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I have just had my PIP Review face to face assessment which lasted for 2 hours. I am mentally and physically exhausted. I assumed because it was just the review because I had the first and original assessment 2 years ago. I filled in the Review Form and thought that it was only about that as it said that the DWP were only interested in the changes in the last 2 years. Wrong. It was worse than the original assessment. Loads more questions even what examinations I had passed at school and when did I leave school and started work. I was 16 then. I am now 70 years old so what relevance has that got to do with my current disabilities! The Assessor was very kind and polite but she had to ask me the questions to put on her computer for the DWP. It was actually worse than my original assessment. Many more questions going over absolutely everything that I had put on the claim forms including the original one, and all the medical evidence and prescription list was gone over again. Obviously, the review isn't just a review anymore. They weren't just interested in the last 2 years but what was before that again. Just got to wait for the outcome again now. Fingers crossed. Wonder if I will have to go through all this again in another 2 years. When I was on DLA I was given it indefinitely until I had to change to PIP and then I was just awarded it for the 2 years.

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Hi there, don't worry they do that for everyone like you say when on DLA it says indefinite for what ever your disabilities are but on pip it's different must think your going to make a miraculous recovery , it's just a job to keep them in work

Patient007 in reply to Hidden

I agree.

What a terrible situation we are in. It is dreadful, isn't it? Many of my support group members have similar stories, though I've never heard of asking about school exams before. Are you in Scotland or England? I had a face to face assessment last year at home when I regained all I had lost in my previous assessment and actually gained enhanced mobility and living, Previously I lost my Motability car which I had been awarded in the late 1980s! I am impatiently waiting the Scottish Government taking over from the DWP - it can't be any worse!

I was asked about my exams in my DLA to PIp assessment and I am in Scotland.


Patient007 in reply to AffaSair

I live in England. X

Hi patient 007

My heart goes out to you.

My assesment went from birth to now I am 39). It was very upsetting and long and was asked all about school and my exams, jobs etc. They even gave me a maths question as I am severely dyslexic in maths (which I failed) , words to remember to repeat back nod words to read on a card as I have eye problems and a stroke at birth as well as severe pain and mobility issues and I am confine to bed most of the day. They went over the form all over again with me and mum too. I felt like a criminal. My mum was with for support which I was very grateful for a she filled in a lot of stuff I couldn't remember. I hope and pray I am successful as I was given DLA for life previously. What disabled people are going through in this country is a scandal. My assesment went over an hr and a half. I was exhuasted . I pray that I have a good outcome as I feel totally traumatised by the whole thing. I also wish lots of luck and good wishes for your appeal.


They seem to have this idea that they don't want to put people on PIP for life because that would just be writing people off. They want people to be 'enabled' so that they can go out to work and take care of themselves. What they don't understand is that because of this attitude which is used with both those that are temporality disabled as well as permanently disabled, it has the effect of writing off those that are permanently disabled as they don't fit into their nice neat boxes of 'could go back to work and get off benefits if we support them more'.

I hope you don't have to wait too long for the outcome and that it comes back with the right one.

Patient007 in reply to cyberbarn

Thanks for that. It is always good to get kind support from people on this Forum. Helps to share frustrations!

These assessments are becoming a joke what does it matter to the DSS what exams you passed when you were at school when it was 50 years or more ago the only thing they should be asking is about your disability and how it affects you the questions about what exams you passed and what type of work you could do is for the ESA assessment, my PIP states they will not contact me for ten years and then it is to see if I am still alive, the problems with these assessments is the person doing them has to just read off a list and has to put answers in each question before they move onto the next one, when I had my first PIP assessment a guy came to my home and sat down and never looked at me until it was time to leave when the result came back it said there was basically nothing wrong with me the answers I had given were nothing like what I had said when I contacted them they first said there is nothing they can do and they have to accept what the assessor put down I asked if they wanted a copy of the interview to prove what he put down was nothing like what I had said they asked how did I have a copy of it so I told them that my cctv system covers all of the outside and the front room to that they said I should have told them I was going to record it so I said at the front door there is a sign stating that cctv is in use, in the end, they arranged a new assessment with someone else and to that I got the standard rate for care and the higher rate for mobility and that they have set it for the next ten years, so when your results come back make sure that what they put down is what you stated and not something they made up to keep the numbers down so they keep the bonus.

good luck with your claim

Regards Poppy Ann

Patient007 in reply to Poppy_Ann

Thanks. I have already requested a copy of the report. I also asked the DWP why they asked me questions about what exams I had from school etc which was 54 years ago. She said it was to get some idea of my social standing????

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