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Wonderful news for David

Regular visitors to this Forum will know David, is my husband. A freak accident whilst serving in the Royal navy which left him with a broken back. Subsequent operation, would never be performed these days, left him with chronic back pain. Together with 2 degenerative diseases of the spine, depression has and virtually no use inhi left side made the last 30 tears hard for him.

Due to the weakness in his left leg he has walked with a stick putting pressure on his right leg, shoulder and foot. Some 5 years ago he started getting pains in his 'good' hip. By comparison to his other pain - this was fairly mid to start with. However it became increasingly clear that this had taken over 25 years of added burden.

Investigations followed. A number of injections which helped and our pain consultant monitored hi.

2 years ago the pain was getting intolerable. It seemed a hip replacement was the likely outcome. A visit to the then orthopedic surgeon was unbelievable. Far too young we were told. David was a little over 60. David left that surgery in tears. He was devastated.

12 months ago David had a fall from the top of 5 concrete steps = splat to the bottom - also concrete. His good leg had somehow missed the top step. He dried again with the pain but fortunately apart from a broken finger he was intact.

2 further falls - both over the edges of kerbs meant intervention from me.

There followed 12 months of tests, Xrays, appointments, jags from the pain clinic and orthopedic surgeon, sleeples nights and a deterioration in David's all round mental health.

We were made aware of the serious risks with a replacement hip. Recovery would be hard for any patient let alone one whose body was already broken. Pain relief would be difficult die to the high amount he already takes. No driving for at least 6 weeks - maybe longer. (I don't drive.) Concern for me as to how i would cope. All this was discussed at pain clinic, at home, and with friends.

Yesterday we had an appointment with the surgeon. This was going to go one way or the other but I knew david could not go on any longer enduring the unbearable.

The news was brilliant. He will get that replacement hip. The surgeon we have had so much faith in will do operation. AND even better - our wonderful pain consultant Dr James will be the anethetist. David could not be in better hands. He cried again - this time with relief. All 6' 1' of him!

The waiting list is short. Maybe a few eeks or maybe after our hols in August but it will happen. The start of a new beginning for him and another something for me to learn. And he WILL do as he is told or he'll have me to answer too!

Never give up that there is help and the hugest thanks as always go to our pain clinc team.

Pat x

PS For those who haven't guessed - i am his carer! And I am registered blind so apologies for grammar and spelling!!

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That is amazing news I am so happy for you both. You have been an inspiration to me over the last 12 months and I could not be more pleased that David is on the brink of better times.

Please keep us informed of how things go I will watch out for your posts.

hugggss nutty


Awe thanks Nutty. Missed you! Will email.

Pat x


Good luck I hope it helps x




So happy to hear this news.




Wonderful to hear Pat! Your kindness and perseverance is an inspiration to us all!

Big hugs to you both.


Hi Paton,

It looks like your husband has been treated the same as I have been by the forces,

when you join up you get told the forces will look after you if you suffer a accident but it is all lies as soon as you are no use to them they just want you to go away and offer no help at all or as little as they can.

I was medically discharged after an accident which damaged my back and as time has passed I have got worse, when I applied to the army to do a review of me it took almost 2 years and all they said is we think you are still the same.

At the moment I am close to housebound yet to get one of the benefits for if you are now earning a reduced amount due to your disability they say you have to be found to be at least 60% disabled and to receive the loss of earnings benefit you have to be 80% disabled.

Even though I have not been able to work for over 12 years they just say sorry we don't think you are disabled enough, in the end I went to a tribunal and at the moment I am waiting to hear back from them, at the tribunal they ordered the army to obtain a report from a orthopaedic consultant as they had done nothing to try to see how disabled I was except to ask my doctor how I was and who just said I had got significantly worse over the last 4 years but added he did not know how it affected me.

I have had the appointment with the consultant and he agreed with me that my problems are all due to my back and not my knees or hip which the army was trying to insist so with luck they may help me and I will be able to get someone to help me in my home.

I hope you have been and will be treated better than I have, also I wish you luck with your future treatment.

regards Poppy Ann.


Have messaged you.

Pat x


Working in the NHS is no better. No jumping the queue to get staff back to work and after a year of fighting for scans, X ray's and a diagnosis you get a wave goodbye with no support. I fully understand your resentment.


Hi Paton, Thanks for sharing to positive optimistic outlook on life despite the hurdles, very inspiring.Sending you positive vibes.

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thank you for your kind words. things have moved on and we have a new problem now. i must put up a post ......severe rock bottom no wyay out depression. i need some help amd advice fro, ypu all.

see if i can get the right words.

Pat x


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