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Chest pain update please read


To start off I am a 19 year old male 6,3 and about 180 pounds in good shape. So I finally found a new doctor and a good one as well. I had a appointment about a week ago and he sat and talked with me for over a hour. But anyways I’m coming back to you guys cause I’m not 100% sure what questions I should ask him or what tests I should ask him to run. The symptoms I have are chronic chest pain that sometimes is sharp other times it’s like a ache it happens every day and if it’s not hurting then it’s uncomfortable. All my previous doctors have put all the blame on anxiety which yes I have but I’m only so anxious because of this pain. If anxiety is the culprit can anxiety really cause chest pain every damn day? Like there’s no days when I don’t have chest pains. I’ve already had tests done on my heart that’s ruled out I only had a breathing test done for my lungs. And that’s basically all that is ruled out. What other things could be causing chest pain. The only other problems I have is minor acid reflux according to a old doctor of mine and mild scoliosis in my lower back near my tailbone. Please help or give suggestions I’m desperate

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Muscles can cause "chest pain". From sharp stabs to aches, like other muscles. If you've had other things ruled out then it's a strong possibility.

Any tension in the abdominal muscles can "pull" on the chest causing pain. Restrictions in the upper body can also apply tension to the chest.

Have a look at some anatomy and think about your muscles related to the pains:

The rectus abdominis muscles attach to the ribs at the front. (if you put your hands on your lower ribs they attach where your hands are) - search for some pictures and have a feel on your body.

The inter-costal muscles sit between the ribs and can cause pain if strained.

dillanR in reply to LeighBlyth

Would a muscle strain or problem last for months? And I was told if you had a muscle strain or tear you would be able to press on it and feel the pain if I press on my chest I feel no type of pain

LeighBlyth in reply to dillanR

A localised injury e.g. a tear in a muscle usually exhibits localised pain but a more generalised issue with your posture and muscle usage can cause pain and weird sensations all over. "Muscle pain" can go on for a long time.

Is there specific activities/times of day that you get the different pains?

Really pay attention to the pain - Where exactly is the pain? Is it the same every day or does the pain move?

How is your range of movement? Do you have tension in your upper body/across your chest?

Can you drop your head forward, extending from mid-back, without tension?

Can you spread your arms wide, from the middle of your back to fingertips without restriction?

Can you lift your arms up above your head feeling the trapezius muscles fully extend from your midback?

dillanR in reply to LeighBlyth

The pain is just to the left of my sternum I tend to get the most pain and irritation when I’m laying down on my back the pain is sometimes I different sensation and I have no restriction when I move

LeighBlyth in reply to dillanR

The more you can locate and describe the pain the better for diagnosis so keep thinking about the specifics.

I'd try some breathing exercises when you're lying on your back and observe want happens to the pain. Does it change? Move?



I'm so sorry you are in pain. I do get pain there and mine was diagnosed as costochondritis, yours does sound similar, it might be worth mentioning this to your Dr. Take care Lynne

dillanR in reply to Hidden

I had a chest X-ray when I first started having chest pains do you think they could of missed it?

cyberbarn in reply to dillanR

x-rays only show bones and a small amount of organ tissue, they don't show muscles. This really sounds like a muscle thing. Have you seen a physio or an osteopath?

dillanR in reply to cyberbarn

I have not seen either

Hello Dillan. To start, I’m sorry to hear about your pains. But know you’re not alone. I am also young and in shape and I’ve had chest pain every day for the past 4 or so years. It comes in all sorts of different sensations and at times is quite unbearable. I’ve seen multiple specialists and have had every scan and test you can think of to rule out anything acute. My diagnosis is a mixture of anxiety, a hiatal hernia, acid reflux, costochondritis, and muscle strains. None of these conditions are serious or require surgical intervention.

You mentioned you have acid reflux. Acid reflux can cause all sorts of symptoms including chest pain and even shortness of breath. I would possibly talk to your doctor about starting on an acid blocker and seeing if that helps. You could also ask if they think it’s due to inflammation in the chest wall and see if they recommend any anti inflammatories. It sounds like they’ve ruled out anything serious and given your age and physical condition, it’s very unlikely it’s anything serious, so I would just do your best to ignore it. I used to be really freaked out by the chest pain but once a doctor gave me an explanation that really helped. She told me that just how some people have chronic back pain meaning they live with back daily, some people also have other odd or painful sensations they live with daily. So, I just put my chest pain down as a random, chronic pain that my body just so happens to make. Bodies are weird and once you’ve ruled out the big stuff, the best thing you can do is just accept it. I know now, I don’t notice the chest pain and at times I feel like it’s even gone away because I’m not hyper focused on it.


Perhaps look up Costochondritis as that presents as chest pain and it really hurts.

I had chest pain it came from my side as dull at first then moved up and over to the center of my chest and it was agony. I thought I was having a heart attack the pain was that bad. It turns out it was Gaul stone’s I couldn’t believe it with the amount of pain in my chest, but it showed up on a ultrasound scan. Good luck with your doctor.

Hi Dillan, I'm 10 years older than you but have a similar thing! Ive had it for 2 years now, been to A&E countless times and been to over 30 GPs. Not one of them can tell me what the issue is. One suggested fibromyalgia, one suggested costochondritis, another suggested arthritis and most recently I've been told to find a physio as it may be linked to me neck...basically, who knows. But yep it causes me huge anxiety and I worry every day they've got it wrong or are missing something and it's in fact a heart issue. They've only ever done blood tests but a while ago did an X-ray and ECG..nothing....absolutely baffled and so I completely empathise with you. I was just getting ready to sleep last night and the top right side of my sternum was agony and hurt to touch. Then I got intermittent stabbing under my left lower rib cage....absolute nightmare and yep it's a daily thing. I really hope you get some answers. I'm thinking of ditching the NHS and paying private so someone will take it seriously

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