Seem to have heard a little too much about this drug in the last few days but here goes....

Pain consultant was talking about putting david on MST as Fentanyl wasn't working quite as effectively. Guess almost 10 years is a long time.

Looking at the strength of the patches he decided the amount of MST would be enormous to get any similar pain relief.

So....he said he will put him on Oxycontin at a slightly lower dose than would have the same effect and he might get withdrawal effects for a few days. Hmmmm.

Normally David would have asked consultant for more details but having just had his epidural he was a wee bit droopy. And i didn't go.

Is it a tablet, capsule, liquid?

(Did you know in France all meds are given as a suppository? Very poor drug companies in France) Sorry.

Is it an opiate based drug? Fentanyl is man made and doen't have the same properties as morphine.

In fact anyone who takes Oxycontin would like to hear your experiences please.

Pat x

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  • Hi Pat,Google it,it tells you all you need to know. Hope your doing alright.x

  • I would if I could but having problems with google, provider all having a wobbly!

    Yes managing but David doesn't get any easier.


  • My experience with OxyContin wasn't the best.

    Yes it helps tremendously with pain as it is in one of the highest classes of narcotics. I've heard people call it 'synthetic heroin'.

    Personally I took it for about a month/month and half after have a tonsillectomy and the pain was intolerable but the OxyContin (I took 2 pills every 4 hours round the clock) made the pain tolerable.

    It causes some rather not so fun side effects. My Dr told me it paralyzes the muscles in the intestine which cause me major major stomach pain and problems.

    It's a STRONG drug that in my opinion can be very addicting and cause bad side effects so just be careful.

    Make sure you consult with a Dr a lot before starting this kind of narcotic.

    As I stated somewhere in my post this is completely my opinion but be careful.

    Good luck with the pain

  • Thanks for answering. Your opinion is what I wanted as you have tried it. Thank you for being honest

    This has all come from the top man himself - David's wonderful pain consultant. He knows David probably better thanme! And we have the trust needed.

    David does have intestinal problems already due to non SAIds for too many years. In fact there aren't msny conditiond he doesn't already have. Poor chap.

    The GP will prescribe on directions from consultant whih is how it should be.

    Pat x

  • Do you remember a couple of years ago when I was changed from the 100 Fentanyl patches to the 100 MST capsules. I had and still have no problems with the switch or the new maintenance on that dose. 1 x 100mg slow release capsule at 8am and 1 x 100mg slow release capsule at 8pm. No problems. Email me if I can help Pat.


  • Thanks Rib. Yes I do remember.

    Even on Fentanyl he needed cocodamol - most days 2 sometimes 4 and flair ups top dose.

    I just need to be ready for any eventuality and forewarned is forearmed.

    Consultant has said he will start at a slightly lower dose. My GP increased my own 'coping' pills for a month - maybe he knows something.

    Pat x

  • Thanks Dan. Some very useful information so I know what I am dealing with. i shouldn't, but the thought of David as a hill billy, made me smile. Rocking chair and all.

    He can't take any liquid pain meds so slow release is good.

    Out of interest - if Oxycontin gives reief for less than 12 hours can you top up with cocdamol? At present he takes them with Fentanyl.

    Pat x

  • Cnsultant did mention another Oxy yesterday but David was on the theatre table at the time and didn't really hear! Consultant also wrote it down but you know what Drs writing is like.

    Will check with David later when he wakes but sounds same as you said.

    Fentanyl = 100 at the moment. Has been up to 125 but that was too much.

    Thanks Dan all fits together now and seeing GP Monday.

    He did have an excellent spinal jag yesterday which is always good news.


  • Hi pat I been on OxyContin for 5 years now I'm up to 60mgs twice a day now it's the only drug that helps me my pain specialist says that I'm a big lad that I can take that amount

  • That's encouraging cos David big lad too! Just hope they don't start him too low.


  • Thanks Dan. Seeing GP in the morning and will keep info in mind.

    In a really bad mess at the moment and desperately needs something

    Pat x

  • I had trouble with a few oxy meds but have been on targinact for five years plus ,taken twice daily,with oramorph top up, doesn't calm the pain enough really but better than some and can't tolerate the nerve block gab types. No real side effects , do take lactulose, and less boom and bust pain sort of evens it out .

    Sorry not much help but thought I'd let you know my experience with targinact in case it is anyway useful.

    Hope he finds some relief soon.

  • Thanks littleeffy.


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