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8 months full knee replacement

I am 8 months poet full knee replacement and I am in so much pain with night cramps in my thigh and calf. I finished my physio 2 months ago with 95 % bend and 20 % straight .they told me likely wont get better and have to learn to live with it now get on with living they said, I never had this pain before operation and I had full movement I could ride my bike now I can not even pedal get it to go around the pain and stiffness stops me. I walk with limp and pain I want to walk on my tip toes as so painful to walk properly I fight it and do the heel toe I am very upset as I was so active before hand and now likely just get more lame . I am 53 my whole leg feels like a dead weight and still have to tell myself I have that leg. Anyone else having this problem?

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Sadly I hear this all too often. Hips are very successful. Knees far less so.

Would it help to continue with exercises? Keep the muscles supple. As for cramps...rubbing some oils or creme should help Not so important what it is but the action of massaging is good.

And maybe a muscle relaxant med?


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Check out what your vitamin D level...sometimes when it is low, it can cause this. Also, when you stretch, do not stretch with pointed toe but with the heel. That could help with cramping. I have had knees replaced along with other things and I have had to find lots of different ways to deal with pain as I am allergic to pain meds. I also run a pain management group. Good luck and don't give up.


thanks I had my vitamin d checked not to long ago along with all my bloods everything seems ok. I cant take meds either, I am trying different things to help with the pain as well. Good luck with you pain management group.


thanks I do excerise they give me the best I can.


Sorry to hear your surgery was not successful.

How about seeing a physical therapist such as a chiropractor who will give you exercises to continue with for the rest of your life. I would have thought that stretching and strengthening that knee and the rest of your leg and hip would be a continuous process..

Choose a chiropractor by asking g around for recommendations. They vary in their depth and breadth of knowledge and skill. I have a brilliant one. I live in terror of her leaving.

Acupuncture might give you temporary relief to allow you to exercise better.

You will need to be careful that your other leg doesn't develop problems from the limping g and uneven gait. Once again professional help is needed to watch you walk to see what problems may be arising.

All the best for finding some sort of solution to your pain.


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Dee I still do the exercise they gave me and stretches not much helps. I have asked to see my surgery again as told it maybe scar tissue which means another operation and after two not sure I want this but will see what he says.


Sorry your operation has not been as successful as expected. very disappointing, but don't give up (I know, easier to say.). have you tried massaging your knee and calf, whole leg with Bio oil?It's expensive but lasts a long time. Might be cheaper buying a biggr bottle from Amazon. I am 4 weeks post FKR op and am using it.it seems to help with scar tissue and softening the skin generally. Perhaps more physio would help? Keep on doing your exercises as it does help. When I don't do as much as I should do I can feel more pain. It's painful doing exercises but keep doing them from time to time throughout the day.

Wishing you the very best.


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