Chronic night time headaches

can anyone help me,I've been getting horrendous headaches at night time normally when I'm asleep and they are so strong I'm at my wits end,I am getting between 1/3 per night for the last 3 weeks,I'm on a medication from the GP and its not working,I'm eating other pain killers for fun and worried I'll even taking an unknown overdose of various pain killers,the pain is always in the top part of my left hand side of my head and then moves into the back of my eyeball with an intense pressure behind it,my nose gets blocked and the only saving grace is that they only last 30 minutes or so,any ideas desperate thanks

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  • First reaction is you should NOT be taking anything other than those pain meds prescribed by your GP. Most definitely not for 'fun'. You have no idea how they mix with each other and could cause untold damage

    If what your GP has prescribed are not working - then get yoursef back to see him and tell him. If you have difficulty explaining then take a friend or relative.

    Failing that write it down and give that to him.


  • thanks for your advice and I intend to,I'm worried that this more than a common migraine as I'm not normally a headachy person but thankyou

  • Have you thought about changing your pillow. I know it sounds weird but I always get nighttime migraines when my pillow flattens and becomes hard. Also make sure your room is not to hot as this can trigger migraines also. Cool gel packs on the back of the neck and on your forehead can help to lessen the pain during an attack.

  • Yes I have tried various options and I'm no whimp to pain ,but this is so intense I am sick with worry as l very rarely suffer with any form of headaches,I'm not near my own GP so had to get an emergency prescription for some tablets, which aren't doing anything to help,and I don't know how much longer I can tolerate this pain,and with losing sleep that doesn't help the matter, so fed up,and if I had my courage of my convictions I'd turn up at A&E knowing only that I'd be turned away with paracetamol and I know that's what would happen, thanks for all support folk

  • I think this might be a sinus problem - because it gets worse when lying down and of where you have described your pain. If you sit on a chair and try to put your head down towards your knees - does this make the pain stop or does it make it worse?

    Also you might have 'cluster headaches' - I have had migraine issues since I was about 11 or 12 years old - unfortunately it tends to run on my Dad's side of the family. The only thing that worked was to get back onto the beta blockers for a month or two and then wean off them again. Also if you can tolerate asprin - my neurologist told me to chew 3 x 300mg of dissolvable asprin and rub it around your gums - asprin not paracetamol is apparently better for headaches and this way you can get the drugs into your system quicker.

    The other possibility is that you are grinding your teeth in the middle of the night or tongue thrusting. A mouth guard from the dentist can help.

    BTW - I have no medical training whatsoever and if you are really concerned get it checked out asap. Ooh also drink tons of water - apparently something like 80% of all headaches are related to being dehydrated.

    Lou xxx

  • hey that's sounds interesting might as well give it a go many thanks

  • I have had headaches for a few months but not as bad as yours. My GP told me that too many pain killers can cause rebound headaches so I only take amitriptyline

  • you should also go and get your eyes tested as things do show up when we get some of these examinations. it could also be sinus if your nose is getting blocked. good luck and keep up in touch and let us know how you get one, hopefull it will be something simple.

  • thanks grace 111,will do,the problem is that I'm not near my own gp till Monday evening,and have to wait till Tuesday morning before I can get an appointment,so fingers crossed I'll hope the weekend isn't going to give me more headaches but many thanks

  • Look up cluster headaches. This sounds typical of them. They're nickname is suicide headache because they are so severe that you want to end your life. There are many things that can help but you need to see a neurologist asap. One other suggestion that might sound strange but if you drink a red bull, monster or any other energy drink, you may find the headache disappears. It's the taurine in it. Hope this is of help

    Sarah xx

  • that's really useful,I'm open to any suggestions,I've heard of cluster headaches,but what's getting me down is the lack of sleep and obviously is the intense pain,I'm a man in my early 50's and otherwise in generally good health,many thanks for your reply

  • and finally is it commonly to have them every night,so far nearly 3 consecutive weeks and normally between 1-3 per night,sorry to be a pain but I'm going through every possible remedy thanks again

  • Your not a pain dont ever feel like that love hugs jill xxx

  • Hi Cb

    Yes it's perfectly normal to have these types of headaches from anything from 1 week to 6 months of the year. Unfortunately I get them from March to August every year for the last 3 years. mine are on the more severe end of the scale but it's not unheard of to have them from 1 day until 18 months at a time. Definitely see your optician and insist you see a neurologist. I have to warn you though,..... My neurologist has scanned me last week and it showed a brain tumour so please see as many doctors and specialists as possible. Any new headache must be treated seriously. You can quote my story to them if you wish and beg for an mri with contrast dye to find out exactly what is going on. It might just save your life. As for me, my tumour has been found too late. I'm only 45 and have 4 children. 2 are still dependant and I'm a single parent with no one to help once I'm gone I have no family.

