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Severe tiredness due to opiates and prgabalin. Any suggestions?

Hi all :-)

I have posted a couple of times but wanted to make this one more specific to the energy loss because of pain meds. My pain is reasonably well controlled but I have NO energy. I sleep everywhere and anywhere! Does anyone else experience this? I understand it is the lesser of two evils, but is there anything my doc can do or give me to help? Just for reference I have 25mcg Fentanyl every 60 hours now, and 225mg pregabalin twice daily, soon to be increased to 300mg twice daily. I sometimes take a couple of Cocodamol too if needed but don't often mention this as its the least effective of the meds but every little helps. Any suggestions welcome :-)

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Hi Kirsteenie

I absolutely get what you are saying. I too could sleep and sleep given the opportunity. I don't have any magic solutions, however, I do find that regular light exercise helps immensely. I just have to be really careful I don't overdo things as this makes me sleep even more! :) I also find that 'slept hygiene' is really important. ie. Keeping a good sleep pattern and only sleeping at night in bed. Read into this as it may help you identify any bad habits that may be fuelling the fire.

Hope this helps :)


Thank you Disney-girl I definitely will do :-) xx



I too feel like I'm struggling through treacle much of the time - then get a couple of hours maybe once or twice a week where I feel awake. I've reduced medication to try to get quality of alertness but then pain worsens......I'm sure you've tried alternative meds......I really struggled with PregabaIin side-effects.....I really agree a good sleep pattern is eally important and light exercise and I also think getting outside in fresh air regularly even when desperately tired helps.

I have done a pain management course which helps fatigue as well as pain - with pacing and adapting tasks being a big focus - but also having support of people who have an empathetic approach helps - if you haven't tried this may be worth considering maybe...... I was thinking of starting a local support group as think on-going support is important.

Best Wishes



The group sounds like a good idea! I just came back from my first walk in ages, I feel so good for getting out! Small steps, like I said in another post but I was so pleased with myself that I managed to get out of my flat for a change! Sick of being indoors, it definitely doesn't help the mental state! I am going to fight this. If the dose is reduced, the pain comes back... So yes, I will try all I can to bring energy up without medication as they've not given me anything and I'm not sure that they would. Still waiting on pain management course. I like your compassionate spirit :-) hope you are well xx


hi i found less dosage of patch with 1 or 2 pain killers helped as 2 patches 2 strong very tired pregagablin is strong i try to reduce them . i have just finished pain management course very good and helpful hope you have got yours good luck.


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