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Newbie to this Form: Help Please?

I've M.E./Fibro ~ and I've spasms and cramps, nothing new ~ apart from the massive spasms which I have in my spine, between my shoulder blades which has progressive become worse to the point of totally intolerable...

I'm on Lyrica for trigeminal Neuralgia (face) and that's fine unless I miss a dose (100mg x 3 times a day) and I have Pethidine 50mg which doesn't stop the spine pain either.

I have pretty dire sensitivities to pain killers, which is why I'm looking for help to control the spine spasms:

Off the top of my head, I'm allergic to Co-codamol and most morphine based painkillers; Amitriptyline makes me feel suicidal; I had a relatively good antidepressant (Lofepramine) which helped, but the smaller company was bought out by a larger company who then produced their own version to which I was highly intolerant and there were other versions of Lofepramine on offer, I'd I couldn't tolerate them either ~ the intolerance is that they cause bad pains in my joints and I don't normally have any Arthritic joint pain). I can't do Tramadol (made me so throw-up sick).

My Doc and I have run out of the type of anti-depressants I can take for muscle relaxation (too many side-effects) and I'm searching around and can't find a muscle relaxant.

I can't do any of the steroidal medications.

Anyone any ideas at all or suggestions of medications I can try, as the pain is driving me 'nuts'!

Advice gratefully received, with thanks. Barbara :)

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Hi Barbara..I am so sorry that you have such pain. Me too, although I have adhesive Arachnoiditis, caused by epidural steroid injections in spine. Like you, I am allergic to a lot of Meds. Have you tried any of these....Soma, which is a combo of painkiller/muscle relaxant, or meclizine (used for dizziness, which a lot of doctors say won't work for muscle relaxant, but if you look up on the Internet it says it is the only type of anti-dizziness med that acts like a muscle relaxant, and it works for me. Also, I take magnesium 2x/day. Have you tried any topical creams or patches? How about Flezeeil, which is a muscle relaxant?



Hi Kris ~ and many thanks for your reply. I'm in the UK, do I take it that you're outside of the EU..? Soma /Cansoporodol isn't prescribed in the UK, unfortunately! :( . Nothing at all shows up for "Flezeeil"?

B x


Yes, I am in the U.S. Sorry, I meant to type Flexeril.


I'm sorry you are in so much pain. Has your gp tried referring your case to the medicines department at your local hospital? Have you also tried a Pain Clinic in hospital? In both cases the knowledge of medicines is much more extensive and some one might be able to help.

I take a prescribed supplement of calcium and vitamin D in a chewable tablets, it sounds so simple but has really helped with Fibro cramps. Some recent research has found a link between lack of vitamin D and Fibro.

Best wishes and I hope you not an get out to enjoy the sunshine this weekend. 🙂



Hi fedupandfearful ~ I'm very limited, through chronic problems with 'sensitivities' to meds and foods, so am only on the meds I can tolerate. I know when a med is no longer helping me ... and I drop it, or when a med is causing me problems ... and I drop it and have horrible problems trying to find a replacement, my 'nearest' Hospital is approx 75 mins drive (by Ambulance) to get to. I never leave my Docs, or a Hospital, without taking home an infection I didn't have when I went in there. :( My immune system is more than a bit shattered!

I've had M.E./Fibro for 29 years, so am largely housebound apart from going to my Docs, and am mainly bed-bound as that's about the only place I can get at least a bit of relief from pain.

Re a pain Clinic ~ the only thing I ever found that helped me was the "Bowen Technique" (when I lived near the Practitioner) and you're not supposed to travel far after that, and where I live now, that's particularly not possible now, as I have to travel over over bone-rattling roads, for approx 75 minutes, to get home! lol (Don't know why I'm laughing ~ perhaps better to do that than cry!) ...

I've bought the purest (sadly most expensive) Calcium, as I can't tolerate prescribed NHS Calcium, and I'm on Vitamin D injections (get blinding headaches from the 'carrier' of the vitamin D injection) ~ and quite frankly have felt no benefit on either of them.

I know you mean very well by your suggestions, and I do appreciate your intentions are very well meant, and my thanks for that!

Do have a lovely weekend ~ Blessings, Barbara x


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