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PLEASE READ any advice welcome

Hello! I'm 22 years old and for two years now I have been suffering. Unlike common ibs sufferers I have researched on I don't get episodes or bouts, I get my symptoms everyday all day. Regardless! And it is now getting worse with more symptoms!

My symptoms:

Severely bloated/dissented uncomfortable stomach everyday regardless of food but is worse with food, I have a whole album full of photos

Dull pain in my abdomen lower left side everyday, with episodes of strong dull pain and the worst pain yet episodes of sharp stabbing pain to the point I can't stand sit or lay when this pain occurs it is on my ribs and back also.

I go through motions of being very very constipated and times where it is almost diarrhoea like but still whole just has to be emptied as soon as possible, which when I start to know I need to pass a bm gives my great stomach cramps and makes me feel sick and nausea. I also feel incomplete and like I need to go still.

I also have noticed two joint small lumps on anus, which give me no pain or itching. And I have had a hemeroid before and this is nothing alike, but not saying it isn't one. When I am constipated it bulges out more and covers anus, like a barrier.

I am constantly tired and have no energy I get dizzy everyday, and get that light headed feeling when standing up everyday. And short of breath eg climbing stairs! I was a very fit person with a psychical job, horse ride and running but not find it to tiring.

My new symptoms are

bloods clots when passing stool, although 100% from the front and not bottom this has happend on three occasions. I also pass a lot of bile/ mucus and mucus coloured clots when passing stool and also noticed swelling of my front genital when passing stool. Not one drop of blood all clot type

I haven't had a period for three months! Going on four.... Previously have very regularly periods. Doctor last week said "I'm confident you will come on within next four weeks if not come back to me" it's been three months what's another four weeks? Ps I'm not pregnant lol

After I had my daughter and lost baby weight back to normal, 10st few months down the line I lost 2 stone for no reason 8st . Eating normal same routine. And the following year in March when changed job and put a few pounds back on 9st and now last few months I am proceeding to loose weight again and bmi dropping, 8st 3lbs.

Eating hurts no matter what I eat, i have tried gluten, dairy and wheat free, fodmap diet, you name it I've tried it. No lie within minutes of eating I feel full and my stomach has swelled as if I was pregnant again!

There is so much to remember I have probably forgotten something!

Okay so I have been to the doctors countless times in two years.

Have my bloods tested for thyroid, anemia, gluten intolerance, and something else which has slipped my mind.

I have been given all the tablets related with ibs to try with no avail

I have been on laxido.

After a year and a half of going back and forward to the doctors been told it was ibs and just deal with it !! I finally got referred to a gastronolist at hospital.

Which I thought great answers! But not just as awful as the doctors! Didn't even examine me. Just talked. Said yes ibs and tried to go talk me into the stress and depression route. No fill stop. I no there is a lot of controversy with ibs but no no no my symptoms are everyday all day not caused by stress!

Had an ecg taken, and I am now going back on the 11th November for a colon X-ray i have to take tablet on 6th of November which contains balls and will show up on X-ray.

He also told me he will see me in a year.... Not what I wanted to hear after waiting so long to see him, he gave me an endless list of laxatives to try.

I'm at a loss this is affecting my life, and my job I need answers! Please any advice!

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Hi Have you tried a juice reboot, I know it's not a conventional method I too suffer with IBS and find that a reboot really sorts it out. Watch the movie Fat sick and nearly dead for a staring point. Nutrition can help reverse most illnesses, well nutrition makes the body capable of reversing the illness. Please contact me if you would like any more help.

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sorry that i cant give you any answers. i all can say is that i hope that they find out what is wrong with you when you go on the11th of november. its not long to go now. i wish you all the best. not that this is much help to you. its good that you'v come on the forum as maybe there will be others suffering the same or similar symptoms. i just thought i would welcome you and say hello. let us know what happens after you have been for this colon x ray. wishing you well. love grace xoxo🤗



And thank you so much for your lovely comment, it's very warming to be able to talk with people, kind with advice or that can share and understand similar situations! Thank you I will keep you updated and fingers crossed the X-ray shows something!

