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Acid Reflux

Dear All I went through health unlocked and saw a post in this forum about acid reflux and it sounded like me. That post was 3 years ago but all good information.

Any way back to me. I am on omperoloze for my acid reflux. Three month and they worked really well for the first two months. (also have asthma) Now I getting sickness, nausea, bloating, flatulence and soiling when I fart sometimes. I went to the GP two weeks ago and been asked to keep a diary. I found that fatty foods are a possible cause and eggs. I been munching on ginger, anti acid tablets and ginger tea. Anything to stop the nausea. This morning I had porridge with water but not even an hour later I started to feel sick. I take my anti acid an hour before I eat in the morning.

I am not due back at the GPs for another two weeks but this is getting me down. Any other suggestions. I take iron tablets (no issue), Elmiron for the last 7wks (painful bladder syndrome), amtripyline and Seretide. None of these give me any issues.


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I was taking Ranitidine for almost 20 years, as I have oesophageal reflux. I recently changed to Esomeprazole and have experienced some of the same side effects as you.

My understanding is that if you are taking any of these medications, you should not be taking an antacid as well. Might be worth checking with your pharmacist on that.

If you still get side effects from Omeprazole, maybe ask your GP about Ranitidine or other options.

Hope this helps, Catmag.

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I didn't think it was the medication as I haven't had it before. The fatty foods and eggs seem to trigger it. I didn't have any acid reflux or sickness on Monday when I didn't have my medications. So I was wondering if I should reduce now to every other day for two weeks and then once a week like the GP has told me to do. So tomorrow no anti acid and see what happens. Still going to go back to see the doctor I saw 2 wks ago in another two weeks.


Have you ever tried to take a little bit of bicarbonate of soda and lemon in a glass of water when you eat fatty foods or eggs? I do when I feel I haven't digested properly.


Hi I never thought of that. I could try the Bicarb but Lemon juice is a big NO No as acid things would hurt my bladder. Going to try the bicarb now as I been sick all day. I had not anti acid tablet today.


Yes it worked and I stop filling sick. The sickness came back this morning after I taken the omeprazole so had another glass of water and Bicarb.


I have had gerd for 3 years now. Was originally put on omeprazole. Then in the last month I have been really sick with reflux and heartburn. The Dr said antacids are a no no. I have been placed on rinitidine and nexium. I am not supposed to eat chocolate, citrus foods, tomatoes, spicy foods, fried foods, peppermint, no caffeine. Then he wants me to see a GI spec. To be sure there is nothing else going on. Also wanted me to put the head of my bed on blocks., which I haven't done yet. So it's bad enough dealing with metastatic breast cancer without this. I have also tried dgl which from health store which seems to add a little help. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the advice. I been told to try and get myself off omeprazole. I don't eat any of the foods mention but love peppermint tea. What is a GI spec and dgl? Plus made the appointment to see the GP I saw last time in 10 days time.


Day 4 of taking omeprazole every other day. Today felt really sick twice. Once due to too much sugar and fat I think with white chocolate buttons.I didn't take a table today. Bicarbonate to the rescue it really but me off my lunch. I need to eat on a regular schedule so I can take another medication on an empty stomach. So that's not good. More bicarbonate now as feeling sick again.


keeping diary on this page helps me think of what to say next week to the drs


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