Nabilone for Pain Relief Anyone?

I have taken NABILONE for pain relief for some years. I seem to be the only person I know who uses this, and because it is off license, my GP refuses to prescribe it. As a result, I get it through the Hospital Pharmacy, about 3 times annually.

Is any-one else using it for pain?

DO you find it helpful, and do you find any side effects that are intrusive?

I must confess that I thought it is of minimal benefit, until I stopped taking it, and then found it was actually quite effective! I find minimal side effects, and even some unintended benefits! Anyone out there keeping me company?

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  • Did you lose weight

  • Oh, If Only!

    Nope, I'm afraid that my weight stayed stubbornly at the same level, until last year. when I did manage to lose 10kg last year by dint of a "Modified Fast" type diet, but I don't think it was very healthy, although I did feel fine.

    I have been on Nabilone for a number of years now, and I am just wondering if I am the only person on it! It seems a bit lonely, at present!!

  • Hi never heard of this paimkiller, is it an opiate? Is it a good painkiller? X

  • It's not an opiate, nor even, technically, a pain killer, but it certainly does help the other painkilling drugs to have an effect. It is an artificially produced Cannabinoid, and you are unlikely to get it from a GP, even if the letter from a consultant prescribes it! I am prescribed it in the pain clinic, and I pick it up from the hospital Pharmacy. It is technically licensed for the alleviation of Nausea in cancer patients undergoing therapies, but it was noticed that they required smaller analgesic dosages that others not receiving it. I, and the other users, take it "Off License", but I found when I stopped it, briefly, that the pain was a lot worse, so I am happy to keep on with it!

  • Thanks gor reply glad you foumd something to help x

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