Chest pains with negative test results

I am a 41 you female and overweight. Recently I was taken to the ER for chest pains and breathing. All test came back normal. A month later same thing and Dr said it was anxiety and hyperventilating. I've tried to keep anxiety in check and have unfortunately been back to the ER 3 more times. I have sharp pains in the center of my chest and sometimes on the left. I feel like I can't breath and get very fatigued easily. I went back to the ER yesterday with symptoms of burning and tingling down left arm and leg, twitching on left side of face. This time I had blood work that still came back negative but a CT scan showed I have a pinched nerve in my neck.

I can't explain why I am having these chest pains. After this many visits, I was sure they would find what is wrong. Has anyone else had these symptoms or could help me figure out how to get some answers.

Thanks to much

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  • Could possibly be Costochondritis? The pain is very similar and it always leads to the worry that it's heart related thus the panic.

    RJC x

  • Thank you rayjayc. I read up on it and it does make sense. One of my visits to the ER I was told that I had some inflammation in the chest area. It's just a scary feeling.

  • It's terrifying but you at least now know that 'currently' your heart is ok so a few deep, slow breaths; in through the nose, out through the mouth should help calm you a little. Don't ever rely on past results though, sudden chest pain should always be checked out and paramedics & hospital staff don't mind having to see you if it's all negative!!

    RJC x

  • Like you I sometimes get these chest pains. About 10 years ago I had Angiogram the result of which I was told had Angina, So been taking lots of different heart meds since. Owing to pain in chest and from left breast to chin, I was referred and had another Angiogram and Heart Scan, at completely different hospital and consultant, result No risk to heart attack not got Angina and to stop meds. I still however get the pains and aches. I have phone appointment tomorrow to discuss what happens next. I have Cervical-spondylosis which I am told could be the cause. Just have to wait and see. Only thing I feel at the moment is Why was I taking all the meds to start with ! I hope you get to bottom of it , ut as I have been told a lot of pain starts at the neck and spine which are my two main problem areas. Take care

  • Victoria

    In your first sentence you say that you are overweight, so I would hazard a guess that you feel this could be aggravating your problems.

    Weight is an incredibly sensitive issue and my intention is not to suggest that it is a primary cause. It is one factor in your effort to regain your health.

    Best Wishes


  • A pinched nerve in the neck could cause pain in different areas. Years ago I had a lung Xray because of chest pains, turned out to be pain radiating from my spine.

  • See a McTimony chiropractor. I would also suggest an Alexander Teacher as well.

    The symptoms you describe can be from a pinched nerve. There are nerves close to the ribs which if pinched can give chest pains. I know this from personnel experience.

    In regard to breathing it is important to try and breathe out. Atmospheric pressure will force the air back in. The difficulty with being overweight is that it is difficult to determine if the rib muscles are too tight or not. A McTimony chiropractor should be able to determine this and hopefully do something about it.

    An Alexander Teacher will help you become more aware of you caving your chest in if you are. Caving your chest in by poor muscular habit will cause breathing difficulties.

    All the above needs investigating to determine if I am right or wrong. Note: neither xrays or MRI scans can determine if muscles are too tight.

    Hope this has been helpful.

  • chest pain, difficulty breathing, fatigue.....has any doctor suggested a cardiologist? an ER visit is just simply a meet, greet, and treat so you can get home kind of thing. they often don't deal with long term issues, so i would start with a cardiology appointment. best of luck

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