Just seen the specialist and my back is perfect nothing wrong with me at L5 DDD less then 10 words was said by him my feet are numb (both). Pain in lower back can't bend over Been in pain for over a year plus never even looked at my notes or anything the other specialist was having a row with two lady's saying the same nothing wrong with you you don't need a op or Physio the lady screaming at him

I'm bloody pissed off with NHS they don't give a toss

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  • Sorry had to stop was wating for a taxi he did say he will refer me too a foot specialist Im so lost as too what's wrong with me thought it was my back now my feet

  • hay Progrock sounds the same as me when i went to see the specialist, i think its the nature of chronic pain , i have 2 bulge disc around L5 S1 area with DDD and other problems the specialist i got to see over 2 years ago said no op is needed and hopefully the discs with go down in time and be ok BUT maybe ask your doctor in a year or 2 times for gabapentin or amitriptyline so i think she know the pain would be around for a long time and now maybe because of it that could be why its turned chronic around that area ? who know!!!! keep going to the doctors and get him on your side, keep a pain diary of how bad it is and what you can and cannot do, so your back is perfect on a MRI but it cannot see the pain you are in, don't give up :)

  • I feel so low not knowing where I go from here the pain still here it's like a bloody friend who won't leave over a year now and it's got worse from having a pain in my ribs too this only thing that's keeping me going is amitriptyline for sleeping during the day they are numb

  • Hi prog,

    I really hope you manage to get somewhere with the foot specialist, I'm in a similar situation with my legs, it is frustrating but I hope you manage to get some answers sooner rather than later which will lead to some treatment,

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • Thanks means a lot

  • The muscles in your lower back may have tensed to compensate for any changes to your gait. This may be the cause of your back pain. Its great your spine is showing very limited signs of aging. Good luck with the foot specialist.

  • Thank you I was hoping to get too the bottom of it at last but it's a worry with the numbness in the feet and toes as it could be a number of nasty things

  • Or it might treatable. Look on the bright side. When you say numb, do you mean no sensation at all and not capable of standing?

  • No sensation hurts too stand painful too touch always cold

  • Progrock, my friend, I know it's a pain not finding out what is wrong, but after years of trouble after breaking my back, I've learnt one thing and that with back problems there is no expert but you, as you live with the pain , so if I could say to you that the best thing to do is just listen to your body as you move and try everything that is not painful , and slowly you will realize that it is a day to day process of trial and error and once you realize that your the boss and as long as you listen to your body as you move,slowly you will learn enough to be able to manage it a bit better, but take it easy as you don't want to make it worse, best Alex

  • Your right alex hit the nail on the head I had one good day last week the first for months felt so good then bang it's back again all I did was too bend down to pick up a saucepan my mother told me years ago it's there for life once you got a bad back other parts of my body are hurting Fingers, hands, neck, writs, I'm starting to slow down years of doing sports have come back to haunt me at 44 I'm starting to feel it unlike when I was younger

  • The trouble with docters and specialists they have no bedside manner. What your consultant may have ment to say was that no cyst, tumour or growths have been found. If you havent already had a scan insist on having one. Also with your feet being numb this could be making you walk awkwardly which is effecting your back or the other way round. Do you also get leg/ groin pain. Ask Doc to refer you to pain clinic and try pain meds while your waiting. Keep a diary of your pain and how your numbness in the feet are effecting you. What ever you do dont give up and keep on until you get what you want. Change docters if you have too and tell them you need someone to listen to what your saying and you will not be ignored. I had to do all the above myself and finally got a diagnosis that they missed on the scan first time. Good luck and let us know how it goes. Remember it is your right to get help.

  • No groin pain but I do get leg pain had it since the start the. Speiciliat have no bed side manners Nothing new I won't give up not my way but I was really fed up because I came this far and I'm still in pain. Thanks for the points you had said

  • Hi Progrock, I like you have back pain, mine started after an accident whilst in the army and I was partly crushed (head pushed over to side hands trapped on shoulders forcing them down compressing my spine hips and knees) over the years I have been told everything from there is nothing wrong with you to your back is broken in three places depending on who you get to see, the only time I think they had it right was when I was sent to Harlow Wood spinal clinic which has since been closed down and there they did a MRI scan and showed me the video they took of it and it showed that L2,L3 and L4 were definitely broken also at the same time I was told by my local hospital (King Mill Mansfield) that both my knees were badly worn out along with my right hip but as I was still quite young at the time (age 38) they asked if i could put up with the pain for 12 to 18 months as they did not like doing joint replacement on people below the age of 40 and as they were not that bad compared to my back I said yes no problem as the medication for my back masked most of the pain from my knees and hips but that was 22-23 years ago and when I went back last year it is funny that all my problems were not there any longer they must have by magic healed them selves which I found funny as now I get a lot more pain than I use to.

