Really worried of tumor aneurysm or any other serious issue? :( please help

Hello ... i am really terrified by my headaches ... which are constant 24 hours from 2 months .. even my ct scan came clear i am really worried about the tumor or cancer .. :( please help me guys ... i have nothing any other issue accept headache ... no nasuea no vomit no sezuires or change in personality ... my mood is just off with these headaches ... they are as a curse in my life ... really worried .... they are always on my left back of the head .... they just make me feel terrible .... please what do you guys think .... they are killing me from inside .... pleaseee help pleaseee

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  • I'm sorry to hear your struggling with on going pain. If that was me I think I'd try a chiropractor because headaches can be a sign of damage,pinched nerve or misalignment in neck or spine. Make sure you find a good one with a lot of experience. I hope this works for you but if it doesn't don't give up and keep going back to Docter until they've given you all the tests under the sun. Let us know if it works x

  • Hi.

    Have you considered asking for MRI scan?

    Do you know what blood tests you've had? Have you had CRP (C-Reactive Protein ) and /or ESR blood test? Also FBC (Full Blood Count)? Are white cells ok, no sign of infection?

    Have you any neck problems?

    I am not medically qualified, but if this were me I think I would be wanting further investigations till I had a diagnosis. Don't people who have migraines get them for a time and recover? Isn't this different in that it is constant / continuous?

    In July I was waiting in A&E with my husband and there was a man there who'd been sent in by his GP with head pain. He'd had an MRI scan and waiting to see the Medical Consultant for the result.

    Are you in UK? Is attending A&E or ER an option you might consider? Is there any one who can take you? How bad is it when at it's worse on a scale of 1 - 10?

    The stress this pain is causing you can make the pain worse.

    Thinking back to 2 months ago - can you remember anything that happened prior to the onset of the pain? Any near falls? Sudden jolt? Anything? Have you ever had a neck xray? Any recent fall?

    Hope you get a proper diagnosis very soon. x🐥

  • My blood test is ok .... did a cat scan which is ok .. an xray to the neck which is also ok.... but still this pain is continuous...

    I remember that i was playing cricket with my brother and as i was playing suddenly i had an ache ... as i was running and throwing the ball

  • Did you tell the doctor about this?

  • How would you describe the pain now on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being moderate and 10 being most extreme and worse pain ever?

  • My pain is almost 5/10 and sometimes once in 15 days becomes 9/10... yes i told the doctor about it

  • But no other symptoms like nasuea vomit ... loss of balance .. sezuires nothing

  • I would keep going to doctor. I would ask for referal to Neurologist.

    With 9/10 pain in head I would have gone to A&E.

    A&E is still an option. 5/10 is still bad pain.

    You haven't had an MRI or an Ultrasound scan yet have you?

    Are you in UK?

  • I am from india ... is mri must ?? Do you think i have anything serious

  • I have no idea what is causing your pain. I am not medically qualified.

    When I read your earlier posts I saw that you had a CT scan which showed nothing. But I did not read that you mentioned the cricket incident. It is important to tell doctor this, but you say you have.

    You say the pain started as you were running and was about to throw the ball. So it seems like some sort of injury. Maybe you pulled a muscle or something, I don't know.

    I would keep going back to the doctor until you find out what the problem is and are feeling better. It may be a case of time and rest for healing to come. Worrying will not help, it may make pain worse.

    I would ask doctor about MRI scan and Ultrasound scan to see if they can be done also.

  • Ok i will tell me doctor about this .... lets see what he says about it

  • Meanwhile, try not to worry. I know that is much easier said than done.

    Hope you find out what has caused this injurt/pain and get better soon.

  • Are you sure they are headaches or could they be migraines? I too suffered with bad head pain every day after an accident at work in my van. I used to go to bed with painkillers and I would be absolutely twisted up with the pain. I just couldn't function at all. Then out of the blue one day my mother who suffered with migraines gave me one of her migraine tablets to take. Hey presto! the headache went off straight away. I told my GP who told me off for taking another person's medication, but then he prescribed this medication for me. I went to see a consultant and he diagnosed Occipital Migraine, which is 'back of the head'. You don't necessarily have to have the flashing lights and ache to the side of the front of the head to call it a migraine. There are different types. This is only a suggestion and in no way would I suggest this is what your headaches are, but it is just another path to explore to find out what your pain is. Good luck!

  • Can you name that medicine for me please

  • I take Rizatriptan for migraines. But you would have to get a diagnosis first.

  • Sorry, also these drugs only work on migraines. They do not work on headaches, this is the way to tell if you are really suffering from migraines.

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