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Strange Headaches

About 8 years I started to get painful (by painful I can't disguise that I've got one) headache on the right side of my head the pain was intense but stop after about one minute then again in about a month or so, but gradually became more frequent and 2+ minutes. Then my neck started to get bad and my pain medication got more and the headaches went away but every so they came back and lasting longer. The Butec patches and Oramorph got higher dosage. Just before Christmas I told one Doctor about my Headaches and increased the patches but the but last week they were back. I made to see a Doctor and I told my concerns about Prostate Cancer and told about my last headache when even my right eye ball even hurt me. I told him I thought the pain medication was only hiding the problem. I have got have lot of tests.

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Certainly sounds like you have a lot going on there Jeff. I know when I was on patches I used to get horrific migraines and they put it down to ‘analgesic headaches’. My meds have changed now and I still get them sometimes but nowhere near as bad. Apparently strong painkillers can actually cause headaches in patients who take them daily.

I hope you get your results and get better soon. So sorry you have all this to go through.


Yes I agree with the other reply sometimes taking pain meds can cause a bounce back headache...that’s what I’d read... you mat think this is a strange question, but have you been to the dentist??? I was having horrific headaches everyday, and totally unrelated(as I thought) went to the dentist! He told me I’d been clenching my jaw as I slept that bad that the jaw muscle was quite developed!!! He said an it’s this that was causing my migraine headaches. I now wear a bite guard and within 2 weeks of wearing it at night my headaches were gone! Don’t get me wrong I still get them now and again, usually when I have forgotten to wear bite or to exhausted to get out of bed and put it in...but headaches are nothing like I used to have! This is just a thought as it cure pd mine!


Sorry to say this JeffMett but.....Sometimes and this could, very well, be one of them.....There is no definite answer. I think we all get Odd/Strange pains, some more Painful, than others. Basically, unless there is a Major problem, just accept it....along with muscle, tummy, joint, head and all the other 'odd' pains, we all get. At least, if you are felling pain, you are ALIVE!

Sorry I can't be any more help.....Fat lot of good, I am!

Kindest wishes, to you, anyway.



I have been to the dentist and have most of my teeth taken out ready to receive denture at the end of March. Yes there are many reasons why these headaches occur but the extra medication as my neck got worse actually got rid of headaches away for a while. If I was to have one these attacks while I was at work I can ASDA getting rid of me as they would declare I was not fit enough to work on the checkouts. When I have a attack I can not disguise it. Then my position would be impossible as we have got a government that does not care about the disabled.


Hi Jeff nett, can't make my mind up if that's the hills in Wales or Scotland, looking chilly up there, now I was in a similar situation regarding the headaches, my first sign of things to come was around 5 years ago, but thought nothing of it, however the headache came back with a vengeance two years ago, but these were always in the early hours of the morning 2am,and could have 2/3,upto 11am, I would sit at the end of the bed crying with pain, but mine was on the left hand side, the pressure would build up in my head, my left nostril would get blocked and I could feel the pressure behind my eyeball, so much so that if I pushed my eyeball it would "squeak", the headache would last around an hour, and then eventually my nostril would start streaming and I could feel the pressure easing, and then the headache would disappear, yep had a scan and everything was OK, but however for some reason men in their 50s and are smokers, are more proan to getting these bouts of headaches so my conclusion is that it's something that age brings around to certain folk, however I've been headaches free for six months and when I had the headaches I was prescribed rizatriptan, and this got to grips with them if taken quickly enough, but dunno if this is a coincidence I asked to get my vitamin B12 checked and I was deficiency in that and was given the injection course and every 3 months, and no headache, so it might be worth getting that checked over, sorry for such a long write up, but all information helps, cheers


I just had a lot of blood tests done, when the results came back everything was OK except one my Calcium level is very low, so now I have more tablets to take. I have made a appointment to see my Doctor because I have no idea were my calcium is going. I have 12+ pints of milk per week and I have other thing during the week that contain calcium surely I am taking enough calcium with just the milk alone. Lets just hope there is a answer to my question.


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