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Has anyone tried THC free CBD meds for your nerve pain in feet

Has anyone tried THC free CBD meds for your nerve pain in feet

Hi dear fellows, how would you all like to have some cannachat ?

Some people believe pure CBD meds ( caps, salves, tincture spry etc. ) is not as effective as when it is combined with considerable THC .

Do you agree ? why ?

Everyone may have his/her own spectrum of effectiveness towards cannabinoids, do think this is true ?

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Rahim- read the Snake Oil article I posted link to recently.

CBD Without THC is a waste of time.

Nettles are a lot cheaper.


I disagree with the statement that you have to have considerable THC for it to be effective.

I do believe that full spectrum works better than an isolate. THC and cannabinoids are natural antagonist and naturally you cannot have high cannabinoids and high THC levels at the same time without playing with what nature intended. You can have high THC, low cannabinoids, or low THC and high cannabinoids. I do believe that a little THC works synergistically together with cannabinoids and that is good to have a little.

I do believe that everyone is different and that what works for some, may not work for all.

I also believe that THC has a role to play with some people having extreme health concerns but most do not need high levels.


I am planing to grow Charlotte web strain for it's high CBD ( 20-25% CBD & 1% THC )

Problem with THC is when you need to stay alert it makes you high in head

Thanks for your reply


Hi, not sure if this is relevant or not, but with a shot.

I've had undiagnosed pain, but mostly intense itching on the bottom of my foot.

No physical abnormalities to look at.

It does coincide with my back issues.

After trying numerous remedies, I was prescribed a capsaicin cream. Within 3days of use, pain is gone. Itch is gone. I am so relieved!!!!!!!!!



It was relevant indeed

Capsaicin can help in nerve foot pain to some degrees.


Did nothing for me. THC next time!


Don’t give up!!! Not all products are created equal!!!!


I agree

Once I bought CBD Caps for a well known company

They had just encapsulated Kief as a high quality CBD oil Capsules.


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