no one seems to listen.. any ideas?

A couple of years back I had an Eptopic Pregnancy and ever since I have suffered terribly with urine infections, thrush, discharge, pain on both sides of my belly, I get itchy groins a lot and I go to the toilet a lot, I also suffer with terrible dry mouth a lot no matter how much i drink, i am always tired, i can have days where i dont have any energy and i just stay in bed and other days where i have a lot of energy and i get sharp pains in my anus! I have been to the doctors but they sent me to a Gum Clinic to be checked for STD's which I knew I hadn't got but they wanted to rule them out. They have done swabs but never actually gave me my results they have ignored me since. HELP?? I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO? or what it can be?

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  • I would say you need to see a urologist. Go see your GP tell them what you have told us and ask them to refer you to a local urologist. I'm sure they will be able to help. If you are getting lots of UTI's then they are the people you need to see.

    Hope this helps

  • I see my urologist every three months at the local hospital. We found out recently that my illeal conduit isn't working like a straight piece of pipe but rather has a sump in it where I permanently breed ecoli. So I now catherise my stoma every week and this has reduced the number of uni's.

    Tbh I'm fairly on top of my urological problems it is this new diagnosis of Essential Thrombocythemia I am looking for advice with. I'm based in Yorkshire in the UK and realise people from around the world post in these forums but I'm still getting my head round it and not sure what results I should be finding out on a regular basis or is there a way too reduce the side effects of peginterferion


  • Hi Jody, it sounds like you have been through the mill. When you have an ectopic pregnancy and surgery scar tissue forms, it may be that's what has happened to you. I had an ectopic pregnancy a long time ago and my legacy was much the same as yours sounds.The scar tissue from mine tethered my bladder to the abdominal wall so it wouldn't empty properly hence the constant infections, and I also developed a urethral stricture as well from all the bladder infections, I lost count of how many Gynaecologists I saw who couldn't do much for me. In the end I changed my G.P and saw a lady Dr. told her my problems and she referred me to a Urologist who was able to stretch out the narrowing in my urethra which all but made the infections go away. When I went back to see my G.P she sent me to another Gynaecologist who sent me for a Laparoscopy which identified the lesions inside and I had a many of them released as possible.It really helped, the constant itching could be that a nerve has been stretched or is caught in the scar tissue, itching and other strange sensations are common when nerves are involved. Go back to your G.P if you can see a lady Dr. if you can't consider changing your Dr. Sending patients to the G.U.M clinic has been common practice for many years now because they are the experts at finding the culprits that cause infections, don't be offended, and if there was anything on the swabs they WOULD have told you. I wish you all the luck in the world getting your problems sorted out.

  • Thank you so much!! i have booked an appointment at the doctors for today at 5pm :) so hopefully it will be sorted very soon!!

  • You poor lass, what a terrible time. i'm glad you are going to see the doctor again. Good luck.x

  • thank you so much!! xx

  • Have you had your blood sugar checked?


  • no i havent recently??

  • Maybe you should as constant infections, going to the loo a lot and needing to drink a lot could be signs of high blood sugar. Just a thought.


  • Well i went to the doctors today and i mentioned about all of my symptoms but the doctor only taken into a count about the pain ive been getting. I'm having bloods taken tomorrow and having an internal scan. How would i go about getting my blood sugars taken? do i ask the doctor or?

  • The doctor could do it or you can get a kit from the pharmacy to check yourself. However, it would be better for the doctor to do it so he can interpret the results properly. It's an easy and quick test to do - the nurse could do it at your surgery if you ask her.


  • I think you probably need to go back to your GP, and discuss with them what happens next. Ask if they have got your STD swab results back, and check whether they were fine. If they were, then ask if you should see a urologist because of the continued urinary problems and infections. Take along a urine sample so they can do a dipstick test on the spot and check for infection, or high sugar levels or other things. If your GP doesn't want to send you to a urologist just yet, ask about seeing a continence advisor about going to the toilet a lot - they can do some checks to see if you are emptying your bladder fully (if you aren't, that could be causing the infections, and the frequent toilet trips).

  • The STD swabs were fine, they did swabs a while back to see if it was anything to do with Cancer but i never heard anything back from that. I always check my urine at work as i am a care assistant but there doesn't seem to be anything in there! I am having my bloods taken tomorrow and having an internal scan after the bloods have been taken. I think i will ask them to take my blood sugars tomorrow as well.

  • Google "urinary infections cranberry juice"

    The research may be helpful in discussions with your GP.

    Hope this helps

  • Ive tried everything hahaha, the doctor thinks its to do with scar tissue inside, thank you so much though X

  • Hi Jodiechapple19 I agree with the cranberry juice it's great for uti's also stop drinking cow's milk change to goats milk or similar my little one has had urine infections drinking excessively and repeatedly going to the loo or having little accidents , 6 weeks after changing her milk reducing yoghurt in take and giving her cranberry juice she's like a new girl and so much happier I suppose anything is worth a try . GP should be investigating and you do need a urology opinion lady before has given you cracking advice x

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