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Really need some help now


Hi everyone, I have really bad elbow arthritis in my right arm and ulner nerve pain in my hand,?also depression I'm on duloxatine, 200 mg and gabapentine 2700 mg a day, the last six months I've been suffering debilitating fatigue , I'm up one day, with an effort I get a few things done then the next day I'm flat out on the bed, I used to be a in good physical shape but I've lost this now which causes me a lot of stress, plus the nerve pain in my hand is constant. Anyone here have any clue or any advice on what to do, all my bloods are good by the way.

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Hi baddog

I am so sorry you have such a rough patch :( i am glad you reached out. There is a new med out called Nucynta. It helps with my pain SO much!!! Which indirectly helps with my fatigue. The side effects are minimal; if at all. How is your nutrition? Have you tried following a low inflamation diet? It helps with and fatigue. Not a mircle work, but does help.

Hang in there



Firstly forget, for now, what you used to do. That may be possible at some point in the future but unlikely with chronic pain. Sounds brutal to say it but dwelling on the past is a denial of how you are now.

We all go through it, almost like bereavement with almost set stages but different lengths of time as we are all different.

Once you have stopped fighting with yourself you will, with treatment for your elbow, be a little more relaxed and muscle tightening which causes pain will go.

I have arthritis is my elbow from 40 years of gardening! I have had a couple of injections as well as physio and untra sound. That was probably the most succesful. And I still garden just in another way!

Hard as it is think about what you can do not what you can't.

Pat x

Hi Baddog, just a quick reply a friend of mine was on Gabapentine for pain but the tiredness got to her so she asked for a different drug, and felt much better. Worth experimenting with different drugs if your GP is willing to work with you. You will not probably find a complete solution so go for the best for you, don't stress over what you can't change, learn to manage it so you have the least symptoms. But be prepared for flare ups emotionally and physically. Given time they may consider an operation for your elbow. Steroids into the joint work for some people too.

Hi baddog sorry to hear you are feeling so bad. You are on a pretty high dose of Gabapentin and if you feel it is not helping your nerve pain in your hand it would be worth speaking to your GP. A few years ago I was on 3000mg per day of Gabapentin and could not function at all, all I could do was get up and sit in a chair. I was only 44 at the time. It has so many side effects if the dose is too high for you. I am currently on it again and knew when I got to 1200mg per day that it was too high for me. I hope that you get something sorted so you get some energy. It helps me if I can do a few things successfully each day. I had 5 injections in my elbow before I got any relief and it has been really good ever since. Have you tried putting an ice pack on your elbow to help take down any inflammation, which may in turn help the nerve pain if that is coming from your elbow?

Hi Baddog. I had ulna nerve pain in my right hand which the consultant said was due to a compressed ulna nerve. You really need an op to decompress the nerve otherwise the pain may go away on its own but you may be left with permanent nerve damage. Ask your gp to refer you to a neurologist NOW!! Please do not leave it as long as I did, the pain let up but although the nerve decompressed itself, I will be dropping lots of dishes for the rest of my life due to partial paralysis. This is a fairly common condition in people with arthritis due to hypermobility. If you have not already been checked for ligament laxity do so. All the best.

Baddog in reply to lana59

Hi Lana . I've had my ulner verve decompressed and I think this is where my problems started, I feel that doing the surgery the nerve as knocked out of it's groove, I told the doctor and eventually got the nerve moved, I'm still no better of, I've now got an op ointment for a plastic surgeon who is world expert In nerve pain, dropped the gaba and I'm in hell with withdrawals. Thanks for you care and advice. Del. merry Xmas.

