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range of pain around upper body for over a year


im 16 and I've experienced a range of pains in many different places for over a year now

Around june last year I had a blood count of 5 which is a third less of what your meant to have, I had three blood transfusions but I was never diagnosed, some may believe it's related to stress. For the next 5 months I was perfect, but the past three months I have had various chest pains, kidney area pains and lower back as well as arm. Ive had many tests, ECG's, chest xrays, CT scans and blood tests for heart etc but still nothing. Recently I had a terrific amount of pain around the whole of the left chest, lower rib and lower back for 25 minutes which I felt like I was dying, but it was relieved by lying on the side.

I am fed up and want to know what it is, I believe it could be stress as its mainly when I think about it but want other opinions as I havnt had any tests related to stress, however I have my gcses which may contribute to stress.


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May be s MRI on your upper back as this can cause the symptoms your describing. Stress also maybe a factor but the fact u don't know what yr symptoms are makes u worry more . Lookup fibromyalgia see if you can relate .

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This sounds like possible muscle cramps from poor posture. Bending the wrong way to play computer games, typing essays etc. Reading books to revise from.

When was the last time you went for a long walk. When was the last time you made sure you got enough sleep? Lack of sleep interferes with fine muscle control and makes muscles cramp a lot easier (hence pain).

Worth having a chat with your parents about seeing an Alexander technique teacher. Good posture when taking exams will enable you to have better exam results. Good posture will help reduce pain.

Hope this helps.

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