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Living with persistent pain

Due to an accident 25 years ago I have managed to live with pain, but recent spinal stenosis which has trapped the sciatic nerve has increased the pain to unbearable at times. Like many I can only walk a few hundred yards in one go but at the age of 74 i do still totter around the tennis court as I cannot bear to give up the joy that tennis gives me. Playing tennis you only move in short bursts. I do this aided by cocodemol and gabapentin. I also have recently taken up Petanque ( French boules) twice a week, involves walking short distances and is great fun. There are times when the pain is too incapacitating to participate but both activities help me mentally to avoid depression and physically does no harm.

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Well done.

My husband has constant severe pain in his legs and feet due to severe conditions. He also has constant tinnitus. We go to interesting places when we go out. Distraction, as you say, helps.



Sorry to hear of your husband's difficulties. I know pain makes me hell to live with at times. I do think getting out and doing things you enjoy does help, even if only for a short time.

Take care of yourself too.

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Fair play to you! Is petanque the same as Boules? I love it.

There are stretches for sciatica- but get advice on which ones to do.

A cold pad can help ease the pain considerably - I use one that fits into a pouch / belt with velcro strap to wrap around my waist. As good as ibobrufen any day.

Keep strong and power to your throw.


I think they are similar but some rules are different.

I have tried most things for pain. Sometimes a good cry followed by a G & T is cathartic when all else fails.

Keep moving!


I agree. Wine helps me.


You need surgery to release the nerves pinched by stenosis. Each movement makes it worse as inflammation begins


I have been back to the surgeon that did my spinal reduction and all he said was it's nothing I have done, I told him it was not trapped before my operation, but he was not bothered, now it looks like I will be having months of running back and forth to the pain clinic, a 50 mile round trip that will take me about two hours each way with the way my back is playing up, The NHS has gone down hill since we have been in this EU, the sooner we can close our borders the better.


Possibly like me the spinal column is too narrow for surgery. The only thing that helps me is Diclofenac which my surgery doesn't prescribe. Thank you for your positive post. The pain and related frustration are hard to deal with but I will carry on carrying on ( and buying the odd ack f


The operation for spinal stenosis is two open up the spinal canal to give the spinal nerves more room, no such thing as spinal column to narrow for surgery, get back onto your surgeon and tell him so, looks like he is trying to fob you off.


Thank you so much. I am beginning to think that might be the case. I have managed to purchase Diclofenac privately. I have been assessed, told I am not at high risk of Diclofenac having adverse side effects although I have made aware of the implications and will take medication bought over the counter to protect my stomach. I have agreed to my GP being informed. After four years of torture I am not limping anymore, can get up from a chair unaided, go up and downstairs in reasonable time and am still moving well after 6 in the evening. It is like I have a new life. I was told yesterday that none of the GPs in the practice would prescribe diclofenac and that anti inflammatories are being phased out. I had been prescribed Co codomal which gave me nightmares, tramadol which wasn't much better and Naproxen and paracetemol. None of them touched the pain and I stopped having them prescribed three months ago. I have been managing on Nurofen Plus when I needed to manage the pain and paracetomol other times.


Sorry meant to say buying the odd pack of Diclofenac as and when I get the chance x


I can only just walk about forty feet on a good day then need to sit down fast or fall over.


The only treatment that works for me being diagnosed with nerve damage of the spine is Oxcontin 25mg twice daily, and Oxynorm liquid 10mg when required to help with break through pain. The only problem I have is constant constipation which I take Laxido powder in satchets to remedy that. Good luck to you.


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