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Has anyone tried Hypnotherapy for pain?



I suffer from severe pain over most of my body. Part, due to an operation but the rest of it is still undiagnosed. I have tried so many medications and am fed up of having all of tghese tablets. Doctor can't really help any more.

So I am looking into other options as I can't really deal with all the pain any more.

Has anyone tried hypnotherapy to try and ease the pain>

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You have not explained what is wrong, suggest that you ask the GP go to the pain clinic and they will help sort out your problems. Hypnosis, seems to be ok for pain that is not persistent. Relaxation techniques can help this is undertaken in courses of the pain clinic. Also they may be able to find out going on and will put you in the right direction, when in pain there are two general types ACUTE and CHRONIC. You need to tell what it is as acute pain is generally a temporary, problem ie toothache, Chronic pain can be caused by a long lasting conditions, generally it is a negative form or condition and needs to be looked into, it is very selective in its activity and it becomes a personal pain

You really need to see the GP and arrange a course to above, training in the use of a TENS

may be given To be in pain can be positive or negative also very selective

All the best



Hypnosis has it's place, it is putting a thought into your mind that you then have to maintain. To relieve pain, I think hypnosis may be a starting point to help you. We are tense when in pain, if the thought that has been placed in your mind includes relaxing, then you can use this to make some quiet time for yourself, get as comfortable as possible and let your mind go to to the place where you able to let the tension ease out of you and follow on to relax fully. This will take time and practice, you need to strong and let nothing detract you from making the quiet time you need

There are so many if's, there is frustration, tears and temper. Are you able to give yourself this time? Are there other people needing your time? With pain, we are willing to try anything, we are all different in our responses to differing situations and medications, if you think it is worth giving it a try, then why not - just be prepared to give the hypnosis and yourself a fair chance to work.

I do wish you all the best.


Thanks Bob and Cee

I appreciate your comments. I have chronic pain and am due to go to the pain clinic soon. I am really struggling with the pain, I feel very alone. I don't know how a person can cope with such extreme pain and carry on with their life like nothing is happening. Everyone says I need to keep busy but I just don't have any energy/strength and feel like an old lady who has gone from being fully fit to nothing.

I really struggle to relax although I know I need to. it feels like the pain has taken over my life.

I have had major surgery to remove a tumour,so realise that in itself will take time to recover from but it's all the unknown pain which is hard to come to terms with as some of it is entirely unrelated and I still have no answers to that.

I feel like I will never be me again.

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Hello Rocky

You need time to sit back after a serious operation, you say that you are not you. You are you just recovering from a period were the body has gone through the mill. Give time to recover.

I sometimes feel that I am not the same person I use a phrase like that to say, what is normal, do not worry tirdness is normal in people who suffer pain. Give the pain clinic a chance too work, I hope it will not be too long before your appointment

All the very best


Hi there,

I have used hypno therapy, not for pain, but for a phobia. It is a form of deep relaxation with stories and messages suggested to you while you are deeply relaxed. It does not work with everyone and you need to be able to relax quite well. You are always in control and can wake up at any point you chose. I reckon that it could be used inconjuction with the conventional treatments. I had a major operation last year and it has taken me a year to recover from it fully. You need to give it time ...easier said than done I know.

Best wishes.

I've always been a positive person but I seem to have lost that as I do feel like I will never be free from pain. I'm not as strong as I thought I was. Some people are really amazing at coping with far worse..

I just hope the pain clinic can help.

Thanks for all the comments and wish you all well too

nedd in reply to Rocky1

There are lots of us out there. I find the effect it has has on my feeling self-worth very hard to accept. Everything is worth trying.

Here is a link. I found this idea very helpful. Take heart.


I have been in constant pain for 24 years and no its not easy. I strongly advise anyone in constant pain to try anti depressents. They not only help you cope with some of the pain (not all) but the SSRI anti depressents have been found to help ease pain in some patients. There are many medications you can try, some will help neuropathic pain and some for other types of pain. You will learn youself which pain is what and what will respond to what.

What I believe is that when I'm feeling low, depressed, negative, then the pain will run my life. However if I am feeling positive then I live my life and the pain follows me. Alot of it is about positive thinking and pushing the boundaries of your pain and not let it run your life. Good Luck x

Hi. I agree about the anti-depressants, even though we're not clinically depressed. My Pain Consultant put me in Prozac several years ago and I still have that. He explained that he had found that taking Prozac didn't actually relieve the pain, but instead gave you a "lift" to cope with the pain. He's right, it does do that! I do hope you get some relief soon. You've obviously had a very rough time. Best wishes too you and lots of virtual hugs :)

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