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To any pers trainers/physio`s professionals

I am 46 years young,had l4 l5 slipped,herniated discs with a bulge.

MRI scan shows inc left knee pain.

I`ve had a micro discectomy 7 years ago and been reading bits and bobs.

Hip flexor exercises ????????????????

Is it a cure or maybe i`m doing things wrong and just fed up with painkillers,valium and mirtazipine.

Any ideas?


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Roger. I don't think anyone can usefully suggest treatment online. You do need to see a chiropractor or osteopath who will be able to examine you and suggest the exercises and activities that are right for you personally. It is worth the money as going by online advise you could make things worse.

Best of luck



Hi roger

I'm a 48 yo male with DDD, stenosis, scoliosis etc. All came on suddenly and has resulted in 2 emergency surgeries, multiple root block injections and lots and lots of pain!

After the surgeries I literally couldn't stand up, I lost a lot of muscle mass in my back / lower limbs and my balance was shocking. Sciatic pain in both legs down to my feet, lots of pain in glutes and back.

I found myself a good personal trainer and have been going to the gym for the last year under her guidance. It has massively helped, but was very difficult and painful at first. If it hadn't been for the PT I wouldn't have continued as it felt like I was making it worse, but she taught me how to tell which pain was ok and which wasn't.

So I would say the right exercises done correctly will help massively, along with trigger point release and lots of stretching. But it needs to be done properly which is why I went to a PT.

Good luck.

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