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Chest Pain at 19?

Hey guys!

I recently had tonsillitis about a 1.5 months ago and was treated with penicillin. I came of the antibiotics a tad early as was feeling better but could feel it coming back so I jumped back on the penicillin. I was still really tired after finishing my antibiotics and was told to get a blood test to see if I had glandular fever. The blood test showed negative so that was a slight relief. Another week had passed and I had now developed this chest pain that would come and go and sometimes would move around my body. It could be in the right or left side of my chest. So I went to the hospital after one day at work and I had an ecg, another blood test, urine test and a chest x-ray. Nothing showed up on any of the tests so I was sent home shortly after. Since when the chest pain started about a month ago it feels less painful but could that just be me getting used to it? I mean it's a weird chest pain like sometimes an ache or sometimes a shooting pain in my left shoulder. Also have been having random muscle spasms in my chest and arms and sometimes my legs. I am currently thinking it could be costochondritis but any help/ advice on treating this would be massively appreciated!

Thanks for reading!

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Never ever stop antibiotics before finishing the course. Always follow instructions on the medicines box !!!


Costocondritis is likely to be located to the same area often around the sternum where the ribs join. This doesn't sound like it .

Also the tests the hospital have done are exactly the correct tests. I'd suggest you make an appointment with your GP to discuss.

Also if the cheer pain is present - it might be an idea to get a taxi or lift to Hospital. If it was undiagnosed or you were much older an Ambulance would be a possibility, but unless you feel you are seriously or lifethreateningly ill then this is how I would proceed.


Visited the gp numerous times and they said they can't match my symptoms to something specific. As I said, so far it's getting better over time but the muscle spasms are fairly new. I last visited about 4 days ago to be told that it could be hayfever related as I am a precious sufferer. But I've never suffered from chest pain due to hayfever. Strange!

Thanks for your reply, I have no idea what it could be if not costochondritis. I can only really feel if when I'm up and moving. Laying down relaxing currently and it's not disturbing me. Which is why I suggested costochondritis.


What those tests have ruled out is anything life threatening. This is good! Our bodies have lots of little quirks and sometimes they are just nothing specific. Some people are more aware of them than others.

It does sound like you have something going on between your ribs and the muscles in between them, or the joints where they join onto other bones. Could it be that when you were ill you were doing less so you need to build up your muscle strength again? Could it be that you are worried about this or something else and that is causing you to tense your muscles which can either put them into a spasm or make them tired?

If it is getting better then that is a good sign. over the half century that I have had this old body of mine I have had random muscle spasms and I have got very good at doing gentle stretches to keep them from getting any worse. Sometimes I know what caused them, usually doing something like twisting my body one way and my head the other, but more often than not I have no idea why I get a spasm. But over the years I just get on with it now, as it is 'normal' to have these sorts of random things happen.


Thank you so much for the reply! That is what I thought. The life I am living right now isnt really supplying me with a lot of vitamin D. So one of my thoughts was to improve my diet and go out more. So far things are improving!

Cheers cyberbarn!


Are you in the UK? No one can make vitamin D in the winter time here, from about September to March, which is why people often get ill after Christmas. I knew an old GP who worked in a rural area who said he could predict how many people would get ill over the winter by how rainy a summer was. And if the people that got ill were the farmers who normally would spend a lot of time out doors, then he knew it had been really very rainy all summer.

The sun really does help. not only do we get to make more vit D from it, being out in the sun during the day means that we sleep better at night too.

Go for it! Get that Vitamin D in!

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