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Living with constant headaches ... please help .. Really worried

Hello .. i am 21 years old male and i have been suffering from headaches which are constant and were mostly severe when they started at first .... but after a month they were moderate but constant ...... i then had a cat scan which they said was normal ..... i took many medicines for it like ibuprofen anti depressants and many more but nothing is stopping them .... But from past ten days i have experienced that i dont have headache in the morning and they start during the day goes on ..... and are usually on the back of head ..... please help me ....

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Aghhhhhhh, I can sympathise with you..... I've suffered with all kinds of headaches for years, including migraines, cluster, tension etc, etc.

If you've had a scan etc, you know there is nothing seriously wrong which is great.

Firstly, have you had you eyes tested?

Do you clench your jaw? TMJ can cause horrible head pain.

Do you drink enough water?

Had you checked your home for carbon monoxide? You can buy little alarms.

Are you continually tense (shoulders up around your ears!)

What medication do you take?

I went through months of constant headaches . I suffer with anxiety, fibromyalgia and OA. I take paracetamol/codeine 500/30 if I get a bad one, but also go through my relaxation techniques.

Hope this helps


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Yea i had my eyes tested and there was 0.50 and 0.75 power for my eyes .... i dont know if my clencj my jaw ... but when ever my back of the head hurts more i start to clinch my neck ....to get a little relief ...i play snooker every day .... can it cause the pain my head ..... ... i used to take naproxen and anti depressants and discontinued it because of no relief :(


Well I'm in a similar position as you but I'm awaiting for a scan, however the snooker as much as I enjoy watching it I would imagine it could well be your cause of your headache, as i used to play years ago, and recently had a couple of games of pool and I couldn't believe how sore and how stiff my neck was the following day, there's loads of muscles around the neck and getting any sort of tension or trapped nerve in that area could well easily be the root cause of your headaches, as daft as this sounds I once tried to play darts for a few days and I couldn't believe how sore the muscles were in my arms,I suppose it's not a normal set of muscles that's used in everyday situations, try to leave the snooker hall alone for a few days and just see how things go,and hopefully you'll be able to narrow things down a bit more, so no more 147's for a while lol.


Go to ur GP again and pester him till the root cause is found. If u feel the pain is 2 bad outta GP hours phone NHS24 on 111 it's free and just like it GP there are doctors they're who can help u. If ur seriously worried go to A&E


Headache in the back of the head would most likely be caused by neck problems. And I'm sure when they did the CAT scan that it only covered your head so they would not know if there was something going on with your neck. You may have some early onset osteoarthritis in your neck or a pinched nerve. I know that the osteoarthritis will show in a regular x-ray I don't know if a pinched nerve will show up. And as judipat mentioned it could be TMJ. A dentist specializing in TMJ can determine if that's what it is without knowing if you grind your teeth and without x-ray. It may be that you simply need a mouthguard to wear it at night. I'm sorry you suffer with headaches. I suffer from chronic pain in my lower back and lately I have had tremendous amount of pain in my neck that then starts a headache too. In my case though they have said I have the early onset of osteoarthritis.

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Really feel for you. I'm sure you have but just wanted to check if you've had your blood pressure checked. I have had hypertension for years & I get headaches through the day. Apologies if someone has already mentioned this bit I just wanted to make sure. Wish you all the best & hope it can be resolved for you xx


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