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Any Answers to my Question about this Site Please


Every time I reply to a question or wright a blog the word DELETE appears in the top right corner and every one elses question has the word REPORT in the top right hand corner I have asked this question of the help line and they do not know !!! I find this site difficult to navigate. It may be my lack of PC skills

Kind regards to all


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Hello moggiemay

Does this delete thing stop you from posting answers cos your question has come up OK?

And thought your answers came through before.

Camn't you just ignore it?

Pat x

PS And i have a screen reader with a mind of her own!

pat x

As the post or reply is your own, it gives you the opportunity to delete it - at any rate for a limited time - if you change your mind, but you can't delete someone else's post, so the word DELETE doesn't appear.

REPORT is there in case you want to report a post as inappropriate - e.g. spam (advertising) or with offensive content. This will be picked up by the moderating team. Again, it isn't necessary on your own posts.

I hope this helps.

Ann x

I agree with Missrat. It gives you the option to delete if you want to change the wording you have used. Perhaps having an edit button would be better then we would not have to start all over again. Just a thought. x Sue x

Thank you all for your replies, I understand a bit more, Pat I dont know what a screen reader is.Chelseagirl where is the Edit button, I think I shall go outside and get a child to help me !!! Missrat thank you for your explanation, I have learned something new today. You are a good bunch of people on this site Kind regards Moggiemay xx

I have used the delete. I made a mistake in the wording and pressed reply. It was after I had pressed the reply that I noticed my mistake.

I had to copy what I had written into a text editor and change the error. I pressed delete which removed what i had written and copied back what I had modified in a text editor back onto the page.

It reads all the text for me. I am blind.

You need a child about 9 years old and he will answer all your questions!!

Good luck

pat x

Moggie, I don't find this site easy to navigate - its a bit clunky ! If you want to follow up updates to threads you have to go into each one separately and also check out the blogs. There's also this maddening "Oh snap" thing when you can't post and I sometimes can't be bothered to retype.

It is annoying when you have to retype things - it's usually my email that causes this. As a precaution, I usually copy the whole of my post 'to clipboard' (i.e. part of the computer's memory', by pressing the CTRL key and A at the same time (or right click - select all), and CTRL+C (Copy). If you do then have to delete, or lose your post, start a new one and press CTRL+V (Paste). It saves a lot of time.

I hope this helps.


moggiemay in reply to missrat

Hi Ann and everyone thanks again, I need a lesson on keyboard skills,Pat you do very well, so is a screen reader audible ? My daughter has been promising me for 10yrs to teach me!!

I like the telephone!!

Kind regards to you all Moggiemay x

Bananas5 in reply to moggiemay

Yes a screen reader reads all the text which is brilliant.

Slow and limiting but means I can join in.

Did you know you are only about 10 miles up the road from me?

Keep going on your computer - some people just answer the bits they are interested in.

See you!

Pat x

I have sent a few Comments plus Answers which get posted fine. But 5 mins ago I typed one, factual. true, reassuring, &tc., ----- and was rewarded with a "DELETE". Why ????

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