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Sciatica Lower Back pain

Suffered with this since late 20's, now late 40's, over time it had eased on the right side with terrible pain when first got it, over years I managed to work and it seemed to almost go away with time, the last three years started to get dull back lower pain and the flare ups would go away after around six weeks, they became more regular with each year, this one has lasted now ten weeks and the sciatica is now on the left side. Its finished beating up my right side and now started on my left. Pain radiates from lower back down the leg to the foot, pins needles in foot up to the leg part. Had mri scan await results but I know its sciatic from symptoms, it seems that most of us either have to live with this nasty pain or spend our lives on pain killers. Exercises do help but they dont make it go away. My worst time is when I get up, hopping around until the pain eases, my husband has to help me dress from waste down as its to painful to bend down to my feet. As the day goes on I can more with more flexibility after walking it eases but it never goes away. I get up 3x in the night to walk up and down at ten minutes a time due to the pain then go back to bed again. this is aweful illness that once got you either have constantly or on and off for years. You could be a lucky one that only gets it for a few weeks and then never gets it again. They say posture helps so trying to retrain myself on this. How many of us sit up to attention in the chair, we relax.

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Have you tried Pilates ? It can take a while to show results but with a good teacher the conditions in your body that are causing the sciatic flare ups can be lessened.



No have not but will check this out though.


I teach Tai chi and find this helps to keep pains down. Make sure the teacher knows your troubles, they should be able to adapt the Tai chi to your needs. I manage this quite well and it does help those in my club. I also have a massage each week.


I dont know any clubs that do this where I am.


I guess i could look on you tube.


Hi Ladywriter1968, first of all, you make a consultation with a physician and make sure that is sciatica. Lumbar herniated disc, Sciatica may occur due to some common causes like Degenerative disc disease, Isthmic spondylolisthesis, Lumbar spinal stenosis, Piriformis syndrome, Sacroiliac joint dysfunction etc. There are treatments for sciatica ( like chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy etc) which really works without any side effects. I personally recommend you to have chiropractic treatment from a professional chiropractor ( ). Manual manipulation by trained health professionals can make a better healing environment and will not be painful.

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I have done and am awaiting my mri scan results. My original Xray showed up Degenerative disc disease, but I also have sciatica because of the symptoms, my later father suffered the same as well. Symptoms of pain in back, and shooting pains down legs, it started on the right side and now has moved over to the left side, I also get pins needs in my foot up half way to my leg now to. and feels like a long needle is being shoved down my leg. I limp on one leg on getting up from bed. It tends to ease with exercise and walking. When I first got it years ago it was shear agony, and then it eased over time, and now its started up all over again on my other side. These treatments mentioned are expensive and unfortunately I cant really afford it. I cant work because of my pain therefore dont have the money to pay for these private treatments either.


Have suffered sciatica for 5 yrs on and off. This last week came back at me with a bang and actually ended up on the sick . I don't like ever giving in but I couldn't get upstairs without going up one step at a time. Excruciating pain in my upper hip joint.

Work never even asked me if i was OK. Did little for my self esteem. I'm also battling a chronic blood disorder. Never taken time off from either of these. .

Anyone having sciatica understands how painful it is. I do pilates and Tai chi 2 x a week. Makes me feel so much better in my mind and body. .

I won't give in to this pain but sometimes the endless rounds of Dr's. Physio and other health people gets draining. You just want someone to say you will be OK. I don't have that luxury. If you do cherish it.


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