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I am supposed to under the consultant of the Pain Clinic a week ago I put in Prescription for Oromorph and Gabapentin. On Friday I went to collect my repeat prescription and the Gabapentin and Oromorph were missing. I asked the receptionist why and was told they do anything until next week I said I run out of them this weekend, I was told I should have ordered them earlier which I answered I used to but I was told I was ordering to early. The Doctor did not like giving me the 5m Butrans patches so I can see me not getting them next week. This sort of thing has been going on for 6 months +. I spent last Wednesday in the Hospital which a Doctor said you should be taking my medication on regular basis because the stress is affecting my health, I was there for a suspected Heart Attack. He is going to write to my Doctor as well as the Pain Management Consultant but who is my Doctor I haven't got a clue they just pass me from one to another every time I go, my last Doctor retired a year ago and now there is no co-ordination. The Hospital Doctor is telling the GP surgery that I am to get regular checkups there. I don't reckon there is much chance of that happening, I have had enough and don't really don't want to keep going there to have more arguments.

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  • this is awful and very unfair and added stress not helping, i used to think that doctors and people with those sort of jobs could be relied upon. i dont know where i got that belief i'v been let down so many times by them, i think we have to stay on top of them all the time to make sure that they are doing there jobs properly. its so unfair but this is the way of the world i'v realized. to bad if your ordering them to early at least that way you were getting them, its so unfair. i really feel for you and im helpless. if i were you i would just keep ordering them early and make sure you dont collect at the end of the week when they close for the week end, i would try and get your repeat script on a monday so that if there is any problem you have 4 days to try to put it right, all my love to you and i hope that this gets sorted out.xx

  • Don't give in. You need those meds and they have been prescribed by someone a lot higher than a GP. Let them argue between themselves if they must but you must get the meds needed.

  • Sounds like you need the help of a patient advocate to get everything coordinated properly. You could try PALS at the hospital (to get them to help make sure there is the right liaison between hospital and GP and pharmacy) or if there is a more general patient advocacy service in your area you could try them too.

  • Did you get a new Primary Care Physician when your doctor retired? It sounds like that's where the gap in your care may be. My PCP of 25 years retired and it really left me in a jam in terms of accessing medication. I ended up in the hospital due to trying to address my physical issues with OTC medication. That was back in November and I feel like I'm still recovering.

  • I've had the same problem before and I take Zomorph. They refused as I'd run out and it was a weekend. Tbh I went to see Dr on Monday and she was angry. It was the reception team that refuses not the gp. They can be a nightmare.

  • This sounds a nightmare situation. I put in for my prescription and often they forget my tramadol. luckily my Chemist sorts it out for me. I would rather see my Chemist these days than any of our surgery doctors. Gone are the days when you had one doctor who knew your problems.

  • Has anyone had the issue where you have a "monthly" prescription you are expected to collect on the same date each month, what they forget is that tablets are issued in 28 tabs per month at one a day 56 for two a day and so on, trying to convince a receptionist that if your tablets start on 1st of the month you then need them on 28th of the same month and the 25 th of the next month and so on, it's not rocket science or is it just me!

  • This is happening everywhere. The receptionists take it upon themselves to say they're not due yet. I don't know how many times I say they're 28 days per pack. It's not a monthly prescription it's 4 weekly Therefore the timing of them is not the same date every month 😡

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