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Going back to the doctors - Advice please


I need to go back to the Dr's.

Following a low speed car collision last year I have had lower back pain on and off. I went to the Dr's 2 weeks after the accident and was given Naproxen to take the edge off. I never finished the course so use the tablets if the pain comes back bad again.

For the last two days the pain has been worse than ever before. I also keep getting an almost numb sensation (they're not actually numb, but feel like they are, I can't explain it very well) in my hips and sometimes the numbness goes down my legs and I get pins and needles in my feet. I've also noticed my posture is no longer straight, my lower back seems to curve inwards.

I know I need to go back to the Dr but I'm wondering if anyone can advise me on if I should be requesting anything in particular be done?

I'm 23 and never had back issues before the accident.

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If you are given a course of meds by your GP you should complete that course unless told otherwise.

Sounds like sciatica but yes go see your GP.

GRnads in reply to Bananas5

I get sciatica too, and this feels different to sciatica.

The Dr told me to only use them for as long as I felt it was needed, hence why I didn't use the whole month worth. (I took a total of two weeks worth)

Bananas5 in reply to GRnads

Sorry didn't mean to sound bossy! So many people just take meds for a few days.

Can't really do diagnosis here only use our own experiences. I am certain it is sciatica and that can be more painful some days than others

Go see your GP. Maybe a referral to pain clinic?

GRnads in reply to Bananas5

It's okay. I'm in a bit brain foggy with pain today so I may not be explaining things very well.

Thanks for the replies :)

Sounds like something in lower back affecting the nerves- have you had an MRI, or scan to check those issues?

If not- I would be looking at that firstly.

A chiropractor /osteopath might be able to help also- manipulation can ease the pressure.

Good luck.

GRnads in reply to Madlegs1

Thanks for the reply.

I've not had anything like an MRI or scan to check the issues.

I will discuss it with my Dr when I eventually get an appointment. The pain is worse today even with painkillers and antiinflammatory tablets.

Madlegs1 in reply to GRnads

Might be worth trying a cold compress ( wrap a freeze bag or frozen produce in a hand towel and apply to pain area for 15 minutes ) -- A very effective pain relief. Repeat about every hour.


GRnads in reply to Madlegs1

Thanks for the tip. I never thought of that. I shall have to do it after I finish work. (I do lots of manual labour but can't afford to take a day off sick - my bosses are finding me easy tasks to complete atm)

Madlegs1 in reply to GRnads

I use a pouch on a velcro belt - can put the cold pad into it and belt up with pad on sore spot. If there is a fridge at work ( canteen?) that would work to "recharge" it- it doesn't have to be frozen. I bought a set up on Amazon. Totally allows me to work at forestry. Not sure if it is good for my back😢😨

Keep strong.

YOU SERIOUSLY NEED TO GET AN ACCURATUATE DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT NOW! Otherwise this is likely to be the rest of your life. Repeat: THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

After back or othher pains become cronic, you will htink of not much else for the sret of your life: Demand examinations MRI's etc. Pain managmeent clinics see loads and you might have to wait for ages. Consider paying for priviate scans - instant results. it isnt as costly as a lifetime of pain. Consider it even it it stretches the finances.

GRnads in reply to Hopeless100

Thank you for the reply.

I definitely don't want this for the rest of my life. I've enough pain already ;)

How would one go about getting a private scan done? Finances aren't much of a concern, I have money I keep aside incase I need thing like this.

Hopeless100 in reply to GRnads

You can ask your doctor for a referal to a private specialist. or look online for a local pain specialist clinic, or private screening, they are there. I certainly recommend doing this soon and making it your main task untill there is a diagnosis . If you just look at the sheer number of lost souls on this blog, you could conclude yo dont want to join them. Physiotherapy is a real science doing manipulation excercises. this may help after diagnosis.

GRnads in reply to Hopeless100

Thank you. Will do a Google search when I get home from work today.


Hiya, I have the exact same issue but with my neck and upper spine.

MRI has shown up disc and nerve encroachment. I am now waiting to see a pain specialist and maybe a neurologist .Have a word with your doctor.xx

GRnads in reply to Hidden

Thanks for the reply. My Dr is fully booked until end of the month. Will be calling in at 8:30am for an emergency appointment.

Hidden in reply to GRnads

Best of luck, I hope you get one.

nedsram13a in reply to Hidden

Hi, Just a word of warning on the upper back and neck, I have 2 discs prolapsed c4/5 and c5/6 and have been having epidural injections. Three days after my last lot I had a stroke, the pain consultant said it was unlikely the injection caused it but if you look into it further it is a rare side affect and some hospitals note this on a leaflet

Hidden in reply to nedsram13a

Oh sorry to hear that 😢 I hope you are recovering well. I have problems with the same discs and also T1&3

As above get a scan, I had back pain with sciatica down to my foot 6 years ago and the Gp kept giving me different tablets and telling me to excercise more (which isn't easy when in pain), in the end I was working on a consultants house and she gave me the name of a collegue and said to get a private appointment as soon as possible. Good job I did as I saw the consultant on a saturdeay, scanned Thursday, consultant Saturday and on the table Wednesday. Turned out it was a prolapsed disc pressing on my quordia aquina (not sure how it's spelt) and he needed to get me in as an emergency as if this gets worse you can lose bladder and bowel control and this can be for life. My Gp said it will get better in time ! So get a private consultation which will cost around £150 and this then usually pushes you up the list for a scan, MRI scans are around £650 if you wanted to pay for that as well

GRnads in reply to nedsram13a

Thank you for the tip and rough guide on prices you paid. Helpful to know.

My old Dr was useless, but I'm at a new practice and I think my new one will take suitable action. It's just a case of getting in to see him. He's fully booked until end of month but I'll pop in at 8:30am for an emergency appointment.

Never managed to get the appointment. Pain has subsided and I'm booked in for xrays/scans privately to check everything out just in case.

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