All the best xx

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This is actually too long lasting and you are only 23 years old. I think you should stay at a hospital for a couple of days for a detailed analysys. They cannot do it like this and just say it's IBS and live like that. This is a wrong doctors approach and it is not so human of them and it is untolerable. I would smack someone in the face in a situations like these. You should stand for yourself and call an emergency 20 times if needed because you suffer from pain and you cannot function normally. Good luck and don't let them dissmis you like that! If you need somebody to talk to, feel free to message me. 😊


Hello, thank you for your reply it means a lot, and I really wish my doctors would take me seriously, I feel because I am young and ibs is so controversial they are not interested. And I must admit a few times My partner has been very close to ringing the ambulance for me during the night because I was in so much sharp stabbing pain i couldn't get of the floor, but I refused because I have been to the doctors with that pain and they said it's just "ibs" and practically deal with it, I just feel like I'm being shut down and there annoyed with me trying to push this further


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Hi I agree with others that to be dismissed in this way is totally unacceptable.

One thing I wonder that could help is a solution called Movicol. GP can prescribe to you but is not a laxative it 'softens' things.

I was prescribed it a few years ago following an operation. Not only did it help immediate issues I have continued to take it 1-2x per week. I discovered that my IBS improved significantly and that it why I have continued to take it. I rarely have pain in that area anymore, hardly have wind and have more regular bowel movements.

It comes as a powder you take in water.

Hope this suggestion helps.


Hello, thank you for your reply, and really I'm glad that has worked for you, and hope you are well, and i wouldn't mind giving this a try, I shall research about it thank you and mention next time I'm at the doctors



cannot give advice on what you have. You definitely need to de-stress. Try taking up yoga and meditation. See an Alexander teacher for help with posture. The effect of having less stress will alter you symptoms and make them less uncomfortable.

Approach the doctor with the wrong posture and the doctor will be less forthcoming as the doctor is put on the defensive. A more relaxed posture with the doctor will enable the doctor to see more.

Hope what I have said helps although not sure if I have been useful or not.


Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it a lot. But I assure you am I not stressed, i live a happy life, fiancé, daughter, I love my job, my horse, I don't lead a stressful life, my symptoms do not get affected by stress, they are with me all day everyday, they even wake me up on a night when I go through my episodes of sharp acute pain.

I have approached all three of my docotrs and gastronolist in a calm manner, and in fact if I'm honest the last few times I have let them walk all over me. As they believe ibs is not a proper disease and is just "stess" if I'm honest I don't think I have ibs ( well I really wish it is not) because living with this everyday for life is unbearable, and I really feel for people that have suffered for years.

Also some of my symptoms are a little of board with ibs symptoms, like where have more perioods gone, why am I blood clotting and passing mucus so many questions the doctors are failing to answer!

But thank you it means a lot I am taking everything on board that people are saying! X


Thanks for the reply. I am a long term chronic pain sufferer. The chronic condition produces internal stress. This internal stress I carry around with me. I have to work quite hard to reduce internal stresses which a person who does not have a chronic condition can ignore.

This is what I was trying to get at when I spoke about de-stress. The chronic condition you have pushes you to a stress breakdown point where the human body management system breaks down. The things you do if did not have a chronic condition would be well within coping ability and there would be no system management breakdown. However, you have a chronic condition which means that stresses that could once be ignored can no longer be ignored because you need to keep away from the body's stress breakdown point.

You have a body language which other people can notice and this body language will vary according to how close you are to the stress breakdown point. People will react according to your body language.

Not sure if I have been able to clear, Language is not always understood.

