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Hi I've just joined this community and would appreciate any advice and information regarding muscular lower back pain. I'm normally a healthy retired 63 year old but for 2 weeks I've suffered excruciating back pain. Doctor diagnosed it as muscular and prescribed diazepam cocodimol and ibuprofen . I get some initial relief on taking the medication but then the pain is as bad as ever. Despite pacing around the house to stay active my feet and legs are now swollen. Is this to be expected? Also, how long can I expect the muscle pain to last ? Thank you for any replies.

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  • Is the pain just in the lower back? Or do you have pain radiating in to the buttocks or down the legs?

    If just the lower back- sacro iliac- then going to a good massage therapist or chiropractic could help greatly. If you google" lower back pain stretches" you will get some good suggestions.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks for your reply Madlegs. My pain ins just in lower back. I'm frequently crying out with the pain. Feet and legs are awoken despite trying to remain mobile by pacing around the house. Can't leave home as too much pain and couldn't bend to get in or out of the car.

  • I personally would get a second opinion. Doctors (of every discipline) really aren't the best at narrowing down the root cause of your back pain. Herniated, ruptured, or slipped disc in just the right spot can send pain down both legs. The sciatic nerves are very tempermental. I would highly recommend seeing a neurologist or orthopedic doctor if the pain continues (get a MRI). They are treating you with the CONSERVATIVE medical route. Thanks to narcotic abusers and Obama (including the incredibly questionable DEA restrictions) on NOT using opiates to treat all types of pain especially back pain. The issue I have is that short term use helps you stay mobile so that you can do PT or stay active enough to not be in extremely uncomfortable and a life restricted position. I was forced to have a spinal cord stimulator implanted because my pain management doctor wouldn't see me again until I worked with a SCS surgeon. I was and I still am in so much pain that I cannot work (I am about 20 years younger than you). The SCS is not the answer. It is another tool to combat pain. On top of my back I need a knee replacement. Ice was a good friend of mine prior to 4 lumbar back surgeries (over a 18 year period) that never solved my back issues 100%. So avoid back surgery unless you cannot feel part of your legs. If you wait too long you may never regain feeling in your leg.

  • Sounds like something is 'impinging or irritating' the nerve endings close to your tail bone. It may even be the effects of the inflamed muscles narrowing the space in which the nerves can operate effectively.

    Have you tried icepack therapy in that area to cool and calm the muscles and nerves? It could also bring down the swelling and as much as possible, stay seated and rest for the next couple of days to see if that makes a difference - don't forget to elevate your legs - well supported at the ankle and back of the knees.

    Many top flight athletes have suffered what you describe so they tend to sit in ice baths immediately after their races to avoid what your are obviously going through so sitting in cold water might help.

    Unfortunately, what you're experiencing is 'Soft Tissue Injury' which is extremely painful and can last for a number of weeks. If all else fails, do go back to the GP.

    Hope this is helpful.

  • Hi

    In most cases back pain is associated with one of three things, musculoskeletal, nerves,impact damage.however pain is pain and it is very stressful, you didn't mention if you injured yourself it just came on, did you bend awkwardly try and think how and what happened. If it is lower back consider getting a supporting belt, they actually do help, ask your Doctor to book you in for an MRI to see if there is any damage, Disks,nerves,spinal etc, Good luck with everything


  • Think it's been caused by bending awkwardly. Thanks for your advice. Appreciate it.

  • I want to say some things that help me and that is you have to re-train or begin to use muscles that you may not be using to compensate for the pain and it is all about moving, even if it is finding a way to move a little.

    Everyone is different, but you must not give up, there are very good pain meds out there that will help with the pain which in turn will allow you to move a bit better because not moving only makes your muscles weaker which in turn puts more pressure on the area of pain best Alex

  • The answer to your question is what caused the problem. Pain killers kill pain and at the same time kill sensitivity. So after the initial pain relief the pain increases. This is because the pain killers prevent you from noticing you could be moving in a way that damages you.

    Back pain can be postural related. If this is the case then one needs to engage in therapeutic activities which help improve postural balance. Back pain can be due to over contracted muscles or muscle micro cramps. If this is the case then a visit to a massage therapist or McTimony chiropractor is needed. You can cause back pain by moving your muscles badly and if this is the case you need to relearn or learn better ways of moving. This will call for a visit to an Alexander Teacher or a yoga teacher or a sports therapist.

    Pill taking does not teach you how to improve faulty muscle usage or poor posture. You need to network in your local area to find out who have good sensitive hands.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you for your advice

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