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going back to work after facet joint injections

hi i know everybody if different with recovery time but any guide lines on how soon to go back to work into a physical job role.

last time i had mine done i only had right side but this time he doing bilateral so may need longer.

after my first ones i went back to work after three days off with light duties for one week building upto full duties other a four week period. The trouble is i was pain free for the first two days and of course you go and do things you prob shouldnt do so think i will take it much slower this time.

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How are you feeling now comes to the fore, you have had a treatment on on adjacent sides of the spine on the facet joints, (2)

You going back to work will generally depend on what your work entails and if the joints are still causing pain. Sometimes the injections will not take and may have to be done again. If the facet joint (s) is badly worn than a fusion may be performed. Both problems may not work or if they work you could find that the time period may be either longer or shorter.All of above will also be dependant on the patient, as it will present itself as a chronic pain so everyone is different.

All I can suggest is have words with your Specialist or GP, not forgetting you, as you are the patient.

How do you feel,? I see that you had on side done last time, how did the injections last then ?

Now if it has been done on both sides, it may improve within same time period

Good Luck



I like your attitude & i like what bob has written. Yes, this is a very individual thing, depending a lot on your general health condition etc & the nature of your work

I'm 60. Since 1998, I've had 2 sets of bilateral spinal facet joint injections, which worked well, thereby encouraging my pain consultant to proceed over the years with 4 sessions of bilateral spinal facet joint denervations: 2 sessions of denervations on all the joints in my cervical spine, and 2 on all the joints in my lumbar- sacral spine. the injections worked well, but for me their effects wore off within 10 days. I was in dreadful shape before the first injections, and was off work for a week...and went vvvv gently when i did return to work. My ork was in an office, but involved a lot of bending over light boxes etc.

The actual facet joint denervations following on from the facet joint injections have all helped me ENORMOUSLY long term (my spondylosis was aggravated by a childhood injury, and by untreated infant onset systemic lupus denaturing my soft tissues resulting in tendon tightening + global hypermobility with ligamentous laxity & Ehlers Danlos). And when my treatment for systemic lupus finally began 2.5 yrs ago at re-diagnosis, the edge came off almost all remaining referred pain & other joint & muscle pain dramatically (hydroxychloroquine + amitryptiline + prednisolone tapers & mycophenolate)

Wishing you all the best


update for above

i have had my bilateral injections which this time were very painful the consultant this time advised me to have two weeks of week and not to do any heavy lifting or straining for several weeks .

Totally different to my last one but he did say that it was difficult due to my facet joints being hypersensitive.

Still taking amitriptyline for next few days then just to use painkillers as needed.

Very uncomfortable these first days hopefully get good result in all term.

Hard to not do anything when you are in less pain then before but will do as told as need good result as work are pressuring me due to sickness record.

If this was classed as a disability condition they would be more understanting going to check with gp


ok so i am given the follow information to follow "avoid heavy lifting and straining for several weeks following injections" work want this to be clarified so awaiting call from the doc


ok so had two days of virtually pain free them wham this morning buttock and foot pain as had before can only think that injections have caused a flair up which can happen.


well waste of time i now getting so much defered pain in legs and feet it takes me all my time to walk back on amtriptyline at night and co ocdamal at day.

even the easy task of vacuming or standing too long when ironing or making tea is painful. doc put me on sick for another two weeks so can see work will be trying to redeploy me when i get back


I'm told 24 hours after injection

Everyone's different tho


I had a a facet joint injection in 2010. It was done with x-ray and took 15 minutes. The doctor told me the pain would subside in about 4 or 5 hours. It did. I no longer had the pain and it has only just reoccurred. The shot gave me pain free movement for FIVE YEARS. I am now going to get another one and hope that lasts for 5 years! I am a 68 year old male.

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Hi jack

I'm due to have facet joint injections in my neck I'm so scared please can you tell me where your injections were? Neck or back ? I'm just so nervous of anything going wrong thanks katie 😊


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