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Living with nerve pain

Just over two years ago I fell on a golf course and dislocated both shoulders which left me unable to use my hands properly for a little over three months.

I was assured by all of the relevant specialists that all would return to normal over the next few months, unfortunately this was not the case and rather than improving things have got much worse. I now suffer with hands that go from cool to ice cold for no apparent reason, my fingers lock and have no dexterity especially in my right hand. I have been told this is due to my nerves being damaged as a result of my dislocation.

I live in constant pain not only from my hands but also from my shoulders.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi degs448 get u go to refer u to a pain specialist because I think u may have crps ( complex regional pain syndrome) there are to types of crps u may have type 1 which is we're u have dislocated your legs feet hands or arms, I have type 2 were I had operations for carpool tunnel syndrome which is nerves damage. A lot off doctors and some specialist have never heard of crps that's why u need to see a pain specialist they know a lot about it,

Best wishes to u and hope u get it sorted very quickly


Thanks so much Steve.

Most of the symptoms mentioned apply to me and it's such a relief to be able to put a name to it.

Will be having a chat with my GP asap

Regards Derek


Hi there,

Your symptoms sound just like my sciatica. However with morphine patches and gabapentine they at times keep the pain at bay.


Hi I'm in a similar boat two very bad shoulders that need replacements etc nerve pain in back legs, and many other nerve related problems. As mentioned see a pain relief doctor but be aware certain drugs can calm the pain but it's not a cure and may never be! Be aware surgery helps many, but can also make things much worse I had carpal tunnel done in my right hand and due to my ex job it came back and had to be done again, it did work better second time but I now have a lump where the hand meets the wrist from scar tissue and if I touch the lump or bend it a certain way .....nerve pain shoots up my arm! I feel for you as I know pain from nerve damage is not great as I'm riddled with it. For the pain in both shoulders I use a lot of heat, a towel heated up till it's hot or microwave bags in a towel ...that helps with pain! I also use a battery powered tens machine a lot as it helps desensitise nerves and gives relief to painful muscles.Whatever is suggested for your nerve pain, research the cure or relief well before you go ahead or you may find like me the cure is worse than the condition. Be well my friend I hope you get some relief.


Thanks for the advice


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