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calcific tendonitus

hi i have been having pain in my right shoulder for a year now its very bad went for an ex ray was told i have osteo arthritus in my shoulders then was sent to see a specialist and had an ultra sound scan it came back that i have calcific tendonitus .i have to go back to see the specialist on the 9th of feb they mentioned an injection no thank you had one before in my spine told it would last 6 months lasted 2 weeks they also mentioned an operation i am in a lot of pain as it started in my right arm at the top then went to my shoulder now its down to my hands in my right arm and i have it in my left upper arm .i also have osteophorisis fibromyalgia perifual neuropathy severe nerve damage to my feet i am in a lot of pain i cant take medication so many bad side affects ,i have heard that the calcium comes back after a short time need advice please ,

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hi there i damaged my shoulder and collar bone when i was five years old, i'm now 48 years old and the injection they gave me didn't help what so ever, i've suffered this pain now for 43 years and they said that there's nothing they can do for me, but where not all the same just thought i share this with you, hope it helps or not. take care Alan


Hi Mason

Unfortunately one of the problems with the injections is that they cannot guarantee how long they will last for. I have been having injections in my spine ankle and shoulder for over 6 years and the best one lasted 9 months with the worst one lasting just 2 weeks, but as you are aware they do work and to be honest 2 weeks without pain is worth it.


hi carol saw my specialist yesterday an operation was mentioned but will have to seethe surgeon but they did not have my paperwork they mentioned an injection into the muscle in my arm i would be awake that would be so painfull .did you have anesthetic ,please


I am on quinoric for arthritic joints and GoPro high vit c keep movement going compression clothing on arm may help as it is even both of these things should help joints and supportive tissue the side effects of quinoric for me are nausea but having it with milk will help as well as massage keep arm warm hot baths help me and if shoulder pain gets out of control and you tighten getting a hot water bottle behind it will help try and focus on something else read ,music audible etc limit stimulus I've light and you may cope with the pain better .

Am guessing that the injections are steroidal which may work for a time ,perhaps you can work at trying to strengthen all muscles to help joint I know this will be painful but long term it should help the joint and the circulation .

Shorts bursts of exercise don't push it too hard better less but consistent .

Hope some of this is helpful there maybe some sort of orthopaedic brace for shoulder that can depress the pressure points but often it is really good for short periods to help mobility if you are requiring to move it consistently might help movement in fingers .

Good luck.


I had calcific tendonitis in my left shoulder. i too had injections times 3. eventually I had my first operation, the specialist said he had never seen one with as much calcification. I then had another operation 6 months later because all calcification had not been removed. that was in 2007. my shoulder has never been fully pain free but much better than before surgery.. 8 months ago I had a wire put in my shoulder under a scanner to remove some more calcification.

I have a problem making to much calcification in various parts of my body. i have just had an operation to remove large amount from my right hip. touch wood this has been a great success. I also have calcification in my left hip and right shoulder

Positive note, I know many people who have had great success first time around. the key to success is do the exercises that physio give you.

wishing you all the best.


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hi dillly dally1 thank you for replying its so painfull as i said it started in my right arm between the elbow and shoulder now i have it down to my fingers on my right arm my fingers are tingeling it has spread in a very short time to my left upper arm .do u have osteoarthritus thats what they found with the ex ray you have been through so much does the calcium go away i am over 50 .take care ,


The part about your fingers tingling suggests nerve problem. Is it all your fingers? If not which fingers?


hi its all my fingers on both hands .


It seems you now have peripheral neuropathy in your hands. Here's a helpful article orthopedics.about.com/od/ro...

Good luck!


thank you dextor1 very helpfull bless you ,


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