be causing problems/symptoms. Some main bloods are easy to understand once you learn them.

Ps I am no Doctor or medic just someone who has had to take control of my own health and my family members because Doctors have failed us, if we had all listened to our own Doctors we would all still be ill.

I know what you mean - It seems that the lines of communication are sometimes non-existent between healthcare professionals, each problem is considered separately and the symptoms are never looked at and linked together. Thank you for your advice, I'll let you know, I'd never heard of vitamincouncil.com

scoliosis most likley cause due to stress on nerves through your back and legs their is an awful lot of nerves go down through the legs which tells the brain at what position your foot or ankle is in for a given movment this make the correct mussle do its work to complete the movment if these signal are trapped or miss firing this is what causes the tingling sensation as i have it all the time in feet and can go up above the knee

regards john

jogreenfingers in reply to minka

Thank you John - I appreciate your support. I helps to know that other people out there know and understand what I mean x

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