    I did notice that when they took the X rays at the start on my hip and knees they had me lay down to take them which showed the gaps between the joints but this time they had me stood up putting weight on my joints so now nothing showed up except the pain I was in whilst they took the X rays also the day they took the X rays they announced on TV that night that the NHS was cutting down on knee and hip replacements to save money so now I am in more pain than ever but there is nothing wrong with me.

    I believe that the NHS is hiding many things that patients have wrong with them to try and save money also if it looks like you will not return to work and pay tax then it is not worth them fixing you so i think this is how I will have to stay until i either die or raise the money to pay and go private.

    good luck getting to the truth of what is wrong with you, when I was in the army they did try to find out what was wrong with me but nothing showed up on X rays so they did a thing called MUA (Manipulation Under Anaesthetic) where they give you a general anaesthetic and then move you about to see if you react as if it is all in your head and nothing wrong then you do not react but if you definitely have something wrong then you will react which happened with me (I knocked out the doctor doing the manipulation when he moved my back and I kicked out I hit him in the eye with my foot) when he came round the next day I asked what happened to him as he had a very bad black eye, he said this is the only time you will get away with knocking out a officer in your army career he said he had been moving me one way then the other and when he tried twisting my back I just kicked out and hit him in the head and knocked him straight out for 15 minutes he went on to say we do not know what is wrong with you but there definitely is something as no one reacts to movement when under a general anaesthetic and that is how it is today they still cannot decide what is wrong with me but it is definitely something.

    I hope you find some form of pain relief that works for you i would not wish a bad back on anyone it is the worse thing anyone can have as most of the time there is nothing that shows what is the cause so people start to not believe what you say when you are in pain.

    Regards Poppy Ann.

  • Thank you for your story of being in pain it's hard just to get past another day it's a battle day in day out there so much bullshit sorry to swear going on with the nhs I can moan because I've seen it first hand not in a newspaper or on the TV it's too save money but that's where the problem start it effects living nobody wants to live in 24/7 taking meds but we do because there is other choice if we are not treated longer it's left the worse it will become I was told my pain was in my hips the specialist said your hips are fine it's in your SI joint Which has been a problem for years.

    I feel for people on here and others living with chroin pain months and years the emotional diffculties effects on moods family life

  • Remember Orthopaedic surgeons are basically Medical carpenters and good at surgery but often dont have very good 'bed side manner'.I think the pain clinic sounds a good idea and keeping a diary of the pain. Gigong Tai Chi may help as it gets you to listen to your body and move within its limitations, if you can find the right teacher for you. As regards medicines, it is a question of getting a balance of what works best for you and you have to tell your Dr how it is for you.Every one is different.

    All the best and keep as positive as you can.

  • Going again next month the GPs and I'm going to ask for the pain clinic keep a diary i can keep one on my phone. Your right about the surgeons very true made me laugh

  • Sounds like the problem could be muscular. This is an area that is outside the knowledge of the NHS. You may need to see a McTimony Chiropractor, or Alexander Teacher or a Massage Therapist.

    Muscular pressure on a nerve creates numbness and loss of feeling.

    Look up the NICE guidelines. In the guidelines you can get chiropractor or Osteopathic treatment on the NHS.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you john your always a help

  • Hi Sounds as though your in much more pain than me. I was diagnosed with herniated discs at L5 4 years ago ( discovered because I had pain in the bladder area! Xmas 13 I had a 3 month episode of numbness in fingers and toes, Paid for a private rheumatology consultation and came away happy that he DIAGNOSED early osteoarthritis. This I knew as can be seen in finger joints, but no RA. After a stressful time March 14 tge numb, tingling reoccurred and I could not sleep for restless legs. After finally accepting this did not seem to be shock or reactive arthritis my GP decided it was due to disc problem and associated nerve sensations.

    Since May last year I take gabapentin and amytryptoline, which kept it under control.

    Occasionally I wonder how I would be now without medication. GP says don't change it....

    Once in the realms of nerve pain it seems we are at the mercy of GPs who cannot possibly diagnose. Any tests would require neuro surgeon's input. I realise I am lucky to not be suffering as you and others here are, but am aware these pills affect my balance and energy.

    At my next appointment I am going to suggest tapering doses, but if in severe pain I would push for a neurosurgeon so they can identify nerves affected by stenosis and ways forward.

    As it is my case is not so serious thank goodness! Think my GP is good, but holistic treatment by teams of specialists would make such a difference and save costs in the long run. My medication must cost a fortune. Diagnosis gives us peace of mind and together with plenty of Physio advice would make us more happy and healthy people.

    Best of luck

  • Aww that bites. Your story is all too common. I'm sad that you have so much pain. Keep a pain/activity log. Rate your pain several times a day. Be honest about your activity level. Also include things that you tried to get pain relief and if it helped like ice, heat, antifreeze, tens, medication, rest.

  • Forgot too say I have shiny skin on both legs no hair growth below the knee my late father had PAD

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