I am so sorry to hear about your active RA, dear Baddog. I am 53 and two weeks out from hand surgery to correct tendon and joint damage after an aggressive RA period which lasted over two years. I had my first aggressive RA period in my 20's and have watched it cycle over and over again throughout the decades. I've had surgery on my elbow twice over the past 10 years after suffering from symptoms that sound identical to yours. And, like you, the subsequent depression and anxiety I experienced watching my life style change from an active camper, traveler, swimmer to a person who spent more time in bed than out, had me feeling hopeless and positive I'd never recognize myself or feel happy again. Your fatigue is telling you that you are sick and that your body must have time to fight and to heal. It will change. So Maddog, do hang in there! What the dr's and science tells us is true. RA moves in and out of remission. Be patient and kind to yourself right now while you work w your doctor and your body to minimize damage during this terrible period of your life. I live in Texas and don't recognize the names of the medications you take but, I've been on everything available to me, been on prednisone and immune system blockers constantly for over two years and am now on my third biomodifier (disease/ TNF blocker/modifier) which is my last option. This one is administered by infusion every other month and I'll have my forth drip January 11. And, if your depression is anything like mine, do treat it aggressively inorder to help bridge you through this period. I firmly believe that it was the antidepressants that, although I still felt over whelmed, angry and helpless, helped me to slowly learn to meditate, focus on the positives in my life and learn to stretch, walk and use my body again. I realized just yesterday that Im starting to lose the thirty pounds I gained over the past two years and am actually able to walk a mile almost everyday for 7 weeks in a row now. But, again, be patient and kind to yourself! Your body wants to heal and will do so slowly, little by little. I had to post a comment to you to simply say the process is unfair and painfully slow but, you are not alone. Your disease will cycle and change and you will recognize yourself again


Hello baddog

sorry for your pain

With RA the complaint is a overactive immune system and that can also make you feel tired and sometimes listless.

You need to learn how to pace your activities and know your limits.

Generally I would suggest that you have words with your GP and ask for an Occupational Therapist to visit your home. They will check how you are managing and supply you with aids to do the chores, make your bedroom easier an more comfortable. In the kitchen they will also help with supplying tools to make life easier when preparing food etc

My property has been fully adapted for disabled living and we have actually moved into a bungalow so I can get around easier, I do not say move all I suggest is that some inexpensive changes can really help to make life easier. The problem you are suffering from do not need to make life a chore, go for it

One thing you could ask is there any injections, ask if there are any operations, that would help to relief your pain

You could also ask if DMARD and Biologics would help your condition as they will suppress your immune system.

Sometimes a visit to a physio may help with exercise techniques.


Baddog in reply to Hidden

Hi bob , sorry to have misled but my arthritis is osteo in my elbows, 3 bone spur removals and it's worse now, I had lost r.o.m and surgeon said he could straighten it, 3 times but the joint is so worn I really need a replacement but I'm too young and it's not for me , they aren't strong and frequently fail. Any way thanks bob, have a good Xmas.

Hidden in reply to Baddog

How old are you Baddog ?


Baddog in reply to Hidden

Hi bob, thanks for your reply im 50 in March.

Thanks Dan, some great advice on there, I'm whittling away at these meds slowly but it takes a toll every slight drop, like you I'm wondering if it's all worth it, I have no real family, no kids, I've got a partner but we're always arguing, I've two dogs tho , I can't see my life improving much with all this I just wonder if a trip down to the railway crossing one night might be better for all, I can't say I enjoy living like this, I used to love my gym, it was my life, I've tried to take my mind off in different directions but it really stresses me out not being physically strong. I've tried a few morphine overdoses but I woke up, 1000mg isn't enough it seems. Have a nice Xmas Dan.

Have you seen a chiropractor? Ulnar nerve pain in the hand can be a nerve root problem. A McTimony chiropractor can also examine the elbow and possibly release any nerve compression there.

is worth looking at.

Not sure what you mean by " bad elbow arthritis". Arthritis tends to be a GP catch all diagnosis which can range from poor bone joints to muscles behaving stiffly. Muscles behaving stiffly is a brain muscle control problem which can be worked on by Alexander Teachers, Sports therapists, yoga teachers, massage therapists and t'ai chi teachers to name a few in the physical disciplines. A medical person has not had the training to know about the various physical strategies that can help arithtic moving muscle.

Hope this helps.

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