    Sarah xx

  • sarah im so sad to hear your story especially as your only 45 and have 4 children and a single parent too.its an awful situation to be in, my heart goes out to you.i hope that you have someone looking out for you now and you never know how long you will be here for. its so good of you to share your experience of your own health to help others, all my love and best wishes and prayers and a hug to love grace xoxoxo🙏

  • Thank you Grace

    Your kindness has made me cry. Not in fear, but knowing people are here to support me so thank you very much for your love

    Sarah xx

  • Sarah so saddened to hear of your plight,I'm glad that you had the time to reply to me,I will take Your advice on board,but I've ended up with a compliant that's took me into hospital and now have to have an procedure tomorrow I've mentioned the headaches already but I don't know if the two are connected,so take care and many thanks

  • Hi Cb, thank you for your support. I hope all goes well with your procedure tomorrow and that you make a speedy recovery. I'm not sure the two problems you are suffering, only the headaches as I am aware of. Anyway, all the very best tomorrow.

    Sarah xx

  • I suffered too went to docs and my. Blood pressure is high and was told thats what causing it love so worth having it checked really feel for you good luck love jill xxx

  • Try keeping a diary of everything you eat and drink including meds to try and eliminate possible triggers.

  • See a dentist and have them look at the jaw tension. You start with no headache during the day. You go to sleep with no headache. You are asleep and wake up with a headache. This suggests that you are doing something that causes you to have a headache.

    It is well known for people to clench their teeth when asleep. It is possible for you to clench your muscles in the head when asleep and this is maybe what you are doing. If this is the case you need to learn to stop clenching your muscles when asleep.

    This clenching of muscles during asleep is something to investigate. Pain killers are designed to stop pain not to stop clenching muscles which cause increased pain. Yoga before going to sleep might be an exercise worth doing to see if that enables you to learn to stop clenching your muscles. The accuracy of this advice can only determined for yourself by investigation of what is happening by yourself.

    Hope I have been helpful.

  • Dear CB1963,

    Just a thought....Maybe these are 'Cluster Headaches', very painful they are to. These can occur, in 'patens', i.e. follow a set paten, or, as I think yours are, 'come on' at particular times.

    As I said, only a thought, but....PLEASE DO get this checked, by your Doctor(s)/Consultant(s).

    I hope that you get some relief soon.

    Kindest wishes AndrewT

  • thankyou,but unfortunately I've now ended up in hospital with a compliant that I don't know if it's related,so thanks again

  • Hi Cb1963, This really sounds like you're suffering with cluster headache, I've been a chronic sufferer for the past 2 years, like you every night and day. This caused me to lose my job and a lot of friends, Verapamil helped contain them just to the night times and since then, also pregabalin helped until i got pregnant. I really feel for you, and it is a case of taking different meds until something works for you, so go through the list with your GP. painkillers won't work!! They will only cause more damage. i was given morphine in hospital, for some unknown reason, even that couldn't do anything fast enough. I really hope you've found something that works for you. I know it's the worst pain anyone could ever imagine.

  • does this sound like your headache. i didn't take it literally when you said you were taking pain killers for fun i know exactly what you mean. Cluster headaches

    Cluster headaches are very severe headaches, sometimes called 'suicide headaches'. They occur in clusters, often every day for a number of days or even weeks. Then they disappear for months on end. They are uncommon, and tend to occur particularly in adult male smokers. They are severe, one-sided headaches, which are really very disabling (they prevent regular activity). People often describe them as the worst pain they have ever felt.

    Cluster headaches are usually one-sided. Patients often have a red watery eye on the affected side, a stuffy runny nose and a droopy eyelid.

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