G'day kangaroo.....

Australia. The land of wide open spaces filled with warm generous people. And kangaroos. I love it. First time I have been back since my brother died almost 7 years ago.

So...home after 3 weeks over there...my second home!. My friends used to farm a modest 2,500 acres out in the bush. A hard life but they loved it. Now moved to less harsh conditions with just 40 acres running 23 sheep and Malcolm the ram!! I was there as the spring lambs were born...2 sets of triplets and 3 sets of twins. More to come. They slaughter the older September lambs and if you have never tasted Australian lamb....you haven't lived!.

It is a long flight.Living out here in the Islands means a 4 hr flight just to get to Gatwick. Onwards via Dubai...8 hrs...smoke stop then another 14 hrs into Melbourne..I slept only requesting to be awoken for meals. Extremely comfortable and worth the extra cost..Slightly longer tie wise coming back.. well it is all.uphill aafter all!!!.

I found it very hard this time to say goodbye.

Back to reality to find David not good. Super team of friends to look after him but even so he didn't cope. He missed me so much and even said he felt lonely. That was hard for him to admit as he likes his 'space'. Sadly I have to think very carefully about any time I may have away in the future.

As I write he is asleep. Not been eating IBS very bad. Not sleeping at night with the pain. Not doing anything at all. The almost completed reduction in Oxycontin has been successful...pain no worse. Pregabalin is doing nothing to help hi sleep so that will go in the bin..eventually.. Probably the best pain relief is Oxynorm used for breakthrough. Strange isn't it?!!.

One bit of good news though. He does have his 6 monthly appointment at the pain clinic between Christmas and New Year. I have also made him an appointment to see his physio..I will join him for both.

So...to David...thank you for letting me have this trip..You knew how much it meant to me and I couldn't have gone without your love and support.

Pat x


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  • Sounds like you had a lovely trip Bananas so nice to meet up with old friends too. Nice tribute to your David as well, hope he feeling better soon.

  • Thanks Soppysokes...Christmas is always a hard time for him as its his birthday too. Constant reminder he is getting old!!


  • So glad to hear that your family reunion went well. We understand why coming back was especially hard this time.

    Hope that you are able to deal with the climate change ( ha, ha, ha, ha )


  • Glad you enjoyed it and had a good break. We are off to Oz in January 😃

  • If this is your first visit you will have a wonderful time.


  • Been there before several years ago. Went to Perth, Sidney and Melbourne. This time we are staying in Perth and also going to Ayers Rock. Melbourne is so we can go to the Australia open tennis. Last grand slam for the complete set for my wife😃

  • Wow that's some mileage.

    Enjoy the tennis!


  • On that last trip we also did Singapore and Thailand! So yes, did get a few air miles🤣.

    This time we are going to Abu Dhabi first to see the new year in, then on to Oz.

  • How do you manage your pain with all that flying and waiting around airports?


  • I am one of the lucky ones in remission. So apart from the odd flare I am ok. Although you are right, long haul does get to me. I always book seats on flights, so I can have more room and get up and stretch regularly. Seat guru online is good for checking best seats. And I try to book night flights so I can knock myself out with a sleeping tablet for most of it 😉😂.

    Been doing long travel for years with my job.

  • Aha! I have no choice for seats as I am blind and have to go with assisted passage. But this time for the first time....I went Business class! Slept all the way in great comfort but couldn't manage all the TV etc. Everyone seems to think it is essential...except me!!


  • Ah. Sorry. I didn’t know

  • Glad to hear you had a lovely holiday Pat. Not good news about David though but I am sure he will pick up now you are back home. Now its back to reality I guess but hopefully you have benefited from the break. Take care and good luck with Davids new appointments in a month or so . xx

  • Thanks Katie....it is always hard to leave.

    Frightens me sometimes just how dependent David has become on mein spite of my trying otherwise.


  • This sort of dependency is quite common in couples, must love you as he missed you so much.x

  • Your trip to Australia sounds amazing and I hope you feel better for the break. However it's a shame that you've come back to David having problems. As a couple you do so much for each other and I can understand how much David missed you. It's great that he had so much help from others while you were away but it's not the same as having you by his side to relax with. As they say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Don't feel guilty as you also need a break to gain strength to continue where you left off. Your an amazing couple. X

  • Or for me...out of sight out of mind!! Little anyone can do 12000 miles away!

    I did bring him back a fridge magnet and tea towel...what more could he want?!


  • Hi Pat. I am very glad you had the chance for this trip. As a carer it's so important to get breaks. For you and David. He may have been sad and a bit lonely but it wasn't months and yiu will hopefully have renewed mental vigour to be his companion and helper.

    At least you are not coming back to rain soaked Scotland. Though I admit it's really just been this week. The Highlands have had some superb autumn days. The whole bright blue sky and crunchy leaves bit.


  • Thanks Dee. My renewed vigor faded this morning when making my second walk to the village. Forgot his sccript first time!!

    It is 30c and very humid too. I did get alert for snow in Strathclyde which should have cheered me!!


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