Hope I have been able to be helpful.


have you been tested for ulcerative colitis or chrouns disease (excuse any spelling mistakes as predictive txt don't recognise medical problems) I had the first named and I had mucus,blood and serious bouts of the runs,as well as being bloated,my stomach was constantly making noises like a cement mixer,and the pains were severe,hopefully you will get a positive outcome from your forthcoming appointment and get some treatment and some relief,good luck


Hello there, fellow horse lover❤️🐴❤️!!!!!! It's lovely to "meet" you!--and an honor to meet someone as brave and perseverant as yourself😍. My goodness, have you ever been through a LOT😳!...and at such a young age, too😥. It just doesn't seem fair, especially when you have so much responsibility on your plate (a partner AND a child AND a demanding full- time job--AND a SECOND demanding full-time job managing your pain and disability, with what sounds like next to no support or assistance from your physicians😳😥! My goodness, I don't know HOW you do it! I'm single myself, with only my service dog to be responsible for--and since he's a service dog, most of the time it's the other way around: HE'S responsible for ME😉!). I too suffer from chronic illness, and it seems I've spent more days over the last decade IN the hospital than outside of it😮. With that aspect of our shared history (and the horses! I would love to know more about your horse😀!), I think I might have some useful things to offer (?) (at least, I hope and pray that they're SO deserve to feel well and happy again, and to be free to enjoy all the many blessings in your life that you described, with all the vibrancy, energy, and good health that a lovely 22-year-old like yourself is meant to experience😍. Do you happen to have email available to you(?), and if so, would you mind sharing the address with me(?). I do have quite a bit of information to share (and as you can probably tell already, I can be quite the Chatty Cathy😋), and if at all possible, I prefer not to post too many paragraphs in any one thread, 'cause I think that makes it harder for others to read through if they are skimming it for information or advice😧 Meanwhile, you are in my thoughts and prayers, and I wish you the best of luck in your upcoming testing on the 6th; fingers crossed that it will give you the answers, guidance, and validation that you're looking for😊


Oh Hun I really feel for you , I have got IBS & it can take over your life.... Please don't allow that to happen !

Why are you so against help with Anixety &a Depression you sound so caught up in your symptoms your forgetting to live , I have had IBS for 45 years & if you don't try & come to terms with things your life will be spoiled . So make a list who have U seen ?

What did they say? Sometimes you have to look at the positives not the negatives in life , Were you abused as a child ? I know but think long &a hard ! Make a plan &I use it hour by hour , Second Opion ask ask ask ! .

If you had something like Cancer they would know by now .. Do you manage to work ? Nobody should be left in pain , reply &I I will try &I help U some more , You Are Not Alone , there are Thousands & thousands of us . Please if you wish pm me all the best. X


Hiya, thank you for replying,

I don't mean to come across so against or stressed or angry, but in the nicest way possible my problems aren't because I'm depressed or stressed, my symptoms aren't in my head or come on when I'm stressed, I wake up at the start of the day with them and finish the day with them and some nights wake up in agony, and the reason it may seem that way on here is because i am sicked of been fobbed of trying to offer me counciling and suggest it's mentally in my head. I know there is a lot of controversy with ibs, and it needs to change.

So just under two years ago I went to the doctors because for a few a months before that everything started.

Since then I have been to the doctors countless times and each time just to be told it must be ibs and they gave me 4 different tablets to try, and laxidos

This year in October I finally got passed on to a gastronolist, who again just "chatted to me" no examination and again tried to talk about my childhood and past and how I'm feeling, now I'm sorry but I didn't go to the hospital to talk about that I came thinking I'm finally going to be took seriously and see what is going on. I lead a very happy life, had a good childhood, a supportive fiancé and a crazy amazing 2 year old daughter, I spend my spare time with my horse, work as a health care assistant, and studying to become a nurse.

Because my blood clots were vaginal, he decided to not examine or do a colonoscopy on that way and opted to do a colon X-ray first, I take the tablet on Sunday and go for the X-ray on Friday.

Do ibs symptoms include Blood clots and missed period for three months, passing of mucus and mucus clots, I have a lump on my anus and have for months, but causing no itch or pain or blood, I've had a hemeroid before so just wasn't sure if it was cause I know what one feels like, again doctor didn't check it, I keep getting poorly, for the last three months I've had gastronitis, flu/cold symptoms and now I've just got it again, and my back is in pain, sorry to go on a lot I hate coming across moaning or seems as if I'm listing a lot of things but I'm just being as truthful about everything as its affecting my life and not fair on my job having to take time off because I'm either I'll or can stand up because my stomach is in so much pain

Thank you x


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