Whiplash from sneeze?

Saturday night I came down with a nasty cold. I sneezed 3 different times 1 time each in about an hour. The 2nd sneeze something popped in my neck/skull base but felt no pain. 3rd sneeze, the same thing happened but immediately got a headache, my teeth started to hurt, jaw started to hurt, back of my head started to hurt, both sides of my neck started to hurt. Turning my head caused a headache. I was able to go to sleep that night and Sunday night but Monday night all these symptoms came back just as bad. Monday night(last night) I woke up about 5 times from a halo type headache and I could not turn my head without causing the headache to flare up worst than it was and it was hard to move my head, as if it was in a tight neck brace or wrap. Turning my head now, or leaning it to either side causes the whole back of my head to get a headache, with the right side causing more pain. I have never had this pain or headaches or symptoms before in my almost 29 years on this Earth from sneezing, coughing, or the 2 car accidents I have been in. It feels almost as if the pain gets higher up the back of my head as days go on. I would go get it checked but I am still waiting for my insurance to kick in from my new job.

The cold was a sinus infection and have been on antibiotics since Monday morning. Not my first rodeo with one either. I have chronic sinusitis and still have never felt this pain before.

Thank you!

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  • Bit confused here. Are you outside the UK?

    If you managed to get anti biotics why didn't you tell the Doctor who prescribed them about the pain?

  • Thank you for your kind reply. Abuse is totally unaccepted on this forum so please no insults.

    And this forum is one where we support each other from our own experiences. First port of call is always your GP or if an emergency A&E.

    Now we have pleasantries done...

    You said .....

    'I would go get it checked but I am still waiting for my insurance to kick in from my new job.'

    This is why I thought you may outside the UK.

    Why can't you go back to whoever prescribed anti biotics now and ask for advice?

  • Sorry bud. The way your comment was worded was how most online trolls and trash talkers talk. It felt that way at least. I deleted my comment. Anyways no I am not in the UK. I am in USA. I have a new job so I am waiting for it to kick in.

    I would go back to my doctor that I seen on Monday but due to no insurance I had to pay $100 up front. Thank you!

  • Noooo not a troll = been here so long I have my own armchair!

    I guessed you were not UK based when you said work insurance. Just by establishing where you live can make a difference to replies.

    We don't allow trolls here - soon get suussed out and sent packing. All genuine who only want to help.

    OK no bad feelings.

    Hope you can get it seen to soon. Sounds painful.


  • And scary. I appreciate your help.

  • Is the area painful to touch? If so ice pack, frozen peas, would numn the area. Followed by heat to comfort it.

    Is there any way you have a walk in centre where you don't have to pay?

    Are you taking any pain meds for it? Ones you can buy over the counter?


  • No pain to touch. Only movement. Only walk in would be emergency room. I take 1000mg Tylenol and 600mg ibuprofen. That helps temp.

  • Yes you can be injured with a sneeze. I sneezed and dislocated 3 ribs out of my sternum.

    It would be wise to at the very least, to keep sudden movement down and maybe do a little light massage on any tight muscles around the neck.

    Be Well

  • Thanks!

  • Hi I had the same thing happen to me in my twenties. I rested mine for a couple of days and then had acupuncture. I do hope yours settles.

  • I always wanted to try that. Thank you!

  • I too have chronic sinusitis and for the last week they have been infected. The infection has been causing coughing, sneezing and bouts of vomiting. Not had any problems with sneezing but between coughing and retching I've hurt my neck and put my back out (you could actually hear it go). I have Spondylosis in my neck & back which doesn't help matters, been having a lot of problems standing & walking these last few days and a headache that refuses to shift, but it does mean that I am well stocked with pain relief of various sorts.

  • Probably nothing at all to do with the cold, but sounds like something in your neck has slipped out of place. It really should be looked at by a doctor. If you have any neurological symptoms at all (numbness, lack of sensation in areas of your body, or bowel or bladder problems including bladder retention) then you must go to emergency as that would mean something was pressing on your spinal cord.

  • How long before insurance kicks in ?

  • Well let me tell you , do not ignore your neck ,because the sneezing should not cause it, if like mine then it comes from a more snapping mechanism probably in the past (especially if your rodeo rider) and the sneezing is tweeking it. That is so similar to my problem, which comes from an accident on my bike and I can assure you it is bloody serious, so "do not" think it will go away it gets worse, and worse, because when I sneeze now my head lights up with stars all over the place, so please see a Doctor fast...best of luck Alex

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