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Chest and back pain?

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Hi there,

Lately I have been suffering with pains in my chest. It started with severe sharp pains in my right side of my chest. I went To A&E and had a blood test and ECG. The blood test came back that my inflammation marker was high. They said I likely had an infection but didn't give me any antibiotics as they said I had no symptoms of an infection..? I have been trying to make an appointment with my GP ever since but since I work it's almost impossible as I have to ring up on the day and they are always full. The pain started to get better but last week it came back again. Now it seems to have moved into my neck, lower back and the left side of my chest, but the chest pain is now short bursts and is more of an uncomfortable pain than severe. Today I went to my local walk in centre and they did all my vitals which were fine, they listened to my chest and said that was fine. They also did a finger prick and said something was a bit high, can't remember what it was now tbh... but they ended up saying I needed to see my GP and that they think it's likely to be muscular.. so it seems like mixed opinions and now I'm again stuck trying to get an appointment with my GP. The doctor at the walk in suggested I would need blood tests doing again. This has been ongoing for around a month now. Any ideas or help on this?

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Hi there,

I am wondering if the pain may be related to stress, given that the pain has moved around so much. Still you definitely need to see you're GP. Is it possible to take a day off work or leave work early to see you're GP one day? I don't know you're work situation but I assume that taking time off to see you're GP is acceptable in most work places. I wish you all the best. Lola and

I agree that you need to see your GP. The walk in centre and A&E have ruled out anything life threatening, so that is good and you don't need to worry about that. Can you get online access to your GP surgery? If you sign up for online access you can usually make appointments in advance that way rather than ringing up on the day. If not you should be able to ring your surgery in the afternoon and ask for a routine appointment. It might not be until next week or so, but at least you have the comfort of knowing you will be seeing a GP and you won't have to keep ringing them up.

Thanks for the reply! I think you're right about seeing the GP. I've recently moved house and haven't got round to switching doctors yet so making appointments there is a bit of a pain but I'll make it a point to register asap so I can get it looked into further. Just becoming frustrating now as I know there is something wrong. I have been given codeine for the pain so that should help in the mean time. I'm a bit of a hypercondriac so going so long without an answer has been a nightmare!

You need to see a GP. If you are having muscle spasms then all you will get from the GP is pain killers which does not cure the problem. Book an appointment to see a McTimony chiropractor. They should be able to reduce the muscle spasms and also give you a valuable second opinion.

Call at 8 am or 2pm to emergency appointments , they have 10 per surgery by law xx

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