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Expat Pat back on line!

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Hello old friends and new ones I haven't met yet.

Computer had a rough crossing lasting almost 4 weeks then 2 on dockside in soaring temps. and diagnosis was sea sickness. So...off she went with dashing Dennis the French expert for treatment. Had to wait on internet connection so now here we are.

Everything we want her by the bucket full. Sun sun and more sun. Hot at times. Very hot others but never below 25c even at night.

Chasing all over the island with paper work for Doctors, residencia, bank accounts you name it. Queues for hours to meet little man wit clunkety clunk rubber stamp and on to next department.

Manyana say once rubber stamp is used we are in the system. Just manyana is any time it wants to be! Chuck your clock away. Not needed.

David has been upsy downsy with stress and pain but warm helps him hugely. He has made the decision not to drive any more. He decided really before leaving Scotland but said nowt. He was losing concentration and his confidence with it. It is hard for him but my love of buses (ha ha ha) has proved useful. You get a time when they leave the depot and take a guess when they may arrive at your chosen stop.

The horrible pains I have had for many years in my SIJ have gone. Yes gone. No idea why as the cause is still there but nothing. Hip still sore and knees now join in from stairs to get up here. 2 beds downstairs means he doesn't have to struggle up here.

No problems getting any drugs. Register with GP. She copies out UK script and you bowl along to Pharmacy whenever you need tablets. Tehy monitor how many you ask for but seems almost too simple. Yes of course this had to be accompanied by pages of documents. David gets his Oxycontins OK. There is even a pain clinic and consultant in the north so should be worth investigating for David's nerve bloc.

I have many many posts I want to listen to and find out how everyone has been.

Missed you and good to be back on line

Pat x

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Hi Paton , nice to see you again, thank you for all your news update from over there, hope to see more of you now you are settling in your new country of abode. Tell us all what it is like on a daily routine., it seems to have benefited some of your health in only a short time, fingers crossed for more improvement. Bye for now xx

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Bananas5 in reply to katieoxo60

Thank you Katie. Sorry for delay but had a few thousand emails, messages and docs to work through. Plus the pool Lilo was daring me to try getting on it!! Technique I haven't quite mastered! But I will!.

Good to be back


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katieoxo60 in reply to Bananas5

Get working on that technique, even I have forgotten how to mount a Lilo but I can swim or msaybe at my weight sink not sure :) :) have a good day x

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Bananas5 in reply to katieoxo60

Isn't it wonderful that for the moment this is top of my 'must do' list!!

I think a dry dock where I can get on Lilo then water fills up around me.


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katieoxo60 in reply to Bananas5

Sounds good to me :) x

Hi Pat. Very good to hear from you and get a catch up with your news. Some very good , some not so good but I am reading an overall thumbs up from both of you. Excellent news.

So happy to have you back in touch.



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Bananas5 in reply to deejames

Was that one x for every day I have been ansent?? Keep them coming.

Now off to find out about your op which I missed. Hope it is all gain and no pain.


Hi Paton & welcome back!!

It sounds like you're you've made the right decision to move out there! Sun, Sun & more Sun sounds marvellous; I believe it's a drier heat there too so none of this muggy, sticky & sweaty heat we get back here! The warmth always helps my joints even if I'm melting & dehydrating from sweat!!

Very interesting regarding your SI joint pain disappearing; should be a new NHS treatment policy - two weeks in the 'Canary Islands' every couple of months!! (Would need a 'medical' flight to get there though but if they're prescribing it, then this would obviously be included!!) I'm really pleased that it's helped with your pain!

It sounds like the medical support available is great; if you don't want to answer this question I'll understand but do you have to pay for it? Is it an insurance type payment and you get what you need or do you pay for each individual element where needed?

It's lovely to hear from you and I look forward to hearing lots more about the lifestyle; like you say, who needs a clock?? Sun comes up - it must be morning & Sun goes down - must be evening/night time!! I so need that kind of relaxed lifestyle every now & then......

I assume you've started building the 'chronic pain sufferers retreat' in your garden already?? We wouldn't ask for much, just a bed, chef, waiter & pool - I'm looking at flights already!! Ha ha.....


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Bananas5 in reply to RAYJAYC

Garden gate came too and is temporarily propped up...open of course. All always welcome! Few steps up but ground floor bed.

Medical wise. Simple really but slow process. As we are taking up permanent residencia we have assorted forms to get. One even comes from DWP to state we are in receipt of a pension ( David different departnent with his War Pension) this is o show UK will support us. And if anyone says it will change under Brexit - it won't. It was a decision made by certain participating countries.

At the moment we have our UK medical cards which people can use when on holiday. This entitles you to up to 3 months free treatment.

We took our script along to our chosen Doctor and she transfered to local script and off we trot to pharmacy. We only pay 10% of cost which even without discount isn't The expensive.equivalent of our NHS is called Social Security here!! Just to confuse the enemy!!Or me!

We now have to wait arrival of said certificate from DWP then off we trot to thier Social Security to register then we will be fully free for all treatment.

Said it was simple but take a chair cos you queues for hours to get forms rubber stamped!


Welcome back!! Used to read your posts with interest and wondered how the 'big move' had gone. Sounds like overall it's been a positive experience, glad it's all settled now and we look forward to your new posts!


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Bananas5 in reply to Toplady

Funny how all those things really mattered back in Scotland but in the lovely weather they don't seem half as important!

Certainly changed my outlook. For the better I hope!!


Welcome back, Paton. I am very happy to hear that you are both benefiting from the sun and warmth.

Best wishes,


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Bananas5 in reply to

Sadly sun doesn't suit everyone but can sit in shade and just enjoy no cold windy rain.

I have a pair of wellies by the front gate just to remind me what we left and makes me smile!!


nice to have you back online


Liz xo

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