Neuropathic pain

I had surgery about 6 years ago for acid reflux. After waking up had tremendous pain in my abdomen where the scar is, later diagnosed with neuropathic pain. Every time I stretch my arms the pain hits. For some reason this also effected my left leg which nobody can tell me why, it is a bit galling you walk into hospital with 1 problem and come out with more than you want in with. Just recently started getting pins and needles through out my body but this now seems to be concentrated in my right leg. It is like hundreds of sharp needles digging into my thigh, wearing trousers just seems to make the pain worse. I am on pre-gabelin(2x300mg) for pain, my gp put me onto gabapentin as well 2x100mg but felt the pain in my thigh was 10 times worse so stopped gabapentin. I also take oral morph and find alka setzler help with pain too. Now this might not having anything to do with the pain but about 6 weeks ago a very fine vein in my leg must have burst because the bathroom floor was covered in blood, it was like a very fine tap. The only way I could stop it was to elevate the leg

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  • OMG healthylass, sounds like a nightmare! What surgery did you have for your acid reflux? Has anybody given you an idea why you have this pain following surgery? I see that you're still taking alka seltzer; is that because the surgery did not work? You need to get to a pain consultant I think. If a blood clot burst on your leg, that's really serious, you don't want another one, they can be fatal. I don't mean to scare you but you must get it seen to today. I've got very pushy with my GP and demand home visits. Please let me know how you get on.

  • I did mention it to my GP but he showed no interest what so ever . Taking alka setzler for the pain, help calms down pins and needles feeling. Pain consultant has washed their hands of me nothing else they can offer me apart from psychotherapist. The initial surgery for acid reflux had to be open surgery hence so much pain since it is large wound. Had. keyhole about 6 years before had the open surgery both for acid reflux, because there were so many adhesions he said he could not do keyhole surgery again. After surgery could not sit upright for more than 10 mins so could not work for about 2 years, the weird thing is after a lot of fighting with the hospital (was done privately) they agreed to re-open the wound and stitch up different way which enable me to work again. Pain not as bad but sitting up for long period still problem, every time move my arms to get something or do something the pain hits My GP is useless only go to him when I have to, every thing I have got have had to fight long and hard for it. The fight has been drained out of me now.

  • You poor thing, you've really been through it. I think you need a 'time out' from health professionals. Are you still working? I was medically retired. When you have had time to get your head straight then maybe it's time to see a different doctor at the practice? Do some research to find a new pain consultant? Even a new GP. Is there someone who can go with you to the GP and the pain consultant? They can speak up for you. If not you can get the help of a health advocate. Good luck!

  • Sorry you having a bad time.I picked up on the alka setzler I haven't heard of this helping before.i have just been out to buy some as I have neuropathic pain.Could you tell me what dose and how often to take pls.

  • Depends on your pain take up 6 daily spread four hours between doses. There is an alka setzler extra but I cannot take it effects my asthma. Does help with pain but does not take it away.

  • Thankyou, just get it in feet mainly at night so will try 2 tonught

  • Hope it helps fingers crossed x

  • Sounds like something went wrong with the surgery. I'd find another doctor and go from there. Hope you find out what's going on sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi

  • Have never heard of the alka seltzer, just need to be careful of the ASA in it as too much is hard on the liver. Will try it when my neuropathy pain is bad.

  • Sorry could you tell me what ASA is please?

  • The pain killer in aspirin...acctylsalicylic acid....believe it is in Tylenol too.

    Believe AlkaSeltzer has the equivalent of two aspirin . Was told NEVER to exceed the daily dose of aspirin

  • Thanks for info

  • Maybe a long shot, but since you started out with reflux and therefore have some kind of gut issues anyway, and also continue to use alker seltzer, have you had a methylmalonic acid test for vitamin B12?  You may get "normal" readings for blood serum B12 but there is a lot more to it, they have discovered and some people have normal readings when they are unable to get the B12 into their cells from their blood, or you may find that the scale is set too low and so your readings aren't being treated as a deficiency (even though they may be really low as compared to some other countries scales).  Here are a list of B12 deficiency symptoms (I suffered from an inability to swallow, still nerve damage, just a different part of the body to you, so wrote this website to help others find the connection, if they too have a B12 deficiency).  Neuropathy is a very common symptom of B12 deficiency.  All the best.

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