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Could it be a slipped disk or something else?

Hi, I'm only 17 and over the past couple years my back has become really bad, especially my very lower back as well as shoulder, neck and head pain - the last three I suspect are due to bad posture from studying more often.

Anyway so my lower back has become really bad. Pretty much the lowest point of my back (spine) aches often especially after walking long distances or lifting something heavy. It aches really bad and is usually accompanied with aching leg pains that usually start at my thighs and travel down to my feet (I've had these pains independent of the back pain my entire life since I was a child). The pain can get so bad that I can't sleep at night but heat usually helps if it's not too bad. I also get migraines about once every couple months but I've gotten used to them now and they're usually not excruciatingly painful. I also get really sharp head pains that last for a few seconds - I think it might be ice pick headaches - and I get them pretty much all around the back of my head but when I first got them they were behind my right ear. I'm not really sure if all of these pains I'm feeling are linked by I thought I might as well list them all incase they are. So does anyone have any idea what is wrong with my back? Could it possibly be a slipped disk at my lower back and is it linked to my headaches and migraines? Is it anything of serious concern? I'm definitely going to see a doctor about this soon but I just want to know if anybody else is experiencing similar pains and if you guys might have any idea as to what the cause of these pains is.

Thanks so much for your help guys!

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I think you need to see your doctor. If its not the result of injury, then ask if it could be inflammatory back pain (as that usually starts in young adults, before the age of 30), and if thats a possibility then you'd need to be referred to a rheumatologist for further assessment.


For a 17 yr old, you appear to have a very good grasp of your problems.This will stand you in good stead when you see your GP. Good luck and best wishes.


It's called Google lucky Jim just type away and all the info is there


Ask your GP for physio and push too see a specialist for scans


worth persuading your parents to take you to see an Alexander Teacher.


for further information.

They can help if it is a posture problem causing it. Head not probably balanced on top of the spine results in a lot of muscle tension which can result in migraines and tension headaches as well as back problems.

Posture problems are an area that medical consultants know virtually nothing about.

NICE does recommend chiropractic for low back pain problems.

The GP does need to be informed about what your investigations find out. Ie if neither Alexander or chiropractic can cause reduction of the problem then their may be another potential problem which requires investigation.

Hope this helps.


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