Need advice..due my 2 and operation soon..despret.. should l.should l not.??__and worst thing is the pain has eased..a parted from bone bone

Help.......who can give advice to a 38 year old mum of 3.. backs been pain in bum for 7. Half year now..had opertion Feb 18 the 2011.. 5 hour op that was meant to take hour or two...I remember the date.time perfect because after that op my life changed for the worse ended up with awfully leg pain..could of copped them off...any way carried on working..June last year started with in well feeling....then couldn't sit down I really thought my tail bone had bust open...pain made me feel sick that bad..couldn't av lot gp so wouldn't listen..nor would pain. Clinic although was on morpine didn't had a MRI and contrast scan..3..4 days later went doctors..knew when saw her face she said its not good no physio..or injection will help...told me to take meds every 2 hour if went Newcastle to see neurosurgeon.. who told me I've bad scarel damage and my bottom disc has moved forward has well has a large bit come away sitting GB on my s1 nurvr..only thing to do is to operat....any way its been 7..8 month since and my lower bottom..back pain has eased...I've looked all over internet to see what's change it will come back can't find a thing.?well my op date is next Monday.and petrefied I say no and week after comes back full on if knew what I mean.....its hard I've bad bone..joint pain..hips etc..bottom of my back feels tender..oh the embarrassing bit went docs 2 week ago has in morning ..noticing you knew when don't wipe your bottom right.,but do..well its been there..a doc put he's finger up were I never wanna do that again...and sent me home said I am been on these meds for 3..half year so can't be that...I wipe my self right...the awfully electric sots of lightning I was getting in right leg has eased.....but don't feel right..I am so scared..really...need advice..oh I've had 3 level degantive disc props...feel I'll

Most days...wrists knees sshoulder so sore..I knew a lower back op won't help other places...please help give me advice...and if any one has been though it...what was out told me only knew 2 men who had this didn't have op..and bit of disc that was floating around couseing more props..and other guy was that did was never right....can it disappear that Mont of time...begging now has times ticking..and loads you knew what its like getting a appment to start withxxxx

Sorry so long

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  • Oh PS I've no feeling in both 3. RDS of my big toes and from out to in 2 and from end on right foot feels nothing at all?????

  • Im sorry louise amos you had no reply or advuce off anyobecin same situation .. thinking if you xx

  • No one can advise you Louise. You have to try and make a decision about this and sometimes there are no easy answers. You have to live with the outcomes if you have the op and if you don't have the op. My question to you is - did the neurosurgeon tell you the op would improve things? I can't imagine him doing the op just for the hell of it. Did you trust him ?

  • My pain consultant told me he got more patients from failed surgery than from any other cause. He said never have back surgery unless you are likely to die otherwise. You know yourself what can happen. Now, fortunately you seem to be improving don't you think you should count your blessings and give it more time rather than risk more disability? You can always have the op later if it becomes really necessary. Good luck.

  • PS leg and foot/toe pain is because the nerves from the lumbar sacral plexus feed the legs and feet and you describe lumbar sacral damage. Surgery cannot fix this but certain injections give relief for a few months. Pain consultants (anaesthetists at pain clinics) do these. I find them very effective

  • Thanks calceolaira no don't trust him..well only met him once in my life..had a different spine spec lists..last time..he said no injection.or physio will one seems to knew if a large bit of disc that comes out ..what happens to it?? That's proplem xxx

  • the disc that comes out is a prolapse it can heal all by itself.The body is a marvel

  • How can it heal by itself ive had pain thru buttocks leg ect if its herniated an pressing on nerve hows it go back when they suggested discectomy . To cut that bit of disc to relieve pressure off sciatic nerve x

  • Thanksbowbells...its hard..should l go ahead hope..pray..will you knew what happens when a bit of disc comes out and sticks on your s1 nerve..oh pain full..but it must of moved..has not has bad..oh could of rang 999.. at time..suffered for almost 3 month..electric shocks are sufferable now..only mild...but physio guy said its moved but were too..and could it of just gone..or moved..I can't find nothing on this..he's top guy at physio..and only saw 2 men with it..and both had no good out comes..l op..l did not.and it moved about making more props....the strange thing is my tail bone feels different?? Like lower down if knew what mean..

  • My understanding is that the body will eventually destroy the protruding disc material. The spine is surrounded by all kinds of strong supporting tissue and its unlikely that a disc will go floating off elsewhere.

  • Calceolaria.thanks for that answer I've tried to find that out..if put it onhold..for few weeks thanks

  • first thing to do is postpone surgery.Then if you can get hold of MRI report do so and write it I know we shouldn't criticise but cannot understand a word you wrote re MRI.My husband had 2 separate disk ruptures tears etc no surgery you go to a Rheumatologist for these probs not surgeons,if necessary you will be referred to surgeon later my husband is now cured it healed on their own.thats not to say all disk probs heal this way each one on its merits

  • Motherrathbone.. hi OK so went to my pre op today..Tod nurse I was really frightened has my last op didn't end well and thing of waiting..she didn't listen carryed on takeing blood etc..gave my special soap to wash with day before...thank god saw back doc.. he said because the pain at moment is worse in hips back upper back... won't help those areas.. and that s all arthritis... go back if start with bladder props...wish I saw these posts to go physio..the pain I had in my leg 3..4 week ago was crying with it..electric shocks up and down..and the rest..this has eased.. still pain down to toes..but can cope..thanks for answering xxx

  • Motherrathbone.. sorry my spelling not to good..there's 3 things that can go wrong with a disc all 3 we're on my scan..I've 3 level degartive disc deasese.. I had a some of the disc come out from were its from..from last scan..I've got a copy..they only offered me a operation..nothing else..any way I am blessing my blessings I've not gone ahead... just have to wait and see..thankyou

  • Hi louise I was wondering how you got on . What did they take bloids for .. are you goin to wait now . The burnin electric shock numbness in legs exactly same here .. but see cs on 17 th april xxhugs

  • Motherrathbone is this the same as herniated discs x

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