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advice please

woke up with a huge migraine. and chest discomfort. i made myself go back to sleep.

during the day i vomited and i noticed im have groin pain towards my vigina. some abdominal pain that goes on and off. i thought that is normal.due to a hysterectamy i had on the 25 of september. im in pain this headache ..

the nassua and pain in my right leg.

abdomen is bloaded not warm but bloated. the pain increases as much as the nassua .what can i do ? also my throat feels like its on fire ..feel like a burning sensation.

any advice would be appreciated. thanks.

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My advice is to go to the doctors in the a.m. ASAP.and if it persists tonight I would call your doctor now.


thank you i actually did. they said the abdominal pain was for a bladder infection..they send me home with antibiotics .

but nothing was done in regards to the chest discomfort or why my leg calf hurts so bad.

came home to find out the antibiotic given to me is one I've had and i was alergic to it .so until monday i will call my doctor to see what he will do. 😒tell ya i cant win.

thanks for the advice! 😉

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I am glad you did call your doctor it does stink that they have you on something you were allergic too. My husband is allergic to sulfur he was given that when he had conjunctivitis for a whole month we thought he was going blind from then on we made sure that was put in his chart. But I am glad you are in contact with your doctor.


thank you ! its horrible how one tiny mistake can hurt someone .i hope your husband is well now its hard when we have illnesses and most of them are chronic that some times the hospitals don't really care to search for a solution and instead they just send you home comfortable for a day. or two. prayers are with you both. and god bless!

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My husband is doing much better it took an

Child hood eye doctor to figure out what was going on with his eyes isn’t it sad that an old doctor knew what was wrong. I remember when my mom first had cancer she went back to an old doctor she had he took a couple of test and with in a week he diagnosed her with Lymph Oma (cancer) doctors gave her 6 months to live that woman was a true fighter she lived for 12 years she past away in 1992. That’s part of the reason why I say you need to find someone to listen to you never give up. If my mom had she wouldn’t have seen two daughters get married and met two of her grand children.


awe im so sorry for your loss. its hard finding strength when you are so ill and to society its like oh shes ill again. so when you have a good doctor that cares and listens its a blessing .i hope everyone has one lile that.

blessings to all! erika


Look to other medications too. Gabapentin does that to Me


Dear Erica,

I'm glad that you went to your Doctor, that was my first advice, my second is.....If you don't get any better soon, pain in your Vagina etc. Go back! I'm a man, so I don't have a Vagina, but a very good friend does. About Ten years ago she started to get Terrible/Awful pains 'Inside', as she put it. She WAS treated for a Severe infection, near her cervix-extending towards her womb. Now I'm NOT suggesting that you have this, only that you DO need to see a Doctor, if 'things' don't Settle soon.

I'm sure that we all wish you well, let us know, will you please?

Kindest wishes AndrewT

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Andrew I am glad you said that too Erica I also said that she needs to see her doctor or even just go to the hospital to find out what is going on with her health.

Erica be safe.



thank you sandra!

i have a follow up on the 30th i hope the dr .gives me better treatment plan.

because im not happy with the outcome .after surgery they had me in a catheter and that caused me to have the bladder infection.

but aside of it behind my kidneys it hurts like a u know what .!

i have no appetite

no desire to do or be around people. and not to mention my R/A Is acting out so bad i have to literally fall asleep in pain .not even the pain killers help. if only i could fit into my reg clothes id be happy but no bloaded like as if i was expecting..funny huh i have no uterus and im huge.

😞i often wish i had never gotten this surgery.

thank you for your concern.



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I hope things work out for you I had a catheter when I hadPneumonia that was so painful I had to have them take it out I also had nurses that had NO respect for me and I didn’t say anything which I will not do that again. I went to the hospital because if i needed to be transported to my Neurologist that hospital can transplants me in to Boston. I think I should just go into Boston instead of going to the hospital s close to where I live. You know I have to live and learn from my mistakes. That’s sad when you have to do that to make sure the hospital does the right thing.


thank you .it is hell

i don't think anyone deserves to be in so much pain .hospitals should be more sympathetic . best of luck to you !!!😊


thank you andrew! i hope that this so called bladder infection. is the only issue although im not pleased with the out come of all this..

antibiotics aren't really working and every now and then i get sharp stabbing pains in my lower back and in my abdominal areas. its so horrible not getting better .on the 30th i follow up with my dr.who did the operation i think he has allot of explaining to do.if id known this would have given me more pain i would have just kept my uterus .its mortifying 😢


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