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Calcific Tendonitis - Steroid injection

Having suffered for months with horrendous shoulder pain and Physiotherapy making it worse, was diagnosed with calcific tendinitis which showed up on an X-Ray. Eventually received confirmation that it could be treated by ultrasound guided barbotage but when I went for this on Friday night was told he calcium deposits had shrunk so they would just do the steroid injection. I was told to rest for 2 days but with a 2 year old and a husband with fibromyalgia it’s just not been possible. I’ve managed to not lift my little girl but that’s about it. My shoulder aches deeply and I’m worried the injection hasn’t worked. Is it too early to say?

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It must be hard to manage with a young child. Steroid injections can, in my experience, take a week or more to be fully effective. Don't give up yet.


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Thank you! I think I need to give it a bit more time!


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